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ALOGIC is a leading manufacturer of a Premium range of IT Peripherals, consumer electronics and mobility products. We are dedicated at making products that help realize the true potential of technology in making our lives simpler and efficient everyday.

We have pioneered the market at making products, which are Smart and Simple at the same time. Our products are designed to “just work” with the easiest to use design. All the products are researched & developed in house by our R&D team. An industry first, most of our products are backed by LIFE TIME WARRANTY, which reflects the confidence we have in our end to end research, engineering and manufacturing capabilities.

ALOGIC Ultra Portable Surface Pro Dock in Silver

Add all the popular ports to your Surface Pro device for On the Go or on a Desk use. Compatible with Surface Pro 5 and 6

£84.66 inc VAT


ALOGIC Multi-Device Wireless and Charging Station Power Hub in Space Grey

ALOGIC Ultra Multi-Device Wireless & USB Charging station with USB-A (7.5W) and USB-C (18W PD)

£84.41 inc VAT


ALOGIC USB 3.0 Type-A to SATA Adapter

Connect a 2.5" SATA hard drive or solid state drive to your computer.

£33.25 inc VAT


ALOGIC Male USB 2.0 to Male DB9 Serial Adapter

Bridge between one USB port and standard RS-232 Serial port

£33.52 inc VAT


ALOGIC Prime 1m Male USB 3.1 Type-C to Male USB 3.1 Type-A Cable

All Prime series cables feature a durable nylon braiding and precision laser welding to withstand all pulling, stretching and yanking the cable might be subjected to.

£21.46 inc VAT


ALOGIC SmartConnect 1m Male DisplayPort to Male VGA Cable

Connect a source enabled with a DisplayPort output to display enabled with a VGA input.

£52.73 inc VAT


ALOGIC Prime USB 3.0 Type-C Ethernet Adapter

  • USB 3.0 Type-C Interface
  • 1 Network Port
  • Speed: 1000Mbps

£40.23 inc VAT


ALOGIC Ultimate 27000mAh USB-C Power Bank with 60W PD and Wireless Charging in Black

Whether you are camping, in your office or at home, the 27000mAh bank can provide you with power to charge 4 devices simultaneously or on-the-go.

£208.78 inc VAT


ALOGIC Prime USB 3.0 Type-C Multi Card Reader

Connect your SD, micro SD and CompactFlash memory card to your USB-C enabled computer or mobile device.

£51.44 inc VAT


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