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Water cooling has quickly become one of the most effective, and popular ways to cool high-performance PC systems.

Water cooling, as the name suggests, involves the circulation of water to reduce the temperature of critical PC components such as the CPU and graphics card. 

Because water can conduct heat around 30 times faster than air, this makes water cooled PCs extremely efficient. It’s for this reason that water cooling has become the go-to cooling solution for those gamers and high-end computer users that value performance and thermal efficiency.

Water cooling also has the benefit of being near silent; particularly when compared to cooling fans.

A water cooling system will generally operate in the following way; a pump will circulate water through a water block attached to the processor. In the water block, heat will transfer from the processor to the water. The water then continues on from the water block to a radiator. The heat from the water in the radiator will then dissipate into the air outside of the PC. The water then cools and recirculates through the system.

So, if that sounds like the kind of cooling system you want to use on your next system build, then explore our huge range of water cooling parts here at CCL.

Explore our PC water cooling range and you’ll find everything from CPU water blocks, GPU water blocks, standalone reservoirs, pump/combo reservoirs, standalone pumps and complete water cooler kits. 

Take your PC cooling to the next level with water cooling!

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