Joining AMD’s are four mid-range Ryzen 5 models: - the 1400, 1500X, 1600 and 1600X.

Built from AMD’s new ‘Zen’ core architecture, we first saw the great-and-powerful Ryzen 7, which hit the top-end of the market and catered for those hard-core gamers and users.

But the buzz around the Ryzen 5 comes from its appeal to a much wider audience. Intel’s i-series has dominated the market for so long, and remains a reliable, popular choice for consumers, but with Ryzen’s top-tier 1600X offering more cores and threads to its direct competitor, the Intel i5-7600K, it will be interesting to see how those all-important benchmarks play out…

All four models will be available from CCL at 2pm on Tuesday 11th April.

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