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Intel Core i5 9600K Coffee Lake Refresh CPU

CCL Code: CPU0572
Manufacturer Code: BX80684I59600K
| Manufacturer: Intel
  • Intel Core i5 9600K Coffee Lake Refresh CPU

Key Features:

Base: 3.7GHz, Turbo: 4.6GHz
Socket 1151
*No Cooler Included*
6 Cores, 6 Threads
Intel UHD 630


Sorry, this product has been discontinued. We have found some similar products below.

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IMPORTANT: Please check with your motherboard manufacturer for support. This processor is designed for use with Z390 chipset motherboards. Whilst it can work on Z370, B360 and H310 chipsets, motherboards based on these will require a BIOS update before they will work with this processor.

If you are purchasing this processor at the same time as a motherboard that requires a BIOS update, you can contact our Sales Team and we will update the BIOS for you prior to shipping for a nominal fee.


Intel® Core™ i5-9600K up to 4.60GHz Hexa Core Unlocked Processor


The 9th Generation Intel Core i5 offers a complete performance that will handle AAA games and cruise through any work you have to throw at it, immerse yourself in 4K UHD content for as long as you like and edit videos to your hearts content.

Weighing in with a base clock speed of 3.7GHz and the ability to push that up to 4.6GHz when needed - Unprecedented speed for this price point that runs through 6 cores and 6 threads while maintaining the stability of 95 TDP.


3.70 GHz 4.60 GHz 6 / 6 9MB 14nm
Base Clock Boost Clock Cores / Threads Cache Technology


9th Generation Intel Core i5 Processor

9th Generation Intel processors have introduced the new Solder Thermal Interface Material (STIM) for a more efficient heat transfer that gives greater control over temperatures when overclocking and using your PC for long periods of time. Perfect for the power user or expert gamer who demand lower temperatures under heavy use. Fine tune your overclock with the free Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU) to get the maximum performance. The i5 9600K uses 14nm architecture and a 9MB cache for a balanced performance that doesn’t break the bank.


Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0

Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 technology brilliantly accelerates processor and graphics performance for peak loads and helps the CPU distribute power through the cores. As Hyper Threading has been turned off for the new range, the boost you get from the Turbo feature does not overheat the processor. DirectX 12 Support helps with optimization when running large apps and even 4K content at 60Hz.


 Product Collection 9th Generation Intel Core i5
 Integrated Graphics Intel® UHD Graphics 630
 Perfect for Serious gamers and content creators
 Overclocking Unlocked, requires a Z-series motherboard for overclocking


4K UHD with Intel 9th Gen

Stream 4K UHD video content, get immersed in Virtual Reality, and play the most demanding AAA games. With 4 times more pixels on screen than traditional Full HD, you can enjoy sharp, lifelike visuals, complex shading, and fast frame rates—all with virtually no stuttering, buffering, or lags. And be ready for revolutionary immersive experiences yet to come!



Overclocking with Confidence

Get even more gaming power and performance with Unlocked Intel processors by pairing them with compatible Z series motherboards to allow overclocking features. Overclocking is a way to custom tune your PC's performance by increasing the speed of the CPU and RAM. It can also help with processor-intensive tasks such as video or image rendering and transcoding.




CPU Type Intel Core i5
CPU Manufacturer Intel
CPU Cores Hexa Core
CPU Socket Socket 1151
CPU Brand Intel
Cache 9 MB
CPU Threads 6
Processor Turbo Speed 4.6 GHz
CPU Family Intel® Core™ i5
Processor Number 9600K
CPU Speed 3.7 GHz
L3 Cache 9 MB
Bus Speed 8 GT/s DMI3
Socket LGA1151
CodeName Coffee Lake
Number of Cores 6
Turbo Core Yes
Turbo Speed 4.6 GHz
Number of Threads 6 threads


Graphics Chipset Intel UHD 630
IGP/APU Graphics Intel UHD 630
Graphics Base Frequency 350 MHz
Graphics Maximum Dynamic Frequency 1.15 GHz
Integrated Graphics Yes


Maximum Memory Size 64 GB
Memory Types DDR4-2666
Number of Memory Channels 2 channels
Maximum Memory Bandwidth 41.6 GB/s


TDP (Thermal Design Power) 95 W


Form Factor CPU

Key Features

Socket(s) LGA 1151
CPU Cooler Included No
Microsoft Processor List C
CPU Max Power 114 W

Graphics Device

Graphics Chipset Intel UHD 630


Warranty 1 Year

Item Details

Manufacturer Intel
Manufacturer Code BX80684I59600K
EAN 5032037140164
UPC 735858392488
Condition New

Warranty Information

Warranty 1 Year

Manufacturer Information

Manufacturer Intel
Manufacturer Code BX80684I59600K
Questions and Answers

Do you have you a question about the Intel Core i5-9600K 3.7GHz 6-core, 6-thread Socket LGA1151 Unlocked Overclockable Processor (4.6GHz Turbo, 9MB Cache, 95W TDP, No Cooler)?

Q: Will this be suitable for the asus Z270H Motherboard
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Q: can a generic stock cooler be enough for this cooler?
Answer by Website User on 27th May 2021
You will need a better cooler than stock for this. - Kristian N
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Q: Is this a retail version?
Answer by Website User on 30th March 2019
This is a retail version. - Kristian N
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Q: Is it eom or retail version? Does it have 3 year warranty? Is cooler included ? What box it has?
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4.8 / 5 20 reviews


5 months ago

Great value for money, the inter-grated graphics can run such games as, Arma 3,Minecraft and war thunder decently well. Havent got a GPU so its a decent compromise for now.


5 months ago

Great cpu for gaming

Mr R Smith

8 months ago

Its a excellent product no problems.


9 months ago

Had a MSI motherboard from the auctions for couple of quid and a few other computer bits.Required an eighth/ninth generation intel chip,so asked CCL if this one had onboard graphics and if it would work on my motherboard. They confirmed it, and the price being cheaper than elsewhere, ordered it and received 3 days later. Got to set up my new computer set up and it LIVES.Also found with the motherboard, could enable TPM easily, genuine Win ten for 40.A bargain all round

Mr thomas John

12 months ago

Haven't over clocked yet, supposed to have a much larger capacity for it tho. However, has ran well and upped my games running and smoothness. All other activities ie applications, programs have all ran seemingless ad maintains it's temp well. Easy to install, especially for a first time builder.


June 2021

Excellent price and customer service


March 2021



February 2021

Excellent processor. Turbo boosts up to 4.3ghz (multi-core). Probably the best value for money cpu on the market.


May 2020

Works out of the box using the graphics with a 27 inch Dell at 1440 and it copes well.


January 2020

Does everything I need


December 2019

Excellent CPU/ turbos up to 4.6 GHz as it should. not had any problems was gonna go for the i5 9600KF as I don't need CPU graphics but it was basically the same price so why not. Good CPU for games and work.


November 2019

Significantly faster than my 3770K. 6 cores should be enough for pretty much any game around at the moment and K chips have the option to be overclocked.


November 2019

this at stock on my z390 Aorus alutra is running at 4.3 ghz can be clocked to 5 ghz not bad for an i5 9th gen great buy.


May 2019

Intel isn't the cheapest and I may have a touch of buyer's remorse considering the latest AMD releases (if you're reading this go by a 3rd gen Ryzen instead, they wipe the floor with these) and my silicon wasnt the mightiest, barely getting 4.6 on OC. Other than that it's super stable and handles everything I throw at it no problem.


May 2019

Great chip, easy to overclock. Currently running at 4.8GHz with no issues.

Gary Haward

May 2019

Outstanding speeds


May 2019

Brought this as high clock speed was more important to me than having loads of cores/threads. Have only managed to over-clock to a 24/7 stable all core 4.7ghz which is a bit disappointing with a custom watercooling loop. Overclocking headroom is a matter of luck so I can't fault the product and it does everything as advertised just can't help wondering if I'd been better off with a Ryzen 7x though...


February 2019

Great product but can't seem to get it over 4.7Ghz with a H75. Still lightning fast for it's price!


February 2019

Got trouble getting the full potential out of this (4.7Ghz max), but this could be a cooling problem. Still great performance for the price.

Kurtis Lamb

February 2019

Great CPU and low temperature, perfect to be overclocked

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C Grade
Intel Core i5-9600K 3.7GHz 6-core, 6-thread Socket LGA1151 Unlocked Overclockable Processor (4.6GHz Turbo, 9MB Cache, 95W TDP, No Cooler)
C Grade
Manufacturer 'NEW' replacement. No retail packaging or cooler included, just the CPU.
- £53.67
£125.22 inc VAT

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Intel Core i5 9600K Coffee Lake Refresh CPU



Sorry, this product has been discontinued. We have found some similar products below.