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£30 - £1,000
Case Form Factor
Max Motherboard Size
PSU Form Factor
Max 2.5" Drives
0 - 15
Max 3.5" Drives
0 - 15
External 5.25" Bay
0 - 15
Main Colour
L.E.D Fan
Side Panel Type
Cooler Height
0 mm - 210 mm
GPU Length
0 mm - 554 mm
PSU Depth
0 mm - 345 mm

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  • PSU not included
  • 5 x 2.5" Drive(s) Max
  • 2 x 3.5" Drive(s) Max
  • Max MB Size: ATX
  • Tempered Glass
CCL Code: CAS3786|
Part Number: BGW36
|Manufacturer: Be Quiet!


How do I know if my PC case is big enough?

The various sizes of PC case are designed to fit specific motherboards. The sizes are:


All PC cases provide the motherboard form factor in their specifications, so you can easily match them.

The main components that will need some room in your case are the cooling fans (liquid or air fan), the graphics card and your power supply unit (PSU).

Cooling: The cooling system you choose will affect which size case you can use, as some fans and AIO liquid cooling systems are not suitable for all cases. Check the diameter, length and depth of your cooling system before choosing a case.

Graphics Card: Vitally important - you need enough room for a dedicated graphics card in your case once everything is installed. Some graphics cards can be quite large, so ensure you check the clearance space.

PSU: The form factor of your PSU should be the same as your PC case - this will ensure the PSU will fit inside of the power supply shroud, or the space set aside for the PSU itself.

How many fans should a PC case have?

This is open to interpretation depending on what you will be doing with your computer, but as a general rule, you should have 3x fans minimum: one at the front, one at the rear, and the third one has optional placement. Your third fan can be an exhaust fan if mounted either on the top or on the side panel (if you have one), or used as an extra intake fan at the front or bottom of the case. Bottom mounted fans are generally seen in smaller form factor cases, though.

Do I need a power supply unit?

It is always helpful to check if your case comes with a power supply unit or not. Most high end cases will come with a PSU, but you may want to ensure you have adequate wattage for the components you're installing.