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AMD FX 8320 3.5GHz Octa Core (Socket AM3+) CPU

  • Processor Speed - 3.5GHz
  • Octa Core (8 Threads)
  • Power Usage 125W (TDP)
  • Heatsink & Fan Included
  • Socket Type - Socket AM3+
CCL Code: CPU0154
Part Number:


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The new AMD FX 8320 Black Edition Processor with 8 cores, and it's unlocked for your overclocking pleasure. Experience unmatched multitasking and pure core performance with the 32nm 8-core desktop processor. Get the speed you crave with AMD Turbo CORE Technology to push your core frequencies to the limit when you need it most. Go beyond the limits of maximum speed with easy-to-use AMD OverDrive™ and AMD Catalyst Control Center™ software suites. But the best part of all? You'll get all this impressive performance at an unbelievable price. You'll be asking yourself "what competition?" in no time.


  • Unlocked AMD FX 8-Core Processor
  • AMD Turbo CORE Technology
  • New Instruction Capabilities
  • AMD Balanced Smart Cache
  • AMD Wide Floating Point Accelerator
  • HyperTransport™ Technology
  • Integrated DRAM Controller with AMD Memory Optimizer Technology
  • AMD Virtualization™ (AMD-V™) Technology
  • AMD PowerNow!™ Technology (Cool’n’Quiet™ Technology)


* AMD's product warranty does not cover damage caused by overclocking even when overclocking is enabled via AMD OverDrive™ software.

Main Features:

  • Experience the world's first native 8-core desktop processor
  • Overclock for a big boost in performance and speed
  • Perform mega-tasking and get pure core performance with CPU architecture
  • Get an extra burst of raw speed when you need it most with AMD Turbo CORE Technology
  • Push your performance with tuning controls in the easy-to-use AMD OverDrive software
  • Enjoy stable, smooth performance with impressive energy efficiency thanks to a 32nm die
CPU Family AMD
Processor Number FX-8320
CPU Speed 3.5 GHz
L3 Cache 16MB Cache
Socket AM3+
Number of Cores 8 Cores
TDP (Thermal Design Power) 125 Watt
Warranty 3 Years
Item Details
Manufacturer AMD
Part Number FD8320FRHKBOX
UPC 730143302531
Condition New

Do you have you a question about the AMD FX-8320 Eight Core CPU?

Q: Would this work Gigabyte B85M-DS3H-A Motherboard with it
Answer by Dan on 18th November 2015
No, that motherboard is for Intel socket 1150 processors. You would need a motherboard for AM3+ socket processors for this one. -Danlevan
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Q: Is this Processor Works on M2N68-LA (Narra5) this motherboard plzzz replay soon....
Answer by Website User on 26th March 2015
No, that motherboard is not compatible with any socket AM3+ processors. Compatible processors have now all been discontinued, and we no longer carry anything that would work. -Danlevan
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Q: hi, i am looking at getting this cpu, with the intention of overclocking, what would be the maximum you could overclock this by, as ive been told they can hit 5ghz easily.
Answer by Dan on 24th July 2014
Based on results online it sounds like 5GHz might be a bit on the high side, on average this processor tends to get to around 4.5GHz with a few managing about 4.8. It's also going to depend a lot on what your motherboard and CPU cooler are. -Danlevan
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Q: hi. i was planning to build a home server(media/vpn) running for 24/7 can i use this processor and what mb would you suggest?
Answer by Dan on 8th March 2014
Yes, this would be fine if perhaps overpowered. Any AM3+ socket motherboard would be fine. -Danlevan
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Q: Hi, could you tell me if this processor is compatible with the GA-78LMT motherboard product code MDB0412 cheers
Answer by Dan on 20th January 2014
Yes, this is compatible. If you already have the motherboard you will need to be running the F3 BIOS revision, this should be preinstalled on any new motherboard. -Danlevan
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Q: How does this compare to a Core i5 2300 @ 2.8 - 3.2 GHz?
Answer by CCL on 27th September 2013
It is marginally more powerful overall. http://www.cpu-world.com/Compare/356/AMD_FX-Series_FX-8320_vs_Intel_Core_i5_i5-2300.html -Danlevan
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Q: How would this perform for rendering purposes? Is there a better value one?
Answer by CCL on 18th May 2013
This CPU should be fine for rendering, but depending on what you're doing or your exact requirements you could find the higher end Intel i7 processors would perform better, but these come at a higher cost. -Danlevan
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Q: Is the the retail version that comes with heatsink and fan?
Answer by CCL on 29th April 2013
Yes, this is a retail boxed processor with heatsink and fan. -Danlevan
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Q: Wheres the FX 8350?
Answer by CCL on 30th October 2012
We will certainly be stocking it however there have been some launch issues so it may be a little while yet. -MR
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