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Valorant Skye Icebox Guide - Pro Tips

Skye is not a common pick for Icebox, with few pro tip guides out there. So, we asked Fnatic Boaster how to get the best out of her in a ranked game


Valorant Skye Icebox Guide - Pro Tips


Skye can be a pivotal inhibitor, allowing you to scope out the map and concuss enemies with her abilities. Being able to engage, scout and heal, Skye plays a solid role, using Seekers and her Ultimate to maximise the efforts of the team in defence or attack strategies. Skye and her troop of beasts are ideal for slowing down the strategies of your enemies.

Icebox was the first Valorant map to include horizontal ziplines, which can be found at the A Site. The Icebox map is full of angles, has plenty of cover and enables the use of elevated positions, requiring your team to have aptitude in skirmishes and aiming.

Skye and Icebox is not a very common pick among pro gamers, but if you do find yourself in such a game, this guide will help you get the optimal and strategic use of Skye and her abilities. Each strategy is recommended by Jake "Boaster" Howlett, top fragger for Fnatic's Valorant team.


Fnatic Boaster Skye - Icebox guide


In this Skye/Icebox Guide

Icebox Callouts

Let's begin with the map Callouts.


Icebox Callouts map


All of these callouts will need memorising. One of the critical parts of professional gaming is the map knowledge you possess, and taking time to practice just this one aspect of your game is essential.

It is not unusual for teams to have their own callouts on maps, or their own shorthand. Developing key communication methods will enable you to swiftly perform sequences during a match, and engage strategies quickly and effectively.

Attacking On Icebox

If you are playing Attack on B, right out of the spawn you can use a flash (Guiding Light/Hawk) inside Garage. Sending the flash out and towards Green. This gives you good control if any enemies are present. Heading down towards B, you can pop another flash as you come to the end of Green, sending it towards the far side of the Yellow container.

Moving down this section, and clearing any enemies, another flash can be used right into the container at Topsite (below). This gives you immediate control and you'll be able to mop up any enemies in this vicinity.


Attacking on Icebox


Attacking A, you can come up on the left of the A side, facing the Jump-Up, and either use Trailblazer (aka wolf, puppy or Boaster's favourite - dog) to scout any enemies, or you can pop a flash so it hits the Nest and Gate area:


Attacking a flash jump up


Anyone peeking or lurking here will be easy pickings. As you round the Pipes, you can flash again, enabling you and your team to push into the area.

Post Plant

Post plant, you will want to use Skye to heal your teammates and begin scouting likely areas of incursion with Trailblazer. As Icebox has lots of potential directions where enemies can attack from, it's best to choose one and rule it out, enabling you and your team to focus on defending your position.

As an example, if you're at A site, you can send Trailblazer to check the area is clear around Nest and beyond, leaving you to focus on any enemies coming from CT or Hut direction, where there are multiple options of attack for your enemies. Narrowing down like this will enable you to take position with some confidence.


Post plant on Icebox with Skye


Defending On Icebox

Defending on this map takes a lot of good positioning in the first few moments of the match. Mid is the best area to start with on Icebox in Defense, having Skye's flashes do all of the hard work early on.


Skye controlling mid on Icebox


You can hole up around Kitchen and the Tube to cover the Mid area, use flashes and peek at the end of Tube or in Orange area. This gives you good map control in the Mid map space.

Defending either A or B and your job is to antagonise, stall and delay the enemy as much as possible. Use Trailblazer to comm to your team any positions, and then drop off to let your teammates do their thing. You will be healing and scouting throughout Defence, so stay alive!

Final Pro Tips

To watch a video of these plays and more, check out Boaster's video on YouTube: