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Windows 11 Now Available on All CCL Gaming PCs And Systems

CCL is proud to announce that Windows 11 is now available as an option for all Gaming PC, Home, Business and Workstation systems and custom builds.

Article Updated 6th Jan 2022

With the launch of Windows 11 on October 5th 2021, CCL was extremely happy to make the brand new Microsoft operating system available to customers on our systems. You can select Windows 11 Home as an option for all custom build and pre-built systems, with business/workstation systems also having the option of Windows 11 Pro.


The Windows 11 logo.


The many new and advanced features of Windows 11 make it the perfect choice for brand new PC systems, and CCL customers were one of the first to try the new OS with all Windows 11 systems shipping to arrive from the day of launch onwards.


The Windows 11 desktop and Start Menu.


How To Select Windows 11 / Windows 11 Pro

Whether you are purchasing a pre-built PC or a custom-built PC from CCL, we’ve made choosing Windows 11 easy.

Once you've chosen or configured your PC, click on the "Buy" or “Add to Basket” button to see a pop-up of your configuration along with a menu to choose your installed Operating System. Simply select Windows 11 from the menu:


Windows 11 OS option on our Home PCs.


If you are purchasing a Business or Workstation PC, you can also select Windows 11 Pro from this pop-up:


Windows 11 Pro OS option on our Business PCs.


That's it! We'll build your PC, install and configure Windows 11 for you!

Why Choose Windows 11 In A New PC?

There are lots of good reasons to choose W11 in your new PC, but here are the main benefits:

  • Microsoft have published a list of processors that are compatible with Windows 11 and Windows 11 Pro. CCL’s system experts have ensured every component has 100% compatibility with your Windows 11 package, so you can expect your system to perform as it should from the moment you unbox it.
  • Newer PC systems will experience less bugs with Windows 11. Windows 11 can work on older systems but users may experience more bug crashes. Microsoft announced that “Devices that do not meet the minimum system requirements had 52% more kernel mode crashes. Devices that do meet the minimum system requirements had a 99.8% crash free experience.”
  • As a user, you should expect to be able to use your PC for video conferencing, productivity and gaming. Microsoft’s system requirements for Windows 11 takes these use cases into consideration – though, logically speaking, a new system with the latest technology means better performance with applications overall. By having a new system with Windows 11 as your OS, you are benefiting all round in the performance stakes.
  • Microsoft is confident that Windows 11 is their best ever OS for gaming yet. If you are buying a gaming PC, then Windows 11 is going to be perfect for maximum performance, due to the many features Microsoft have added for gamers (see below).

Windows 11 For A Gaming PC

Microsoft are heralding Windows 11 as “The Best Windows Ever For Gaming”, with features that are designed to make full use of the latest GPU, processor, storage and memory technologies.

Auto HDR

Your games will benefit from Windows 11’s Auto HDR; a unique feature which automatically provides High Dynamic Range (HDR) enhancement for games that are built forDirectX 11 or higher. DX11 previously only supported Standard Dynamic Range (SDR)but now games can benefit from rendering a wider range of brightness values and colours, resulting in a deep, rich visual experience.

This technology was introduced by Microsoft in their Xbox Series X|S consoles, being met with an “outstanding response from creators and players”. This technology will now ship with Windows 11.


For gamers, combined speed and optimised performance is everything. The latest components that are “DirectStorage Optimized” in CCL’s systems include NVMe SSD storage, which Windows 11 can access much faster than other storage.

How It Works

When you launch a game on your PC, it will immediately begin to call up textures, maps and assets from your storage device using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Once these have been called, the data then transfers to your RAM. Before the data gets to your GPU, however, it must be decompressed, and this happens in the CPU. Once decompressed, the data is sent to the VRAM of your GPU and will be rendered on screen in the form of graphics.

The performance issues gamers usually have is the decompression part of the process. Decompressing data from a game can take a long time in relative terms, and whilst the CPU is busy doing this task, it may be unavailable for other tasks. When a game is running, the CPU is still busy decompressing data that has been passed from your RAM, and if it cannot keep up with the demands of the GPU trying to render graphics on screen, the result is frame rate loss. This drop in FPS (Frames Per Second) can also result in stuttering video, and on overall underwhelming gaming experience. Most of these issues are down to developers using the older APIs to render graphics, and even with the fastest storage, games have had to be tweaked to cope with this process’s drawbacks. Some games limit the number of assets on screen or limit draw distance in open spaces.

DirectStorage = Better Performance

Games which utilise DirectStorage APIs have a much easier route to the GPU. These APIs access an NVMe SSD for the data which is then taken straight to RAM, and into GPU VRAM, and then rendered using the GPU. NVMe SSD has much higher bandwidth than other storage, so more data can be pushed out to a waiting GPU for compressed data. DirectStorage then decompresses this data with the GPU using the latest decompression methods. As GPUs can decompress data at a much higher rate than CPUs (and consistently keep this high-rate decompression for longer periods) users experience much better performance. With the GPU handling decompression, the CPU can handle tasks such as in-game calculations, audio processing and preparing frames.

Game Pass For PC

Windows 11 users will now enjoy an OS that has been built for the features of the Xbox App. The Xbox App is built-in to Windows 11 and has amazing benefits for the Xbox and PC gamer, with cross-play and cross-save, Xbox Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and access to a huge library of titles that include exclusive day one releases of Xbox Game Studio titles (Halo Infinite, Twelve Minutes, Age of Empires IV and more).


Game Pass for PC on Windows 11.


Windows 11 Gaming PCs From CCL

Windows 11 Horizon Gaming PCs

Whether you want to play the latest AAA titles in 4k, become one of the next eSports champions or want to delve into the world of VR, live streaming or desktop gaming in general, Horizon Gaming PCs are the perfect choice.


Horizon Gaming PCs, pre-configured from ?499.99.


Windows 11 Nazare Gaming PCs

Built to the highest specification, Nazare custom PCs provide you the platform you need to climb higher than ever before. Gamer, streamer, content creator – combine your skills with Nazare's power and prove yourself.


Nazare Gaming PCs, pre-configured from ?1,499.99.


Windows 11 Custom PCs

Design your own type of Custom PC to meet your requirements using our advanced PC customiser and we'll build and test it for you, complete with a 3 Year Warranty! If you require even more options, simply contact us on or 01274 471210 and we'll put one together exactly how you want it!


Custom configured Gaming PCs, built from scratch.


Windows 11 For Home, Business and Workstations

Windows 11 has had a huge facelift that is just as practical as it is beautiful. The new sleek desktop of Windows 11 is packed with productivity and tools to make your life easier, whether you’re a home or business user.


Microsoft’s latest OS has made huge improvements in terms of productivity, with all your most-used applications accessible via Snap Layout, and Snap Groups, which will feel both intuitive and fresh. Snap your favourite tools to an area on your screen and work the way you want, and group them for easy access.


Example of the new Snap Layout system for snapping Windows into different positions and groups.


Collaboration & Communication

Microsoft Teams is integrated smoothly with Windows 11, and you’ll have much more functionality for work at your desktop or on the move. Make calls and communicate right from your desktop, easily and quickly.

Windows Widgets

Familiar Windows Widgets are available in your Start Menu on Windows 11, making daily tasks easy to access, and allowing you to see snapshots of your email, messenger and other productivity tools.

Safety & Security

With Windows 11, we are focused on increasing security, improving reliability, and ensuring compatibility. This is what drives our decisions,” - Microsoft

Safety and security are priorities with Windows 11, with powerful family security settings and controls. For business users, Windows 11 offers the latest hardware and software security, moving toward a “zero trust” framework for their OS.

Windows 11 raises the bar for security by requiring hardware that can enable protections like Windows Hello, Device Encryption, virtualization-based security (VBS), hypervisor-protected code integrity (HVCI) and Secure Boot,” – Microsoft

Windows 11 Pro For Home And Business

Below you will find all of the features compared for both Windows 11 Home and Windows 11 Pro. Perfect for users who require more from their operating system, and mainly used by businesses and professionals, Windows 11 Pro has a raft of security and safety features to protect users and their valuable data.


Feature Windows 11 Home Windows 11 Pro
Assigned Access No Yes
BitLocker device encryption No Yes
Device encryption Yes Yes
Dynamic Provisioning No Yes
Enterprise State Roaming with Azure No Yes
Firewall and network protection Yes Yes
Group Policy No Yes
Hyper-V No Yes
Internet protection Yes Yes
Join Active Directory/Azure AD No Yes
Kiosk mode No Yes
Maximim no. of CPU cores 64 128
Maximum no. of CPUs 1 2
Maximum RAM 128 GB 2 TB
Microsoft Remote Desktop Client only Yes
Mobile Device Management (MDM) No Yes
Parental controls/protection Yes Yes
Secure Boot Yes Yes
Set up with a local account No Yes
Windows Defender Antivirus Yes Yes
Windows Hello Yes Yes
Windows Information Protection No Yes
Windows Sandbox No Yes
Windows Update for Buisness No Yes


Windows 11 Pro is available on CCL Business and Workstation PCs.


The new default Windows 11 background.