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Great Saving
  • Gaming Keyboard
  • USB Connection
  • Colour: Black
  • Backlit / Illuminated

Was £49.98

SAVE 40%

Now only

£29.99 inc VAT

CCL Code: KBD2526|
Part Number: CBGKIMPERV1
|Manufacturer: Chillblast
Great Saving
  • Gaming Keyboard
  • USB Connection
  • Colour: Grey
  • Backlit / Illuminated
  • TTC Red Keys

Was £119.99

SAVE £50

Now only

£69.99 inc VAT

CCL Code: KBD2295|
Part Number: SK-652-GKTR1-UK
|Manufacturer: Cooler Master
Great Saving
Cooler Master SK620 Mechanical 60% Gaming Keyboard
Great Saving
2 reviews

Was £85.00

SAVE 41%

Now only

£49.99 inc VAT

CCL Code: KBD2259|
Part Number: SK-620-GKTR1-UK
|Manufacturer: Cooler Master
Great Saving
  • Gaming Keyboard
  • USB Connection
  • Colour: White
  • Backlit / Illuminated
  • TTC Red Keys

Was £85.00

SAVE 15%

Now only

£71.99 inc VAT

CCL Code: KBD2403|
Part Number: SK-620-SKTR1-UK
|Manufacturer: Cooler Master
  • Gaming Keyboard
  • USB Connection
  • Colour: Silver
  • Backlit / Illuminated
  • Kailh White Keys

£79.99 inc VAT

CCL Code: KBD2059|
Part Number: S11-04UK229-CLA
|Manufacturer: MSI


What is the difference between a regular keyboard and a gaming keyboard?

The main difference between a basic keyboard and a gaming keyboard is durability. The keys and general build quality of a gaming keyboard must stand up to the vigorous use over an extended period of time. many keyboard manufacturers provide a detailed specification of the number of keypresses a gaming keyboard is rated for. For example, it is not uncommon to see keyboards with a lifespan of 12 million keypresses.

The next vital aspect of a gaming keyboard is the "feel" of the keys during a gaming session, as the amount of pressure required for an action, the distance travelled before action, and the sensitivity of keys can all be subjective. At CCL we offer products from some of the best manufacturers of keys, keycaps and keyboards, such as those that use Cherry MX switches - renowned for their durability and versatility across all types of gamers.

The key membrane, mechanical construction or hybrid version of both are designed to deliver performance over a long time, and ensure gamers can rely on their keys in even the most heated battle. Most modern mechanical keyboards also allow you to swap out the keycaps to create your own aesthetic, and take advantage of high performance, durable designs.

What is N-key rollover?

Some gaming keyboards have a feature called "n-key rollover" or NKRO. Each keypress is assessed independently by onboard keyboard hardware, to be correctly detected, even if lots of other keys are pressed or held down simultaneously. In essence, every key you press will be represented on screen, up to the NKRO value.

What kind of keyboard is best for gaming?

Most will argue that the 60% mechanical keyboard is perfect for gamers, due to its compact size, and availability from top brands. Being compact means there is more room for mouse manoeuvrability, and allows for the gamer to position the keyboard at comfortable angles.

The 65% mechanical keyboard offers the above, with the added bonus of arrow keys, which can be ideal for some types of gamer; the 65% keyboard also offers a small footprint, too.

Why do gamers use mechanical keyboards?

It's not just because they look and sound cool! Mechanical keyboards offer gamers fast response times (tactile), increased durability, optimal N-key rollover, and lots of customisation options. Though more expensive than membrane keyboards, most gamers would say they can feel the difference and it improves their gaming performance, so the extra spend is worth it.

Are smaller keyboards better for gaming?

As explained above, with smaller keyboard means you have much more room to operate your mouse, and can place your keyboard at much more acute angles for more comfort. With less footprint, you need less desk - which is very important to those who have space limitations for their gaming setup.

Do wireless keyboards or wired keyboards work best for gaming?

With a top brand wireless keyboard, you will not notice any difference in latency, or see any disconnections. Though many gamers do prefer the reliability of a USB keyboard, and the benefit of not having to charge batteries.