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3G Dongles and Routers

3G Dongles and Routers at CCL sponsored by:

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TP-LINK TL-MR3020 Portable 3G/3.75G 150Mbps Wireless N Router

Manufacturer: TP-Link   CCL Code: NET0454
Mnfr Code: TL-MR3020

£29.54 inc VAT


TP-Link MA260 3G HSPA+ USB Adaptor

Manufacturer: TP-Link   CCL Code: NET0806
Mnfr Code: MA260

£26.40 inc VAT


Edimax 150Mps Wireless 3G Router
Currently the world's smallest wireless 3G router!

Manufacturer: Edimax   CCL Code: NET1295
Mnfr Code: 3G-6200NL

£20.02 inc VAT


TP-LINK TL-MR3420 3G/3.75G Wireless N Router
3G Connectivity On the Go
High-Speed Wireless N Networking
3G/WAN Connection Back-up

Manufacturer: TP-Link   CCL Code: NET1281
Mnfr Code: TL-MR3420

£31.02 inc VAT


Billion BiPAC 7402X  ADSL2+/3G Firewall Router (Grey)

Manufacturer: Billion BiPAC   CCL Code: NET1515
Mnfr Code: BiPAC 7402X

£108.40 inc VAT


TP-Link 3G/ 3.75G HSUPA 7.2Mbps Universal USB Adapter

Manufacturer: TP-Link   CCL Code: NET0583
Mnfr Code: MA180

£20.44 inc VAT


TP-Link Portable Battery Powered 3G/3.75G Wireless N Router

Manufacturer: TP-Link   CCL Code: NET0584
Mnfr Code: TL-MR3040

£40.50 inc VAT


TP-LINK M5360 Power Bank 3G Mobile Router Wi-Fi HSPA+ 21.6Mbps 5200mAh Battery OLED Display (White)

Manufacturer: TP-Link   CCL Code: NET1751
Mnfr Code: M5360

£65.21 inc VAT


TP-LINK M5350 Unlocked Modem Router 3G Mobile Wi-Fi HSPA+ 21.6Mbps 2000mAh Battery OLED Display (Black)

Manufacturer: TP-Link   CCL Code: NET0840
Mnfr Code: M5350

£42.35 inc VAT


TP-Link M5250 3G Wi-Fi Unlocked Modem HSPA+ 21.6Mbps with 2000mAh Battery

Manufacturer: TP-Link   CCL Code: NET1735
Mnfr Code: M5250

£42.90 inc VAT


Netgear Aircard 762S 4G Mobile HotSpot Router

Manufacturer: Netgear   CCL Code: NET1727
Mnfr Code: AC762S-100EUS

£117.64 inc VAT