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Keysonic KSK-3001 iBT Bluetooth Keyboard

  • Media Keyboard
  • Bluetooth Connection
  • Colour: White
CCL Code: KBD1173
Mnfr Code:

KSK-3001 iBT

Keysonic KSK-3001 iBT Bluetooth Keyboard

£9.25 inc VAT



Extremely slim, wireless super-mini keyboard in Mac layout for convenient operation of iPads/ iPhones


• Far-ranging and reliable Bluetooth transmission
• Modern, white design with flat notebook keys
• 11 hotkeys for Home Screen, Spotlight Search, Picture Frame Mode, Toggle Onscreen Keyboard, Backward, Play/ Pause, Forward, Mute, Volume -/+, Pairing and Lock Screen
• Full functionality of a full-size layout keyboard
• Extremely silent stroke and tactile feedback due to high-quality X-Type membrane technology
• Status LEDs: blue for Pairing and red for Battery low <2V
• Plug & Play installation, no special driver necessary
• iOS4 compatible
• Available in various country layouts
• Appealing retail packaging
• Optimal for usage with iPads/ iPhones and other mobile devices
Item Details
Manufacturer KeySonic
Part Number KSK-3001 iBT
EAN 4250078144274
Condition New

Do you have you a question about the Keysonic KSK-3001 iBT Bluetooth Keyboard?

Q: Does this have function keys?
Answer by Dan@CCL on 17th October 2016
It's designed for use with a Mac, and they don't have the traditional function keys that a PC keyboard has. If connected to a Windows system it should work as a generic keyboard and the buttons should function as F1-12 but that isn't its intended usage. -Danlevan
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Q: Is that really the key layout? I've never heard of a QWERTZ Keyboard layout before.
Answer by Website User on 1st December 2014
This will be an international layout as the manufacturer will often only supply one image. Our stock will have a QWERTY layout. -Danlevan
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Q: hi please can you tell me what batteries it uses
Answer by Dan@CCL on 24th January 2014
This takes two AAA batteries. -Danlevan
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Q: Does this work with Android systems.
Answer by CCL on 8th October 2013
As long as the specific device supports Bluetooth keyboards then it should work fine, yes. This will be on a per device basis, so we could not guarantee compatibility with all Android devices. -Danlevan
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Q: Does this work with Android systems.
Q: i see no mention of its size. how long & how wide & how heavy, please?
Answer by CCL on 3rd August 2013
The dimensions I can find listed for this item are 30 x 20.8 x 3 cm, and it weighs 499g. -Danlevan
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