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Montech: A Challenger In The Case Race?

We look at these awesome crowd pleasers from Montech: perfect for all budgets and packed with features of a premium chassis.


Montech: A Challenger In The Case Race?


Every PC build needs a good case. Tower cases house all of your PC’s components - and they shape both the physical limitations and the aesthetics of your custom PC build. While it can be easy to get lost in the world of expensive and bespoke PC cases, looking at more value-oriented options can sometimes be more beneficial — especially for those with budget considerations.

Montech is a brand that prides itself on being the best value available, with budget-friendly cases that go toe-to-toe with the higher-end.

While being some of the cheapest quality cases on the market, their focus on expert design and engineering has meant that they’ve become increasingly popular worldwide. Let’s take a look at why you shouldn’t ignore this solid brand, exclusive to CCL!

Who is Montech?

There’s a good chance that you’ve never heard of Montech before. They’re only just starting to make waves in the Western world, and are fairly new to the scene.

However, Montech — created in 2016 as a manufacturing offshoot of the PC Component distribution company Telon — is one of the most popular PC case brands in Taiwan.

Montech was created after Telon’s General Manager, Steve Chang, found that lots of the cases they’d received to study were either incredibly overpriced and/or poorly designed. For this reason, their brand is focused on providing quality engineering and design at an affordable price.

Why are Montech cases great for new buyers?

First and foremost, Montech cases are very budget-friendly and are a great brand for first-time builders and novices to get the most value out of their components.

After all, no new buyer is going to want to shell out hundreds on a premium case for their first build, and will probably look at the cheapest options until they’re a bit more experienced.

This is where Montech comes in, and Montech provides great value for new builders. Offering a taste of the quality that premium cases bring at such a low price will ensure that any new builder can experience what a good PC case brings to their build without having to splash out.

With lots of space inside, there’s no risk of a tight squeeze for components or poor and damaging airflow in these cases. They’re built to accommodate your needs, and are a great budget-friendly solution to the expensive problem of good airflow — some poorly designed budget cases tend to have terrible airflow, and lead to issues throughout your build in the long term.


Gamers Nexus Montech Review


In fact, the Montech X3 is as good as you can get for a budget case in regard to airflow. This case is the best case that you can find that will not only give you great airflow that competes with some of the top cases out there, but also does so whilst being one of the cheapest cases at that level.

  • PSU not included
  • 0 x 5.25" External Bay(s)
  • 4 x 2.5" Drive(s) Max
  • 2 x 3.5" Drive(s) Max
  • Max MB Size: ATX
  • Tempered Glass
CCL Code: CAS4418|
Part Number: W003
|Manufacturer: Montech

While these budget-oriented cases don’t have all of the bells and whistles of enthusiast favourites such as the Lian-Li O11 Dynamic (O11D) and other similarly beloved cases, it’s incredibly unlikely that a first-time buyer or novice builder will be looking for those features.

This budget case just provides generally great airflow at an amazing price and even outperforms the O11D (with 3 fans) on that front with its stock fans!

And yes, there are stock fans. An impressive six fans come built-in with this case, all with fixed RGB lightning. For beginners who don’t necessarily want to program their own RGB or don’t need higher-quality cooling as of yet, this is a perfect case and more than enough to get started.

Why should enthusiasts look towards Montech?

Even though these are cases designed for beginners and new buyers, Montech cases are still great for experts and enthusiasts.

Firstly, the pre-installed fans are removable, meaning that you can easily install your own AIO liquid cooling into the case. With this, you aren’t limited to the six-fan setup and can use your own cooling systems and components to get the desired result of your setup.

These cases are great for enthusiasts who want a cheap case as a ‘sandbox’ to test out builds. Relatively inexpensive but high-performance, Montech is perfect for this — the airflow is unmatched here for budget cases, and if it isn’t your main build, there’s no need to shell out tons for an expensive case if unnecessary.

Do Montech cases look good?

Yes, these cases look great!


Montech on CCL TikTok


Buying a budget case can always be scary, as there’s a chance that the case could look cheap and tacky compared to other cases on the market. However, the design and engineering innovation from Montech hasn’t stopped when it comes to visuals.

All of these cases are visually unique from one another and have their own personality. Yet, they still look as good as some of the higher-end cases out there. So, there’s no need to worry about not having a great-looking case when trying out Montech for the first time!

Last Word

Montech cases are great for any budget builder or enthusiast looking for a great case at a great price. With unmatched airflow and an amazon value proposition, there’s no reason to look anywhere else.

Exclusive to CCL, you can these cases are among the best cases at their price level and provide unmatched quality for a genuinely affordable price. And, with Montech still being so new — yet, with tons of experience behind them — their potential is limitless going forward.

Most enthusiasts - including CCL - are incredibly excited to see how Montech continues to innovate, and their collection of cases so far has been nothing short of that.

Already sold on this awesome brand? For the offers on the entire range of cases, look no further than our Montech Deals.