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Asus VivoWatch Wearable Computer

The pulse of life: A watch to care for you and your family

CCL Code: ACC1602
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Asus VivoWatch Wearable Computer

Sorry, this product has been discontinued

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ASUS VivoWatch features exclusive VivoPulse technology, which uses the built-in optical sensor to continuously, accurately, and safely monitor your heart rate without the need to wear an uncomfortable chest strap. ASUS VivoWatch uses these precise heart rate measurements to show you the number of calories you burn each day and provide helpful insights into your exercise and sleep quality. ASUS VivoWatch measures your heart rate 24 hours a day to accurately track your physical activity and sleep. Regular aerobic exercise provides numerous health benefits. ASUS VivoWatch has a convenient LED indicator that turns green when you are doing aerobic exercise and burning calories. If you push yourself to the limit, the indicator alerts you by turning red. Ensure you are getting the rest you need to feel your best every day. ASUS VivoWatch measures and analyses your heart rate, sleep time, and how much you toss and turn to give you an insightful look into your sleep quality. ASUS VivoWatch also helps you wake up easily each morning with a gentle, vibrating alarm. The Happiness Index (HI) is a simple numeric score based on your sleep and exercise measurements that provides a quick summary of the overall healthiness of your lifestyle. Nothing is more important that the health and happiness of the people you care about. Using the ASUS HiVivo app or ASUS Healthcare website, you can easily stay up-to-date with the wellness of loved ones who wear ASUS VivoWatch, no matter where they live. ASUS VivoWatch easily synchronizes with your smartphone or PC, letting you see your full exercise history, sleep quality analysis, and achievements in detail. ASUS VivoWatch watch will continue to evolve with regular software updates that add new functionality and further improve the user experience.

Main Features:

  • Know your heart - Continuously and accurately monitor your heart rate and track your activity.
  • Exercise smarter - A convenient LED indicator shows when you are effectively burning calories
  • Look after your family - Stay up-to-date with the wellness of loved ones.
  • Built-in heart rate sensor
  • 10-day battery life
  • IP67 water resistance
Form Factor Wrist Watch
Case Colour Black
Item Details
Manufacturer ASUS
Part Number 90HC0021-M00H10
EAN 4712900065534
UPC 889349065532
Condition New