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The Best All ROG Gaming PC Build 2021

We selected the very best ROG components for the ultimate gaming PC build, from motherboard to gaming chair, with a budget of £2300


The Best All ROG Gaming PC Build 2021


The Republic of Gamers (ROG) certification is a measure of the some of the highest quality components that money can buy. When we see the ROG logo, we know what we’re getting – compatibility, reliability and performance. We chose the absolute best value ROG components and products for an entirely awesome setup.

What Is ROG (Republic of Gamers)?

ROG was introduced in 2006 as a brand of laptop and desktop hardware by manufacturer, ASUS, predominantly aimed at gamers.

The ROG standard is applied to components that were developed by elite engineers and designers at ASUS, with innovations that span the gamut of PC gaming. Besides their own manufacturing, ASUS ROG also certify products that meet strict criteria, enabling “ROG certification”.

ROG Certified Program encompasses third-party hardware such as chassis, memory and coolers. These components products have to undergo extensive testing and validation by ROG engineers, and only the very best succeed to become ROG Certified.” – ASUS ROG

The ROG Certified Program has partnered with many well-known brands, including Corsair, GEIL, TeamGroup, Avexir, and Lian Li to name a few. They are always open to certifying new products, and offer their certification to any manufacturer who think they will meet the stringent criteria set out by the ROG engineers.

ROG Drawbacks

While the ROG brand may be considered the elite in terms of gaming components, their pre-built systems have taken some heat from enthusiasts and experts in the PC building world.

A recent video by Dawid Does Tech Stuff on YouTube revealed the build quality on the OEM build ASUS ROG Strix G10DK was not entirely what you might expect, citing obnoxiously noisy running, poor airflow - and in some ways misleading marketing (see below image) - as well as having single channel RAM installed (16GB single stick) instead of Ryzen’s preferred dual channel RAM. Manually clocking the RAM in a dual channel setup is a preferred method, but not always available in OEM builds. In this build, however, Dawid was able to replace the single channel RAM with dual channel 16Gb RAM and improve performance.


ASUS ROG Strix G10DK Review - Dawid Does Tech Stuff

Credit: Dawid Does Tech Stuff YouTube


The worrying problem with the ASUS ROG Strix G10DK is the misleading marketing images showing airflow to cool components. In actual fact there are no vents at the front of the case, so it is impossible for this type of scenario to happen.

While this does not change the fact that ROG components are excellent in terms of build quality, their OEM pre-built systems are still a little off the mark, leading consumers to believe a custom DIY build is the way to go.

All ROG Gaming PC Build

Here are the components for the “All ROG Build”: -

(Prices correct as of November 18th 2021)


Component Description Price
CPU* AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 3.7 GHz 12-Core Processor £489.99
CPU Cooler Asus ROG Ryujin 240 RGB AIO 121.8 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler £170.17
Motherboard Asus ROG Strix X570-E Gaming ATX AM4 Motherboard £285.24
Memory GEIL EVO-X II ROG Certified 16GB (8GB x 2) £230.00
Storage* Samsung 980 Pro 1 TB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive £179.24
Video Card Asus GeForce RTX 3060 12 GB ROG STRIX GAMING OC Video Card ~£650.00
Case Lian Li O11D XL-X ATX Full Tower Case £201.02
Power Supply Asus ROG Strix 750 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX PSU £126.95
* Non-ROG Part Total: £2,332.61




Ryzen9 5000X


  • Base: 3.7GHz, Turbo: 4.8GHz
  • 12 Cores, 24 Threads
  • Socket AM4
  • 105W TDP

Of course, until something crazy happens, there are no ROG CPUs available, but we couldn’t find a better CPU to pair with the other specifications than the Ryzen 9 5900X, AMD’s 3.7 GHz 12-Core Processor that consistently stomps around at the top of the benchmark lists.

The Ryzen 9 5900X allows room for overclocking and tweaks and is four cores ahead of its nearest rival – the Intel Core i9-11900K. Power consumption was the key differentiation here, when selecting AMD over Intel. With AMD’s Precision Boost 2 technology as the foundation for heavy workload, power consumption stays in its happy place.

PCIe 4.0 is also a critical factor, too, as Intel’s top performer does not provide compatibility with the faster interface on Intel’s motherboard chipset. The AMD X570 chipset allows full PCIe 4.0 support, meaning M.2 SSD and GPU speeds are at optimal performance.

ROG CPU Cooler


ASUS ROG Ryujin Performance 240mm Liquid CPU Cooler


  • 2000 PWM 120mm radiator fans
  • Colour OLED
  • Aura Sync RGB
  • Noctua iPPC radiator fans

All that power needs good cooling. The ROH Ryujin offers excellent cooling, and also offers near-silent operation with the Noctua radiator fans and functionality with the built-in OLED screen.

ROG Motherboard



Asus ROG Strix X570-E Gaming ATX AM4 Motherboard


Socket AM4

  • AMD X570 Chipset
  • 8 x SATA & 8 x USB Ports
  • DDR4 (max 128GB, 4 slots)
  • HDMI and Display Port
  • ATX Form Factor

The X570 chipset motherboard includes many features to futureproof your ROG gaming build for some time, but being an ASUS ROG product, also has the added benefit of being packed with features specifically for gamers.

The high-end features start with the system-wide overclocking features, allowing you to tweak and tune across all components via the ASUS 5-Way Optimization suite.

  1. The TurboV Processing Unit (TPU) is an intelligent onboard micro-controller for fine-tuning voltages, monitoring system stats and adjusting overclocking parameters.
  2. The Energy Processing Unit (EPU) means you can tune system-wide power settings and save power where you want it.
  3. Fan Expert 4 allows you to tune the fans, water pumps and all-in-one (AIO) coolers, or alternatively you can use ASUS’ award-winning UEFI. Air and liquid cooling options are controlled comprehensively, and you also have the ability to tune for acoustic levels, too, for whisper-quiet operation.
  4. The Digi+ voltage-regulator module (VRM) offers real-time control and monitoring over “voltage droop, switching frequency and power-efficiency settings”, which means you can fine-tune CPU voltage regulation for increased stability and performance.
  5. For Turbo features on AMD's processors, which include per-core tuning, you can assign applications to specific processor cores to prioritise targeted computing power where you want it.

Expect lots of overclocking capabilities, with exclusive ASUS software to take your components to the limits: -

  • RAMCache III
  • CPU-Z
  • GameFirst V
  • Overwolf

The X570-E ROG Strix also features a high-performance sound with SupremeFX, a technology exclusive to ASUS in the S1220A codec. The codec delivers pristine audio quality whether you are using speakers or a headset, having a “neutral” and detailed sound, having been engineered to provide a flat frequency response.

Connectivity is made easy, with a raft of options on the back panel: -

  • 1 x USB BIOS FlashBack™ Button(s)
  • · 1 x Anti-surge 2.5G LAN (RJ45) port
  • 1 x ASUS Wi-Fi Module
  • 7 x USB 3.2 Gen 2 (up to 10Gbps) ports (Type-A)
  • Anti-surge LAN (RJ45) port
  • 1 x DisplayPort
  • 1 x HDMI
  • 1 x Optical S/PDIF out
  • 5 x Audio jack(s)
  • 1 x USB 3.2 Gen 2 (up to 10Gbps) ports (Type-C)

With more specifications than space allows, the X570-E is a “best in class” motherboard that will see you through the many changes in the upgrade life of your gaming PC.

ROG Memory


GEIL EVO X II ROG-certified


  • First ASUS ROG-certified RGB illuminated gaming memory
  • Addressable RGB illumination providing stunning lighting effect
  • Perfectly supports ASUS AURA lighting control app
  • Specifically optimized for ASUS ROG motherboards with selected ICs
  • Supports Intel XMP 2.0 specification



Samsung 980 PRO 1TB M.2 PCIe Gen4 x4 NVMe Internal SSD


  • PCI Express 4.0 x4 NVMe
  • M.2 2280 Form Factor
  • Up to 7000MB/s Read, 5000MB/s Write
  • 4K IOPS Read: 999999
  • 4K IOPS Write: 999999
  • 5 Year Warranty

Although ROG do not have any certified storage (yet), the Samsung 980 Pro is the best performing SSD on the market right now, sitting high and mighty with a 7000MB/s Read speed, and amazing gaming performance. Although it is worth noting that there is not much difference in physically benchmarked gaming (loading) speeds between the PCIe 3.0 Samsung 970 Pro and the PCIe 4.0 Samsung 980 Pro, you should still go with the Samsung 980 Pro, because strangely enough, this PCIe 4.0 SSD is currently cheaper… by a wide margin.





  • 12GB Graphics Memory
  • PCI Express 4.0 x16 Interface
  • Cooler Type - Dynamic Fan
  • Nvidia GPU Boost Technology
  • Pre Overclocked Edition
  • Outputs - HDMI and Display Port

Much like the A-Team, this card is hard to find, but if you’re lucky, grab it. This GPU is only bettered by the Ti version, though you will find this card stocks much faster than the super-powered RTX 3060 Ti.

Overclocked, the RTX 3060 has a massive 12GB VRAM, and will hit the highest FPS possible in all AAA titles. E-Sports games will be a breeze, and it’s doubtful the card will break a sweat in any competitive games.

ROG Case


Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL ROG Certified Gaming Case


  • PSU not included
  • 6 x 2.5", 4 x 3.5" HDD Bay(s)
  • Max MB Size: E-ATX
  • Tempered Glass
  • Front USB Type-C Port
  • LED Lighting

As far as cases go, they have to go a long way to beat Lian Li and Phantek in my book. With amazing airflow and lots of space in the cavernous interior for cable management and components, the Lian Li O11 is an excellent ROG choice.

The O11 also looks fantastic and ranks pretty high in the aesthetics department. With the ability to add as much RGB components as you need, the case balances looks & performance perfectly well.



ASUS ROG Strix 750W Modular 80+ Gold PSU


  • 3x Molex Connectors
  • 8x SATA Connectors
  • 4x PCIe Connectors (6+2-Pin)
  • 4+4+8-Pin CPU Power Connector
  • ATX Form Factor

The ROG Strix PSU is rated at 80+ Gold (87% efficiency at 100% load) and provides plenty of connectivity for the most demanding build. With 2x more volume in the ROG heatsinks, and longevity thanks to a dual ball bearing design, you are getting performance and lifespan for your money.

ROG Peripherals & Accessories

ROG Monitor


ASUS ROG Strix XG32VC 31.5" QHD VA Curved Monitor


  • 2560 x 1440 Resolution
  • Lightning 1ms Response Time
  • 400cd/m2 Brightness
  • 170Hz Refresh Rate
  • FreeSync Support
  • Inputs: HDMI and Display Port

The ROG Strix XG32VC is a beautiful monitor from any angle, and being curved, it truly is much easier on the eye. You will be assured of a smooth and enjoyable gaming session, rocking up to 170Hz refresh rates on the massive 31.5” QHD VA panel, which allows you to enjoy all the 4K goodness.

Republic of Gamers Mouse & Keyboard (MnK)


ASUS ROG Strix Scope TKL Deluxe RGB Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


  • Gaming Keyboard
  • USB Connection
  • Colour: Black
  • Backlit / Illuminated
  • Cherry MX Red Keys


ASUS ROG Strix Impact II Wireless Gaming Mouse


  • 2.4GHz Wireless
  • 16,000 DPI
  • Five programmable buttons
  • Optical Sensor
  • Aura Sync RGB

Republic of Gamers Chair


ASUS ROG Chariot Core Gaming Chair


  • 4D Armrests
  • Tilt mechanism
  • 4 Gas lift

The All ROG Build - Thoughts

For a DIY build or custom gaming PC build from a retailer, ROG components are a fine choice for a rig. Be prepared to baulk at the pricing on some components if budget is a factor, but if money is not a problem – you’ll enjoy the best of the best in terms of performance and features.

It is worth mentioning that not all ROG components are priced at the top end of the scale. ASUS ROG also manufacture products at an affordable price, to ensure maximum market penetration. In this build, however, we maxed out our dream gaming PC spec, and opted to choose “best in class”.

We also attempted to go with products that don’t have a stock issue, but this will change constantly. The GPU, for example, the Asus GeForce RTX 3060 12 GB ROG STRIX GAMING OC, is a highly prized card that will dip in and out of stock a lot.