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TBS 6981 Dual Satellite HD Low-profile PCIe TV Tuner Card DVB-S2

CCL Code: VGA0687
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TBS 6981 Dual Satellite HD Low-profile PCIe TV Tuner Card DVB-S2

Sorry, this product has been discontinued

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Now at last we are pleased to offer the TV tuner cards which Media Center fans have been longing for. These latest PCI Express cards from South-Korean DVB experts TBS Technologies offer the ability to receive standard and high definition TV channels and come in a choice of terrestrial or satellite models, along with quad or dual tuners on one card. Please note that for all models except the 6280, it is advisable to connect a 6-pin PCI Express power cable to the card in order to ensure that it will receive enough power, because some motherboards cannot supply enough power through their PCIe slots. Most PC power supplies have this 6-pin power cable built-in since it is intended to be used for the purpose of providing extra power to 3D gaming graphics cards. Nonetheless, the TBS cards come with an adapter which can be connected to a standard spare Molex 4-pin power connector instead.


Item Details
Manufacturer Generic
Part Number TBS6981
EAN 6947229069811
Condition New