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Xtrfy XG1-R-LED Mechanical Wired Keyboard with LEDs and Red Cherry MX Switches

CCL Code: KBD1304
Manufacturer Code: XG1-R-LED-UK
Manufacturer: Xtrfy
Xtrfy XG1-R-LED Mechanical Wired Keyboard with LEDs and Red Cherry MX Switches

Key Features:

  • Gaming Keyboard
  • USB Connection
  • Colour: Black
  • Backlit / Illuminated
  • Cherry MX Red Keys


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XG1-R LED. The whole package.

When picking a keyboard, you often have to consider your choices carefully to make sure you get all the functions you need. With the XG1-R LED, there’s really not much to consider. It combines raw performance with innovative features, giving you all you need to take your gaming to the next level. And more.

The fastest way to get faster.

No matter how quick you want to be, your gaming is never faster than your keyboard’s ability to follow your moves. The XG1-R LED features mechanical Red Cherry MX key switches. Designed for fast response and requiring less force to actuate, this is the MX series’ best switch for gaming. Combined with a Real 1000 Hz polling rate and unlimited anti-ghosting, you’re guaranteed to improve your Actions Per Minute rate (APM).

Groundbreaking LED effects.

The XG1-R LED features innovative LED effects, designed to improve both your performance and gaming experience. By using the Key LED mode, you can choose which keys to light up. And with the Key Mask, you can disable all keys that are not lit, allowing you to focus entirely on your game controls. The Key Touch mode lights up keys as you press them, while the Key Wave mode creates a light effect on the surrounding keys. Not to mention the Equalizer mode, using a built-in mic to have the keys light up in sync with the sound effects or your music.

Advanced macros. Easy setup.

The hardware macro functions on the XG1-R LED make it quick and easy to bind long sequences of commands to single keys. Among other functions, the 9 separate macro keys enable you to record macros including time delay between keystrokes, put your macros on repeat and combine several macros.

All hardware and no hassle.

The XG1-R LED works independently with no need for software installation. That means full compatibility with all devices. And that all your settings, such as macros and key lightings, are stored directly in the keyboard’s memory. Simply plug it into any computer, and the keyboard’s configuration is completely the same as when you last used it.

Media controls and an extra G for trouble-free gaming.

The XG1-R LED has separate media keys for quick access to volume and other controls. It also has a smart G-key, which sets the keyboard in gaming mode and disables the Windows button. All to avoid unpleasant surprises while gaming.


  • Model name: XG1-R LED
  • Interface: USB (detachable braided cord included)
  • Keyboard type: Special 199 keys Nordic layout
  • Anti-Ghosting: Unlimited USB N-Key Rollover
  • Switch: Mechanical Cherry MX Red
  • Key cap layout: Step Scalpture2 Type
  • Special Keys: 9 Macro keys, Volume control, Gaming mode key, 12 LED mode control keys
  • Weight: 1.3 kg
  • Size: 443x170x39 mm
  • Cable length: 170 cm (detachable)
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Manufacturer: Xtrfy –

Main Features

  • Innovative LED effects - Key lighting that improves both your performance and gaming experience.
  • Mechanical keys - Red Cherry MX key switches and Real 1000 Hz polling rate for faster gaming.
  • Hardware macro - Recorded macros are stored directly in the keyboard's memory. No software needed.
  • Unlimited Anti-ghosting - With full USB N-Key Rollover, you never have to worry about pressing too many keys at the same time.


Keyboard Technology Wired


Interface 1 x USB


Case Colour Black
Form Factor Keyboard
Colour Black
Pack Quantity 1
Width 44.3 cm
Depth 17.0 cm
Height 3.9 cm
Weight 1.3 kg


Warranty 1 year

Key Features

Wireless Network No
Connector Type USB
Usability Gaming
Display Model in Showroom No
Illuminated Yes
Mechnical Key Type Cherry MX Red
Mechanical Keys Yes

Item Details

Manufacturer Xtrfy
Manufacturer Code XG1-R-LED-UK
EAN 7340086906425
Condition New

Warranty Information

Warranty 1 year

Manufacturer Information

Manufacturer Xtrfy
Manufacturer Code XG1-R-LED-UK

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5 / 5 2 reviews

Mr DL Williams

last week

When looking for my first mechanical keyboard to go alongside my shiny new PC build its fair to say I went around the houses a little bit. This Xtrfy MX Red keyboard was one that caught my eye to begin with due to the relatively cheap price tag compared to the competition, but because of the relative age of the board and it not being the most fashionable keyboard on the block (I think over 5 years old now), I ended up dismissing the Xtrfy keyboard in favour of a few others. First up was the Steelseries Apex 5 (90)... The Apex 5 came with Steelseries own version of MX Blue switches (blue clicky hybrid keys) which I have to admit were lovely and tactile to type on but good lord the keys made so much noise and my close proximity to the missus (working at home) made it impossible to keep. Additionally some of the keys werent responsive at all when hitting a key off centre (e.g. pressing the left edge of the Enter key wouldnt register a press, it would bind against the side of the switch), so gaming wasnt a great experience. So that went back and next up was the Logitech G413. I have to say what a beautiful looking board, all the key LEDS were red and the metallic low profile finish was just wonderful to have on my desk. Sadly the G413 came with Romer G tactile keys and therein lies the problem they had a horrible scratchy sound and feel so made typing a distinctly unpleasurable experience. They also suffered terribly from side key binding on off centre presses much the same as the Apex 5 so reluctantly that also had to go back. The macro functions were not saved into the boards memory either which was frustrating when switching between machines. Oh, and the G413 also had an audible metallic ping on every key press it drove me mad! So here we are, I finally ordered the Xtrfy board from CCL for 51 and on first key press it was one of those moments why didnt I buy this in the first place. The MX Reds on this board feel superb, and contrary to what a lot of people say on Youtube I find them excellent for typing. The board is quiet compared to the blue switches of the Apex 5 (no surprise), has no problem with off centre presses, no side key binding, typing is a dream. Gaming is excellent too. One feature that I find outstanding is the no-nonsense nature of the board - there is no bloatware to download and configure, you just do everything via the keyboard. The macro features are literally brilliant on the fly recording of sequences of key presses are saved to the keyboards own memory, so can switch between my gaming PC and work laptop with a KVM switch and all my macros are intact. Neither of the other two keyboards had the capability to store macros onboard. All told 51 is actually a steal. The white LED backlights are really good too, very little light bleed. If there was one criticism it would be that it seems to be higher in profile than newer keyboards like the G413, so wrist fatigue is a problem. Ive had to invest in a wrist rest to help with this (got a Hyper X rest, also a high quality product!). Overall though, 5 stars for value and quality. Thoroughly recommended keyboard!

christine collins

3 weeks ago

Honestly wish I could give this more than 5 stars for value for money, it is sturdy, it feels super nice, easy to operate and it looks fantastic. Does exactly what it says on the tin! I would absolutely highly recommend this time and time again. They've made a keeper.

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