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Can You Get a VESA Desk Mount for Two Screens?

From design work to gaming, sometimes one screen isn't enough. Find out what VESA desk mount dual designs are available for mounting two screens.

Two computer monitors on a desk.


Multitasking on a computer can be difficult. If you need to switch to another window, that means you're spending less time working on the first window. It should come as no surprise then that people are always looking for a solution to this problem.

This trend started with people who like to play online computer games and content creators. It's been picked up by people with nearly every interest since then.

But then these people started finding another problem: the two monitors took up too much desk space. A VESA desk mount dual monitor stand might just be the answer they're looking for.

It can raise monitors higher and clear some desk space for busy people who like to multitask on their computers. Read on to learn everything you need to know about dual monitors and why a desk stand might just be helpful.

Why Do People Use Two Screens?

You might be asking yourself what the point of having two screens is. The truth is that multitasking can be difficult on a single standard-sized monitor. There are many reasons why you might need to multitask on your computer.


Most people use computers for work purposes these days. Whether you're a cashier or an office manager doesn't make a difference to that.

And many workplaces will require you to use multiple programs. That means you have to go back and forth between two to three different windows throughout your workday to get anything done.

For example, someone in an office may need to copy information from an email to create a new account in a database system. The office assistant would need to constantly swap between the two programs in order to complete the data entry.

This is why many people feel that it would be much easier to have multiple screens available at one time. You could save time and effort by just having everything available to you all at once.


The next reason people might decide to use two screens is for gaming. A popular thing to do during cooperative and competitive gaming is to have communication with other players on a third-party app such as Discord.

These apps allow players to communicate either verbally or over text in real-time as they're playing. In games where you compete in teams, players will use this to develop strategies. In cooperative games, they'll use it to help other players find materials or achieve goals inside the game.

For verbal communication, a lot of these apps will have some kind of indication of who is speaking. Some gamers find that it's easier to communicate with people if you can tell who is currently talking.

A lot of gamers like to have both their player chat and game visible at the same time for this reason. They usually use dual monitors to achieve this.


Digital art has become more popular and accessible in recent years. All you need is an art program and a tablet to get into it.

And serious artists know that one of the easiest ways to draw is to find a reference first. The issue that a lot of artists find, however, is that it's hard to have to reference photos open at the same time as the art program. It makes their drawing space too small.

And if they make the image smaller, then it becomes too difficult to see. The only other option they have is to constantly swap between the two.

So the solution these artists will often find is using dual screens. This allows them to have the image enlarged on one screen while their art program is open on the other. Therefore, they never have to stop drawing just to look at their reference.


The last reason anyone might want to set up dual screens is for communication purposes. A lot of workplaces are joining the modern world by creating office group chats using third party communication apps such as Slack.

This makes getting work-related questions answered much quicker. Employees can now easily help each other just by putting a message out to their group. As convenient as that is, it can be annoying to be constantly getting alerts when people message the chat.

You could silence your notifications, but then what happens when you're the one who needs help? A lot of people like to have their office chat open on a second screen during these times so they can see when they've gotten a response.

Furthermore, this helps employees who are working remotely on the same project. It means they can communicate quickly about any issues or concerns and work together to resolve them and complete their project.


The last reason you might want a dual monitor setup is for pure entertainment. A lot of people might have one program running on one screen, such as a drawing or a video game. On the other screen, they might have a video running.

Streaming shows and movies have become extremely popular in recent years. And it's common for young people specifically to want to have some sort of background noise. Whether they're working or playing on their computer, chances are there's going to be some kind of entertainment being played.

Having dual monitors allows you to have a show or movie playing on one screen while you're busy working on a project on the other. This can help alleviate boredom for remote workers. And some people simply don't like it when a place is too quiet.

How Is It Set Up?

Usually, the way this works is by connecting one monitor to your computer. Then you connect that monitor to a second monitor, which then creates a sort of extension of your screen.

You can then set up your computer's second screen in different ways. You can have the second screen mirror your first or have it as an extension of the first. Having the second screen as an extension allows you to have two programs open at once.

But having two monitors sitting on your desk can take up a lot of much-needed space.

So a lot of people who use dual screens choose to use a monitor mount that can hold multiple screens.

This allows them to have two screens with one stand between them. That clears up space on a desk that would otherwise be taken by two separate monitor stands. These can either be wall-mounted or desk stands, but you have to be careful when choosing one to make sure it's VESA compliant.

What Is VESA?

VESA stands for Video Electronics Standards Association. As its name implies, it writes standards for every video-based electronic device that goes up for sale. This includes televisions and computer monitors.

This sets standards so that when you purchase a dual-arm monitor mount, for example, you can be sure that it will be compatible with your monitors. That way, you don't risk buying equipment that you can't actually use.

However, not every mount or monitor on the market is VESA compliant. This means that when you're shopping for one of these items, you want to be sure that it's VESA compliant.

If you're not sure if your current monitor is, you can check by looking at the hole pattern around its stand. The holes should be either 75mm or 100mm apart to be considered VESA compliant. You can also look up your monitor's model number online to see whether it's compliant or not.

Can You Get a VESA Compliant Desk Mount for Two Screens?

So if you want to have a dual monitor VESA desk mount as part of your workspace setup, then you need to look carefully to make sure that the one you're buying is VESA compliant. The good news is that there are many options for a dual monitor VESA mount. Most of these are going to be desk stands rather than wall-mounted.

You can even get a dual VESA stand that has extra height to it, so you choose if you want your monitors to be higher or lower. Some other stands are going to let you choose how far apart you want your monitors to be.

Getting a dual-desk VESA mount can make multitasking a lot easier for some people. So if you've been thinking about getting a second monitor for your computer, then you might want to get a VESA compliant desk stand as well.

Get a VESA Desk Mount Dual Monitor Stand Today

If you've been struggling with multitasking on your computer, then you might be considering getting a dual monitor setup for your desk. But you also want to avoid clutter when you do.

If this sounds like problems you've been having, then a VESA desk mount dual monitor stand might just be the thing you've been looking for. It gets the monitors off of your desk, which saves space while letting you multitask easily.

No matter what you use your computer for, there's no reason to struggle with multitasking. Get yourself set up with a VESA compliant dual monitor desk stand today and see how it can help you.