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Toy Soldiers HD Launch Pushed Back To October 21st 2021

Toy Soldiers HD from Accelerate Games/Signal Studios promises to be one of the best nostalgic remakes we've seen in a long time.

Toy Soldiers HD delayed until October 21st.


Toy Soldiers HD is a superb nostalgic remake from Signal Studios and publishers, Accelerate Games, allowing you to get back in the back yard mud pit and take on waves of enemy toy soldiers with your tiny army. With seamless action strategy and third-person transition, Toy Soldiers HD is a fun-packed, adrenaline pumping nostalgia trip you won’t want to miss this October.

Although not a Q4 AAA blockbuster, Toy Soldiers HD will absolutely get the recognition it deserves from its hardcore fanbase. The news of the delayed release date has been met with approval, due to the developers’ transparency with their fans.

A press release from the developers read:

Our plans are changing, and we are moving the release of Toy Soldiers HD on to October 21, 2021. We apologize to you all. As a small team, each decision we make carries more impactful consequences.So, it was a difficult decision to make but the right one. Moving the date ensures all versions of the game will be released simultaneously. That means Xbox One (playable on Xbox Series X I S), Steam, and for the first time ever, PlayStation 4 (playable on PS5) and Nintendo Switch will be available on October 21.”

Toy Soldiers HD Bug Fixes

This delay is mainly due to an issue with leaderboards displaying incorrectly and a few other minor issues the team wants to address. They opted to hold all version releases over a staggered release so that everyone can enjoy the game on all formats come release day. The developers are working on the leaderboard issue at the time of writing and are “absolutely positive” about an all-formats release date of October 21st.

About Toy Soldiers HD


Toy Soliders HD Promo which states 'HALT! Who goes there? If you are a friend, join the toy ranks and help the brave lads. There's room for you at the front'.


Fans of action strategy and third-person shooters both get to scratch their itch with Toy Soldiers HD. This award winning remake of the Xbox Live Arcade 2010 and PC 2012 original from Signal Studios sees players protecting their toy box by commanding antique WW1 toy soldiers in a whimsically presented diorama of the battlefields of Europe.

Overhauled and upgraded graphically and at its core, the game features new and improved controls, as well as new skins, content and enhanced game modes for the player. All original DLC are available, and the game comes complete with new levels.


Action strategy controls in Toy Soldiers HD.


Besides being able to seamlessly take over the heavy artillery guns and flamethrowers, you are also able to take to the skies in WW1 bombers and bi-planes such as the Sopwith Camel or the Red Baron style German fighters. Back down in the trenches you will be levelling up your artillery and soldiers to prevent the invading enemies from taking your toy box.


Air combat with planes in Toy Soldiers HD.


This unrelenting action sets Toy Soldiers HD apart from other RTS or military shooters, not least because it does it with a tongue-in-cheek you cannot help but love.



The game’s attraction is not just the nostalgia for PC gamers, and the remaining Xbox 360 gamers who remember the original XBLA game. Toy Soldiers HD has amassed a whole new army of followers and fans because the game truly is special at its heart. When a game developer makes a game for a market, you can usually tell. When a game is made from the heart, with the player’s experience in mind, you know it will be a winner. The latter is true here with Toy Soldiers HD, being made by the original studios who are the most passionate fans of the Toy Soldiers series.


Using a shell launcher in Toy Soldiers HD.


Toy Soldiers HD will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, - also playable on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S - and will be a digital only release on October 21st 2021.

Now available to Wishlist on Steam