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Gaming PCs

Whether you want to play the latest AAA titles in 4K, become one of the next eSports champions, delve into the world of VR and live streaming, or you want the power to create the ultimate content such as 3D rendering, CCL's gaming PCs are the first and last choice in computing.

Our range of gaming PCs are designed to meet the demands of today's desktop gamers - no matter how hardcore.


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£300 - £5,500
CPU Manufacturer
Chipset Manufacturer
AMD Radeon
Disk Capacity
Solid State Capacity
240 GB - 2 TB

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Horizon 3 Vega Gaming PC
AMD Ryzen 5 5600G 3.9GHz
8GB DDR4 3200MHz
480GB Adata SU630 SATA SSD
433Mbps Built-in Wi-Fi


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Horizon 5 Vega Gaming PC
Windows 10 Home
AMD Ryzen 5 5600G 3.9GHz
8GB DDR4 3200MHz
240GB Adata Ultimate SU630 SATA SSD
433Mbps Built-in Wi-Fi

Was £614.99 - SAVE £7

Now only £607.99

or £507.99 without Windows
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Horizon 5 Vega Plus Gaming PC
Windows 10 Home
AMD Ryzen 5 5600G 3.9GHz
16GB DDR4 3200MHz
500GB Kingston NV1 NVMe SSD
433Mbps Built-in Wi-Fi


or £541.99 without Windows
Priority 2-3 Day Build Service Or Standard 4 Day Build Free Delivery
Horizon 3 Intel GTX 1650 Gaming PC
Windows 10 Home
Intel Core i3 10100F 3.6GHz
8GB DDR4 2666MHz
GeForce GTX 1650 4GB
500GB Kingston NV1 NVMe SSD
867Mbps Built-in Wi-Fi


or £583.99 without Windows
Priority 2-3 Day Build Service Or Standard 4 Day Build Free Delivery

Hand-built by our team of PC building experts (and avid gamers), our range of gaming PCs feature the very best graphics cards from NVIDIA RTX 30 series GPUs to AMD Radeon RX series cards.

Not only that, but each component in our systems is carefully selected to create a powerful, reliable, balanced system that will provide you with years of uninterrupted gaming.

And, with additional benefits such as an industry-leading 3-year collect and return warranty, free delivery, free technical support and advice, and 0% interest for 4 months, there’s never been a better time to make your gaming PC dreams come true!

What is a gaming PC? 

What makes gaming PCs different from other PCs? It’s a question we get asked a lot here at CCL. 

So, here’s our answer…

Gaming PCs are PCs which are designed specifically with gaming in mind. They feature gaming-centric components such as graphics cards, with other components also selected with gaming in mind. 

They are designed to deliver high frame rates at high resolutions, with low latency and plenty of storage.

At CCL you’ll find that our gaming PCs feature excellent specifications, with some of the best CPUs, PSUs that can handle the power demands of top graphics cards, sophisticated cooling mechanisms (such as water cooling on some models) and large amounts of RAM (some models will have 32GB of DDR4 RAM or more).

How much is a gaming PC? 

What you pay for a gaming PC will depend on what specification and components it has.

If you want a top of the range gaming PC with a high-end graphics card, then you can pay into the thousands of pounds.

Likewise, if you just want a gaming PC for very basic gaming (such as playing indie titles), then you can pick up a great system in the mid-hundreds of pounds. 

Here at CCL we recognise that not all gamers are the same, so we provide systems that cater to every type of gamer. So, if you want to spend as little as £300, or as much as £5,000, you’ll find your perfect PC for gaming here at CCL.

What gaming PC should I buy? 

When looking to buy a gaming PC, you should determine exactly what you want to do with it. This will influence which gaming PC you should buy.

For example, if you’re only an occasional gamer and will mostly be using your PC for standard computing and browsing the web, then you’ll be able to get away with choosing a more budget-oriented system.

On the other hand, if you want to play the very best AAA gaming titles, then you’ll need a system with a graphics card, a decent amount of memory (at least 16GB RAM - or more if you can afford it), and enough storage space to save all of the games and programs you’ll want to use. 

The same goes for content creators. If you want to use your PC for 4K or 8K video editing, 3D rendering or other intensive applications, then you’ll want to choose a PC with a high-end graphics card and other quality components.

What do you need for a gaming PC? 

Gaming PCs require four core components to allow you to play the best AAA titles.

These four core components are:

  • Graphics card (GPU).
  • Processor (CPU).
  • Memory (RAM).
  • Storage (HDD and/or SDD).

Graphics card (GPU)

For many gamers the graphics card is the most important part of their system. The GPU allows your system to render graphics, images and animations quickly - creating an impressive, immersive gaming experience.

A graphics card performs the fast-math calculations required by top games, freeing up the processor (CPU) and other parts of your system, so that everything runs smoothly whilst you’re gaming.

Nearly all of today’s games rely on graphics cards, so if you’re looking to play any of the top titles, you’ll definitely need a system that contains a graphics card.

Here at CCL we build our systems with either NVIDIA or AMD GPUs. Use the menu on our website to choose from systems featuring NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics cards or AMD Radeon RX graphics cards.

NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards

NVIDIA is widely regarded as the leading manufacturer of graphics cards. Their cards such as the RTX 3090 are extremely sought-after as they provide ‘set and forget’ 60 FPS gaming at 4K, and can even handle gaming at 8K.

Beyond the 3090, NVIDIA’s RTX 30 series cards are all excellent. They are built around NVIDIA’s Ampere 2nd gen architecture and include features such as advanced ray tracing cores that create incredible light effects in games. 

NVIDIA’s RTX 30 series graphics cards also feature AI-acceleration, supporting DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) that boosts frame rates and generates incredibly sharp, rich images in-game.

AMD Radeon graphics cards

AMD’s Radeon RX series graphics cards are also high-performance GPUs which have gained many fans amongst dedicated gamers.

The AMD Radeon RX 6000 series of graphics cards are built around AMD’s RDNA 2 architecture which offers up to 1.65 times more performance over the previous generation RDNA architecture. 

The RX 6000 series also has features such as AMD Infinity Cache, which is a revolutionary memory architecture that delivers very high levels of performance and efficiency. You’ll also find ‘Ray Accelerators’ which deliver high-performance ray tracing.

Processor (CPU)

Another essential component in a gaming PC is the processor (also called the CPU). Think of a CPU as your computer’s ‘brain’.

It’s the job of a processor to process data and execute instructions to allow your computer to perform the range of tasks that are required to let you play a game.

So, if you want your gaming PC to be able to play the very-best games without any hiccups, it’s vital that you choose a system with a high-quality CPU.

At CCL you can choose from gaming PCs with either Intel or AMD CPUs.

Intel Core processors

Intel has long been associated with creating great performing processors. Their range of Core processors combine great clock speed with multiple cores to create CPUs that are great for high-end gaming PCs.

Intel’s latest generation of processors are making use of a new architecture which features both performance cores (P-Core) and efficient cores (E-Core) to create a ‘hybrid’ architecture which unleashes more performance gains.

Some Intel CPUs can also be overclocked, meaning you can squeeze more processing power out of them.

AMD Ryzen processors

AMD is another well-regarded producer of processors. With their Ryzen series, AMD offers CPUs with multiple cores and threads and high clock speeds that’ll handle almost anything your gaming PC needs.

AMD CPUs can also be overclocked, so that if you wish, you eke out even more performance from them.

Memory (RAM)

If you're going to have an enjoyable experience with your gaming PC, then it’s vital that you select one with enough RAM. 

RAM, also referred to as memory, allows you to perform multiple tasks at once. It’s your computer’s short-term data storage, and as such, if you have enough RAM, you’ll be able to have multiple programs running at once.

For many gamers, 16GB of DDR4 RAM is considered the baseline amount of RAM needed for playing top games. 

However, if you plan on doing more than just gaming with your PC (such as content creation/streaming), we’d highly recommend choosing a system with 32GB of RAM. This will provide you with enough memory to play games, have a chat open with your friends, and be streaming all at the same time.


The fourth core component that you require in a gaming PC, storage. 

Storage is where you store all of your computer’s games, programs and even your operating system.

When buying a gaming PC, it’s important that you select one that will have enough storage for your needs. For example, if you want to save a large number of high-end games on your system, you will need a considerable amount of storage capacity. 

Aside from thinking about the amount of storage capacity, you’ll also need to decide what type of storage you want in your system.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

Hard disk drives have long been the standard form of storage in PCs. Hard disk drives contain a platter (also known as a disk) which is used to store data. The platter is read by an actuator arm, which reads and writes data to the platter.

It’s possible to buy hard disk drives in very large capacities of as much as 20TB. 

However, hard disk drives can be slow to read and write data, which has led to the rise of another popular type of PC storage…

Solid State Disks (SSDs)

Solid state disks have become popular in recent years primarily due to the rapid speed with which they can read and write data.

As their name suggests, they use solid-state flash memory to store data. As the data is stored in a persistent fashion, SSDs are able to provide fast boot times - so you won’t have to wait long between turning your PC on and playing a game.

At present SSDs tend to be more expensive than HDDs and don’t usually offer as much storage. 

One workaround that many gamers now use is to include both a HDD and an SSD in their system. This allows them to store things they want to boot quickly on the SSD (such as their operating system), whilst they can store large, infrequently used files or programs on the HDD.

At CCL we offer many gaming PCs with both HDD and SSD storage options.

Where to buy the best gaming PC

If you’re looking to buy a gaming PC then you want to ensure you are buying it from a top PC builder - and that top PC builder is CCL.

We have over 30 years’ experience building high-performance, great-value gaming PCs. 

Our team of experts have designed the very best gaming PCs on the market. Explore our range of Horizon and Nazare gaming PCs and you’ll find systems that include the best GPUs, CPUs, storage, RAM and more - all at incredible value.

But, we don’t stop there. Aside from making the best gaming PCs on the market, we also offer a fantastic range of benefits with all of our PCs:

3-year collect and return warranty

If you want to buy a gaming PC safe in the knowledge that you’ll have the best backup and support should anything go wrong, then buy a gaming PC from CCL.

Why? Because we offer an industry-leading 3-year collect and return warranty. 

Should the worst happen and you have a fault with your PC, then we will cover the cost of any replacement parts and labour time required. What’s more, we’ll even cover the cost of sending your PC to and from our workshop in Bradford. 

Extensive testing

CCL also undertakes an industry-leading testing and quality assessment programme. 

Each and every CCL gaming PC is subjected to a battery of tests to ensure they are stable and reliable. They are then subjected to intense scrutiny under our quality assessment process.

By the time your PC has been packed ready for shipment, it will have been tested and inspected down to the finest detail.

Free delivery

We understand that your gaming PC is your pride and joy. So we work with the very best couriers to ensure that your new PC arrives with you quickly and safely. 

Our PC building experts ensure that your new PC is packed and prepared for shipment in the safest way possible. 

And, the best part - delivery is free! (With some exceptions for non-mainland UK and highlands locations).

Technical support and advice

Our support doesn’t end when you receive your brand new gaming PC. 

We also provide extensive technical support and advice throughout the lifetime of your PC. 

Whether you have questions about setting up your PC at the beginning, through to questions about upgrades and compatibility further down the line, the CCL team is happy to help!

We offer low-cost telephone lines for when you want to speak to someone. Even better, our email support is completely free!