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Ultimate Gaming Brands

For gaming PC excellence, which brands should you choose?


Ultimate Gaming Brands


Whether you want to play E-Sports, MMORPGs, the latest FPS or a sprawling RPG, sometimes only the best brands are good enough when it comes to upgrading your PC, building one from scratch, or buying a completely custom gaming PC.

We will look at the best known brands right now in the PC gaming industry, and why they are way ahead of the competition.


Right at the top of any gamers list is the ASUS brand Republic of Gamers, or as they are better known - ROG.

The ROG brand spans the spectrum of gaming hardware and accessories: -

  • Laptops
  • Desktop PCs
  • Monitors
  • Motherboards
  • Graphics cards
  • Smartphones
  • Power supply units
  • Keyboards
  • Networking
  • Peripherals
  • Cases
  • Gaming chairs
  • Streaming kits
  • Controllers
  • Storage
  • PC cooling

The brand itself was created by ASUS to distinguish the "best in class" products, with a focus on innovation and bringing new experiences to gamers and better features for PC builders. Rather than just being a brand name, ASUS develop ROG products to push the boundaries and lead the way in development.

ASUS ROG motherboards, for instance, are perfect for overclockers and those wishing to pull as much performance from their components as possible, with automated tuning and AI tools, along with maximum durability under extreme conditions. ASUS ROG was also the first brand to introduce the world's fastest monitor, at 360Hz, smashing records set by the competition.


ASUS ROG Monitors


In ASUS ROG laptops, cooling and performance are key, using innovations such as the Active Aerodynamic System which allows better airflow for more powerful processors.


ASUS ROG Gaming Laptop


Graphics cards that are bestowed the ROG label are extremely powerful, benefiting from ultra-low latency and custom cooling for maximum performance in the most demanding games.

MSI MPG Artymis & Optix

MSI's commitment to pushing the envelope in monitor development is evident in their most prized models - MPG Artymis and Optix.

MSI MPG Artymis curved gaming monitors offer high refresh rates, capable of delivering up to 165Hz/165 FPS (frames per second), 1ms response times and AMD FreeSync support.


MSI MPG Artymis curved gaming monitors


MSI Optix gaming monitors are synonymous with high-octane E-Sports gaming, with refresh rates of up to 240Hz, 4K resolution, and QHD displays. The Optix range is also ideal for budget gaming, with 75Hz monitors at under £200.


MSI Optix gaming monitors



The extreme gaming PC brand of CCL, part of the Tactus group of companies, Nazare delivers the most powerful technology available, built by IT experts. Nazare features the latest, most cutting edge hardware and components, capable of delivering incredible experiences in the latest RTX-enabled and AAA games, and allowing gamers to stream, create, play and develop with incredible power at their fingertips.


Chillblast PCs

The UK's most awarded PC manufacturer, and also part of the Tactus Group, Chillblast are specialists in the field of gaming PCs; hand-built and customised by highly qualified system engineers.


Chillblast gaming PCs


Every system is thoroughly tested against strict criteria to ensure it meets the high standards of both the experts at Chillblast, and the gamer who will play on it. The custom configuration tool allows you to build your dream rig and tailor it to your specific needs, and deploy the very latest graphics cards, processors and other components.

Why choose the best brands?

While some of the biggest brands are high priced and out of the budget of some gamers, you are assured quality and reliability. ASUS, MSI and other manufacturers are also including lower budget products in their most well-known brands, which enables them to dominate the market in many respects.

The list above is not exhaustive, and we would need many pages to talk about the premium brands we supply at CCL. There are other notable and honourable mentions, such as Razer, Ducky, Phanteks, Samsung and many others, and you can find all of these brands here:

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