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CCL Workstation PCs

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We've been building PCs for 20 years

With nearly 20 years' experience of building computers for end-users and businesses, we have built an enviable reputation for superb value, quality and service. Our experienced engineers build computers to the highest standard suitable for professional work, gaming, business, and home use giving our customers true flexibility in their choice of system.

Customise your PC for free

All our Workstation ranges are fully customisable to meet any demanding requirements. We also have an advanced customiser to give you even more options so you can build the right Workstation PC. Our highly trained staff will build your chosen system and put it through an extensive testing and quality control program so you can start using your PC straight away.

3 year warranty as standard

When you buy your Workstation PC from CCL you will benefit from our award winning technical support and aftercare. If there is something wrong with your system you are fully backed up by our 3 year warranty which covers both parts and labour for the full warranty period, giving you complete peace of mind.

Echo 100

CCL Echo 100 Audio Workstation

Designed for audio production

The CCL Echo 100 is designed for all your general audio production, recording and editing duties whilst providing an excellent base to upgrade in the future.

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Terra 100

CCL Terra 100 CAD/Photoshop Workstation

Great for starting with Photoshop and AutoCAD

Utilising an Intel quad-core i5 processor and featuring a professional-spec graphics card in the form of an NVIDIA Quadro K620, the Terra 100 is great for programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator and AutoCAD.

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Janus 100

CCL Janus 100 Video Editing Workstation

Getting started at video production?

Want to get started with digital video editing? The CCL Janus 100 is perfect for you, with a quad-core Intel processor, high-speed DDR4 memory, plus a GeForce GTX 750Ti to handle encoding.

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Hermes 100

CCL Hermes 100 3D Rendering/Modelling Workstation

Powerful professional graphics for your rendering needs

Utilising a poweful six-core Intel i7 processor and 16GB of high-performance DDR4 memory, paired with a Quadro M4000 graphics card with 8GB RAM, the Hermes 100 is great for your photo editing and 3D modelling work.

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Echo 200

CCL Echo 200 Audio Workstation

Great all-round audio studio system!

The CCL Echo 200 is a great all-rounder designed for all areas of audio production, including recording and mixing and is suitable even for high-end audio work.

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Terra 200

CCL Terra 200 CAD/Photoshop Workstation

Faster processor and RAM

Improving on the Terra 100 by providing a faster processor (which can be overclocked later) and faster RAM, the Terra 200 gives you increased performance in your image editing and CAD programs.

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Janus 200

CCL Janus 200 Video Editing Workstation

More cores, more threads, more memory!

With a faster Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of super-fast DDR4 and a GeForce GTX 960 graphics card, the Janus 200 workstation is perfect for video editing!

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Hermes 200

CCL Hermes 200 3D Rendering/Modelling Workstation

Massively increased rendering capabilities!

With an octo-core processor, 32GB RAM and the tremendous NVIDIA Quadro M5000 professional graphics card, the Hermes 200's incredible multithread performance poweres through 3D work without breaking a sweat.

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Echo 300

CCL Echo 300 Audio Workstation

High-end audio production at your fingertips

The CCL Echo 300 features a high-end Intel processor with 6 cores and 12 threads, so it can handle a huge number of tasks at the same time. With hardware specially chosen for silence, you can be assured your computer won't be interfering with your production.

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Terra 300

CCL Terra 300 CAD/Photoshop Workstation

Quadro K2200 Graphics!

With 16GB of super-fast DDR4 and a much more powerful professional graphics card in the form of the NVIDIA Quadro K2200, the Terra 300 has improved capacity and support for four monitors!

Options priced from

Janus 300

CCL Janus 300 Video Editing Workstation

Featuring a hexa-core processor!

The Janus 300 Workstation system is designed for 4K video editing, with a hexa-core processor providing the necessary speed and a GTX 980 gives you the power to encode videos faster!

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Hermes 300

CCL Hermes 300 3D Modelling/Rendering Workstation

Dual Xeon processors for multithreaded power!

The Hermes 300 takes multithread performance to the next level with two octo-core Intel Xeon processors, each with 16GB RAM, plus an NVIDIA Quadro M4000 professional graphics card.

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Echo 400

CCL Echo 400 Audio Workstation

Suitable for professional top-end audio production

Using Intel Xeon technology, the Echo 400 Audio Workstation is able to handle some of the most demanding audio applications available today!

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Terra 400

CCL Terra 400 CAD/Photoshop Workstation

Our most powerful CAD/Photoshop system

Featuring the top-of-the-range Intel Core i7-6700K processor, 16GB of super-fast DDR4 memory and the powerful NVIDIA Quadro K2200 professional graphics card, the Terra 400 is the ultimate photo editing and CAD design machine.

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Janus 400

CCL Janus 400 Video Editing Workstation

The Ultimate 4K video editing machine!

Featuring two Intel Xeon octa-core processors, the Janus 400 is one mean video editing machine! With 64GB RAM, a GeForce GTX 980 Ti and a huge scratch drive, you won't be short on performance!

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Hermes 400

CCL Hermes 400 3D Modelling/Rendering Workstation

Our most powerful workstation outright!

The Hermes 400 is one of the most powerful systems you can buy! Featuring two 10-core Intel Xeon processors, each with 32GB of RAM, plus the monsterous NVIDIA Quadro M6000 professional graphics card, there's nothing this workstation can't handle.

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