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Pico Genie P50 Pro Ultra Portable Nano Projector
(40 Lumens) with HDMI/VGA/USB/MicroSD Capabilities (Black/Grey)

Manufacturer: Pico Genie   CCL Code: PRJ1998
Mnfr Code: 15232

£182.54 inc VAT


Acer K520 (Hybrid) 3D Ti 120Hz DLP LED/Laser Projector
100,000:1 (Dynamic) 2000 Lumens 1024x768

Manufacturer: Acer   CCL Code: PRJ1533
Mnfr Code: MR.JES11.001

£983.99 inc VAT


Pico Genie P100 Ultra Portable HDMI Projector (85 Lumens) with Mirroring and Phone Charging Capabilities (White)

Manufacturer: Pico Genie   CCL Code: PRJ1962
Mnfr Code: 15165

£223.56 inc VAT


Optoma Pico PK320 Pocket Projector
2000:1 0.25kg

Manufacturer: Optoma   CCL Code: PRJ1211
Mnfr Code: PK320

£320.24 inc VAT


Sony VPL-DX120 LCD Projector
XGA 2600 ANSI 1024 x 768 2.5kg

Manufacturer: Sony   CCL Code: PRJ1292
Mnfr Code: VPL-DX120

£319.60 inc VAT


BenQ W1070 DLP Projector
10000:1 2000 Lumens 1920 x 1080 2.65kg

Manufacturer: BenQ   CCL Code: PRJ1536
Mnfr Code: 9H.J7L77.17E

£661.50 inc VAT


Epson EB-585WI 3LCD Projector 10,000:1 3300 Lumens 1280x800 5.5kg (Ethernet)

Manufacturer: Epson   CCL Code: PRJ2020
Mnfr Code: V11H600041

£1,354.62 inc VAT


Sony VPL-DW120 LCD Projector WXGA 2600 ANSI 1280 x 800 2.5kg

Manufacturer: Sony   CCL Code: PRJ1644
Mnfr Code: VPL-DW120

£328.52 inc VAT


Optoma DH1011 DLP Projector 13000:1 3500 Lumens 1920x1080 (3.1kg)

Manufacturer: Optoma   CCL Code: PRJ1634
Mnfr Code: 95.8RU01GC2E.LR

£714.19 inc VAT


Acer X113 3D Ready DLP Projector 13000:1 2800 Lumens 800x600 2.5kg

Manufacturer: Acer   CCL Code: PRJ2018
Mnfr Code: MR.JH011.002

£224.32 inc VAT


Pico Genie M400 Ultra Portable 2D/3D LED Palm Projector (300 Lumens) with USB/HDMI/VGA Capabilities (Black/Grey)

Manufacturer: Pico Genie   CCL Code: PRJ1963
Mnfr Code: 15217

£420.76 inc VAT


Epson EB-905 3LCD Projector
2000:1 3000 Lumens 1024 x 768 (XGA) 3.3kg

Manufacturer: Epson   CCL Code: PRJ0838
Mnfr Code: V11H387B40

£527.34 inc VAT


ViewSonic Pro8200 DLP Projector 4000:1 2000 Lumens 1920 x 1080 3.86kg

Manufacturer: ViewSonic   CCL Code: PRJ1980
Mnfr Code: PRO8200

£661.79 inc VAT


Optoma EH300 DLP Projector 15000:1 3800 Lumens 1920x1080 (3.1kg)

Manufacturer: Optoma   CCL Code: PRJ1887
Mnfr Code: EH300

£1,081.50 inc VAT


Dell 1210S Projector 2200:1 2500 Lumens 800x600 2.4kg

Manufacturer: Dell   CCL Code: PRJ1899
Mnfr Code: 210-30013

£234.49 inc VAT


NEC V260 Mobile (3D Ready) DLP Projector
2000:1 2600 Lumens 800x600 2.5Kg

Manufacturer: NEC   CCL Code: PRJ0959
Mnfr Code: 60003176

£270.90 inc VAT


Optoma DX325 DLP Projector 13000:1 2600 Lumens 1024x768 (2.13kg)

Manufacturer: Optoma   CCL Code: PRJ1614
Mnfr Code: DX325

£292.91 inc VAT


Acer X1273 3D Ready DLP Projector 17000:1 3000 Lumens 1024x768 2.0kg

Manufacturer: Acer   CCL Code: PRJ2016
Mnfr Code: MR.JHE11.002

£336.80 inc VAT


Hitachi CPDX300 LCD Projector XGA 1024 x 768 2500:1 3000 ANSI 2.2kg

Manufacturer: Hitachi   CCL Code: PRJ1910
Mnfr Code: CPDX300

£338.94 inc VAT


Acer K132 3D Ready DLP Projector 10,000:1 600 Lumens 1280x800 0.42kg

Manufacturer: Acer   CCL Code: PRJ2014
Mnfr Code: MR.JGN11.001

£364.67 inc VAT