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The All White PC Setup

Where some PC builders are constructing rigs that look like a neon rainbow, there are a good amount of people who are looking for that minimalistic or clean look of a white PC build.

All White PC Build - Your guide to building the best white battlestation.


Updated June 30th 2022

It's not just cases, any more. Component manufacturers are not blind to the fact PC builders love the white aesthetic. Corsair has been doing the rounds on Twitter with their full white PC builds, along with Zotac with their all white GPU (which looks pretty nice, actually). Most notably – and we’ll cover it in depth below – Republic of Gamers has embraced the white aesthetic with careless abandon.

So, yes, there’s no shortage of parts if you want to build a white rig that looks like it came from The Frozen North, and the Night King himself would give it a thumbs up.

If you're ready to shop for White Components, you can check out our range here. Otherwise, read on!


Meme of the Night King from Game of Thrones saying 'Show me what you got'.


White PC Case Build – Who Makes The Best Parts?

As you might expect, there’s plenty of competition for your hard-earned pennies. The usual suspects Corsair, ASUS, ROG, Gigabyte, MSI etc. have all jumped on this aesthetic with gusto. This is actually good news for the consumer. With competition comes price drops.

As much as the white PC build is becoming popular, there’s still more interest in the bright, shiny lights and I don’t really know anyone who isn’t using “Dark Mode” on everything. This means some white PC components are on sale in some places online.

So, who makes the best white PC components?

Montech (Exclusive to CCL)

We're always the first to take notice of a manufacturer when Gamers Nexus and KitGuru Tech start handing out the accolades and recommendations. For that reason, and the fact that Montech make exceedingly good value cases, we went and secured an exclusive deal with Montech in June 2022, and began stocking these awesome cases. And, you guessed it, they are available in white.

Montech X3 Mesh - White

All things condiered, a lot of the features on the Montech X3 Mesh Mid Tower have no right being there, considering the price. For starters, the X3 Mesh offers impressive airflow and comes with 6 pre-installed RGB fans, comprising of 3 x 140mm RGB LED front fans, 2 x 120mm RGB LED top fans, and a 120mm RGB LED exhaust fan at the rear. That's a lot of airflow.

Montech X3 Mesh White Mid Tower Case

Things get better as you look inside the chassis, with ample space for storage drives (2 x 2.5” SSD, 2 x 2.5” SSD or 3.5” HDD) and a PSU shroud to keep the aesthetic clean. The panoramic tempered glass side panel gives you a glimpse of the components inside, and your cables will be nicely tucked away thanks to the great routing options on the back panel.

Of course, you also get a full-featured top panel, with 1x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0 and headphone & mic jacks, as well as a switch for the fixed RGB-lit fans.


All White Montech X3 Mesh


This ATX case does not say "budget" or "good value", it screams premium gaming PC build.


Corsair have got a great range of white PC parts, and their white PC cases are some of the more popular when it comes to modding and RGB installation. They have also recently created a landing page on their website to show off their willingness to embrace white PC builds.


Corsair?s all white PC build landing page.


Image: Corsair – White PC Build

With a name that implies high quality and with a reputation that precedes it, Corsair have usually got their finger on the pulse of the “next big thing”, and other manufacturers and smaller component designers are not far behind Corsair when it comes to style and aesthetic. But they are behind. They seem to be either one step ahead, or right on trend, so they are a great starting point for your white PC components.

The Corsair iCUE 4000D case is a good place to start your build, being a Mid-Tower, and having very little colour in the design other than the grey edges at the front of the case.


Corsair iCUE 4000D white case.


If you’re looking for a pure white build, then the Carbide 275R is as close to all white as you can get (albeit with a dark effect on the tempered glass window).


Corsair Carbide 275R white case.


Corsair don’t stop at cases with their white theme, though. The have made a concerted effort to roll out the white colour across their range of components and peripherals (even making mostly white gaming chairs).

Memory is taken care of with a variety of RAM in white vests (not the kind of vests in Die Hard or Fast & Furious):


Corsair Vengeance RGB white memory.


These Corsair Vengeance RGB (pictured: 2x 8GB) modules look great in their ski jackets, and with RGB to boot, you’ll be able to get that cool blue/white hue down to a tee.

It makes sense that the cooling system in your white PC build should look like it's cool. Corsair’s iCUE H150i Elite Capellix is available in white, and will completely take over the radiator space in your case – making a bold statement, and being pretty nice to look at.


Corsair iCUE H150i Elite Capellix AIO white CPU cooler.


The Corsair RM850x 850W PSU will sit happily behind you white PC shroud, or blend in with its mostly white cover:


Corsair RM850x white power supply.


Lian Li

We featured some of Lian Li’s products in our round up of gaming PC cases, and we were impressed with their range overall for functionality and style. They are no stranger to the white aesthetic, either.

Let’s start with their “Snow Edition” case, the Lian Li O11D Mini-S. This Mid-Tower case is just perfect for the all white PC build, considering Lian Li specifically designed it with this aesthetic in mind. Cable management, window visibility and component fittings are all designed to show off the snow white interior, and your white components.


Lian Li O11D Mini-S Snow Edition white case.


Inside the case, the interior has been fitted with lots of smart cabling systems to keep any unsightly wires out of view. The viewing windows on the front and side offer great visibility for the RGB goodness, and you’ll be able to fit your radiators & cooling in with no problems at all.


Full white PC build inside a Lian Li O11D Mini-S Snow Edition white case.


Courtesy: Lian Li Twitter

Lian Li’s water cooling system, the Galahad 240mm RGB AIO kit, looks great with the Snow Edition case:


Lian Li Galahad 240mm RGB AIO white CPU cooler.


Whilst there are numerous suppliers we could mention in this space, Corsair and Lian Li regularly come back from reviewers with glowing recommendations, and we don’t hesitate in pitching these two brands as the best.

However, it would also be remiss of us not to mention some of the manufacturers that have embraced the white PC build with their range of products – and are doing it well.

Honourable Mentions

Iiyama ProLite XUB2492HSU 23.8 inch Full HD Monitor.

Iiyama ProLite XUB2492HSU 23.8" Full HD Monitor

White aesthetic on your desktop too, with Iiyama’s white ProLite monitor.

Crucial Ballistix 16GB (2x 8GB) 3600MHz DDR4 RAM.

Crucial Ballistix 16GB (2x 8GB) 3600MHz DDR4 RAM

For looks, the Ballistix range of RAM are up there with the best, and Crucial are a brand you can trust. No RGB here, though – you’ll need the Ballistix 16GB RGB version if you want to get lit.

Phanteks White Extension Cable Combo Kit.

Phanteks Extension Cable Combo Kit - White

Phanteks are now a superb household name among PC enthusiasts; their cases are constantly hitting the top 5 lists out there for quality + features. This simple cable mod kit will allow you to run white wires around your case instead of boring black.

White CHERRY DW 8000 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set.

CHERRY DW 8000 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set

Cherry keyboards are intuitive and highly responsive. Luckily, they’ve also dipped their toe in the white aesthetic market.

ROG White PC Build

Republic of Gamers is a brand that has been used by Asus since 2006, which comprises a massive range of computer hardware, pre-built PCs, computer peripherals, and accessories that are targeted at gamers. The Republic of Gamers – or ROG - brand has now penetrated just about every corner of the PC components market via the ROG certification program and partnerships they have developed throughout the IT space. The brand has now become entirely intertwined with the benchmarks and data that professionals look at when selecting components for a gaming PC build.

It would make sense, then, that ROG wedged themselves (quickly) into the white component trend and made sure that consumers who respect their certification process and trust their partnerships could build a white PC with ROG parts as the main element.

Plenty of creators on YouTube have had the pleasure of building “ROG only” white PC systems, such as Xtian C, Shevon Salmon and OC3D TV. Again, ROG cast a wide net across the gamut of components, so it is not difficult to create a full build with only ROG certified or partnered products.



Here are some of the best ROG white PC components we selected from our favourite builds*: -

*Don’t forget to check components are compatible with your preferred processor and motherboard!

ROG White CPU Cooler

Asus ROG STRIX LC 240 RGB White 80.95 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler

Designed for compact mid-sized gaming rigs, the Strix LC 240 meets all of ROG’s stringent requirements to bear the logo (with RGB to light it!) with performance worth shouting about, generating 81CFM/5.0mm H2O for superior cooling efficiency.


ASUS ROG Strix LC 240 AIO white CPU cooler.


ROG White Motherboard

ROG Strix z490-A Gaming Motherboard

It’s always great to see a nice looking motherboard, because for years the humble engine bay of the PC has been ignored. Not anymore.

The Strix range actually capitalise on the ability to make a motherboard look awesome. With the ROG logo slapped across a chunky I/O section, and the flashes of ice white stretching the width of the unit, this white z490-A motherboard from ROG partner, ASUS, is perfect for an all white PC build.


ASUS ROG Strix Z490-A white gaming motherboard.



Okay, here’s the rub. There are white GPUs out there with the ROG certification or partnership, but they are super rare. It’s not just the usual “global GPU shortage” schtick you hear everywhere, either.

If you want one of the best white GPUs, then you are going to have a tough job on. The ASUS ROG Strix NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 TI OC Edition 11 GB GDDR6 Graphics Card is a stunner.


White ROG Strix NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 TI OC Edition 11 GB GDDR6 Graphics Card by ASUS.


The entirely white cover makes it look like Lamborghini stopped by the Asus offices and did a quick sketch to get them going.

Currently these bad boys are out of stock (brand new) everywhere on earth, but if you don’t mind hitching a ride with the next Tesla space launch, you might find them elsewhere in the universe.

In the meantime, there is an alternative (that is almost just as rare, unfortunately).

ASUS NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 10GB ROG Strix OC White Ed. Ampere Graphics Card


ASUS NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 10GB ROG Strix OC White Ed. Ampere Graphics Card.


White ROG Memory

The Republic of Gamers have a few partnerships with RAM manufacturers, and they all have to meet their extremely tough vetting requirements to have the ROG logo proudly displayed.

Corsair Dominator® Platinum RGB 32GB (2 X 16GB) DDR4 DRAM 3200mhz C16 Memory Kit in White

Corsair already have an very thorough testing process themselves, and their labs are set up to benchmark a component to their absolute limits. No surprise, then, that they manufacture many products that easily made the grade with ASUS ROG certification. The Dominator Platinum

RGB memory we chose for this article is simply beautiful to look at whether the iCUE controlled ARGB is engaged or not.


Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 32GB (2 X 16GB) DDR4 DRAM 3200mhz C16 Memory Kit in White.


White ROG Power Supply (PSU)

ASUS ROG Strix White Edition 850W Modular PSU

Where some manufacturers are enjoying toying with the idea of white components, and adding it subtly to their range, Asus ROG are actually going all out. This 850W PSU is butch enough to take on the most hardcore gaming build, with integrated ROG heatsinks and Axial-tech fan design to ensure optimum cooling. Silence is golden, and also expected by ROG – with the silent running Asus ROG Strix. When the total draw power (TDP) is below 40%, the motors will spin down to zero RPM. That means zero noise!


ASUS ROG Strix White Edition 850W Modular PSU.


ROG White PC Summary

Asus ROG have got many things right over the years, and we’d be fools not to follow their lead now. The all white PC components above can obviously be expanded on with peripherals and accessories (keyboard, mouse etc.) – but at its heart, your system will be the wholly trusted brand that is ROG.

Best Budget White Case

If budget is something you’re concerned about, then some of the more premium brands above will have rattled you, I’m sure. It is not all doom and gloom, though. As more manufacturers go after their share of the white PC aesthetic market, price brackets begin to widen, taking into account those PC enthusiasts who are price conscious.

In selecting the best budget white case, we looked at three budgets - Under £50, Under £100 and Under £150.

We also took into account three features:

  • Mid-Tower design – ATX is a great place to start with a smaller budget. Maximum compatibility across all components, as well as mass production making them cheaper overall.
  • Easy access to components: Budget conscious usually means DIY. If you’re building your own all white PC, then you want to make sure you can get elbow deep without too much hassle.
  • Mostly white chassis: Obviously our most important factor in building a white PC – it has to be available in white! Some manufacturers are not going in with both feet, however, so their cases still have black or grey trim. We are looking for as much white metal/ABS plastic as possible.

Best Under £50: BitFenix Nova TG Mid Tower Gaming Case


BitFenix Nova TG Mid Tower Gaming Case in white.


BitFenix have amassed many positive reviews about their budget cases. This case will certainly allow you to include the finer things in a PC build, such as water cooling (with a 120mm radiator space) and dual fan capability at the front. In keeping with the “clean” look of a white PC build, the Nova TG also has dust proof features to keep the interior looking swish.

Form factor: ATX

Ease of Access: Good access to components

All White Design: Some black trim, and dark front logo. Black interior.

Best Under £100: Montech X3 Mesh + Lian Li Lancool 205

Coming highly recommended by most gaming and PC magazines, as well as YouTube influencers and your very own CCL - the Montech X3 Mesh just cannot be beaten at this price range, with excellent airflow, solid build quality, and of course – they look great in a white jacket!


All white PC build - Under ?100 - Montech X3 Mesh


The Lian Li Lancool 205 is a superb budget PC case, offering plenty of room in the Mid-Tower case for upgrades, water cooling capability, and all wrapped up with an ice-white interior and exterior. Airflow is one of the primary features of the Lancool 205, and with modern gaming setups requiring as much cooling as possible – this makes it an ideal candidate at at this price range.


Be Quiet! Pure Base 500DX all white case.


Best Under £150: Lian Li O11D Mini-S Snow Edition Case


Lian Li O11D Mini-S Snow Edition Case.


The unique design spec of the Mini-S Snow Edition makes it difficult to ignore. All white in every sense, the PC case allows all of the customisation options you’d expect in a gamer’s cabinet – with ample space for air or water cooling options, a glass front and side to show off RGB and white interior components, and Lian Li’s signature voluminous airflow. Under £150 there are few cases that can stand up to the Mini-S’ specifications, but as far as looks go, there’s nothing under £250 that strikes such a pose.

Reddit: Best All White PC Builds

Reddit’s r/PCMasterRace subreddit and r/BuildAPC are a great source of inspiration for all white PC builds. Users there are not scared to show off their rigs and battlestations.


All white PC build by Reddit User u/h3w1tt84.

Reddit User u/h3w1tt84


White battlestation build by Reddit User u/infinitiplayaz.

Reddit User u/infinitiplayaz


White PC battlestation build by Reddit User u/andiethelab.

Reddit User u/andiethelab


Reddit user RexMaster24 took the crown, in our opinion, with this stunning all white PC setup. A full arctic-looking battlestation that even has its own weather system by the looks of it:


Full white PC battlestation including peripherals Reddit User u/RexMaster24.

Reddit User u/RexMaster24


All White PC Build Overview

If the Night King comes calling, you can now rest assured that your PC case will meet with his approval. When you look at the trend for white PC components, it does seem that this aesthetic is taking hold, and won’t be going anywhere for some time. Linus Tech Tips recently built an all white PC which was pretty costly (and even omitted custom white cables), and he joins many content creators on YouTube who are taking on the challenge of constructing a gaming PC with all white components. What is clear, is the cost can be pretty high. For now. Component pricing fluctuates, as we all know, but right now a white PC build will cost upward of £1000.

So, out goes the rainbow RGB lighting, dark and ominous interiors - and in with the minimalistic, clinical cleanliness of white cases and components. One thing is for certain – it will be interesting to recap this post in a few months’ time when the market adjusts to supply & demand. See you back here soon!