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CCL Code: CAB8870|
Part Number: NLMOB-931-1H
|Manufacturer: NEWLink
CCL Code: CAB1233|
Part Number: USB3-822
|Manufacturer: NEWLink
CCL Code: CAB1241|
Part Number: USB3-801
|Manufacturer: NEWLink
CCL Code: CAB1238|
Part Number: USB3-802BL
|Manufacturer: NEWLink
CCL Code: CAB1232|
Part Number: USB3-822BL
|Manufacturer: NEWLink
CCL Code: CAB8871|
Part Number: NLMOB-931-2
|Manufacturer: NEWLink
CCL Code: CAB8869|
Part Number: NLMOB-931
|Manufacturer: NEWLink
CCL Code: CAB1236|
Part Number: USB3-803BL
|Manufacturer: NEWLink
CCL Code: CAB1235|
Part Number: USB3-805
|Manufacturer: NEWLink
CCL Code: CAB1237|
Part Number: USB3-803
|Manufacturer: NEWLink
CCL Code: CAB1234|
Part Number: USB3-805BL
|Manufacturer: NEWLink
CCL Code: CAB8873|
Part Number: NLMOB-901-1H
|Manufacturer: NEWLink
CCL Code: CAB8872|
Part Number: NLMOB-901
|Manufacturer: NEWLink
CCL Code: CAB0514|
Part Number: USB2-REP10
|Manufacturer: NEWLink
CCL Code: CAB7309|
Part Number: NLUSB-PB02
|Manufacturer: NEWLink
CCL Code: CAB0515|
Part Number: USB2-REP15
|Manufacturer: NEWLink
CCL Code: CAB0513|
Part Number: USB2-REP20
|Manufacturer: NEWLink
CCL Code: CAB0512|
Part Number: USB2-REP25
|Manufacturer: NEWLink

You can never have enough USB cables can you? They can be a bit like pens; never there when you need one. 

So, why not take the opportunity to stock up on USB cables now? 

We stock a huge number of high-quality USB cables here at CCL, including everything from classics such as USB to USB cables and more modern iterations such as USB-C to Lightning and USB-C to Micro B.

In addition to stocking various types of USB cable, we also stock different lengths, with USBs ranging from 1 metre up to 35 metres available. 

So, if you’re in need of some new USB cables or a USB extension cable, shop brands including StarTech, Cables Direct, Cables to Go, Belkin, Manhattan and more now.