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Seagate Nytro Enterprise SSDs support the datasphere with blazing speed that enables real-time business responsiveness, instantaneous data availability and meaningful insights. Tap into the ever-growing potential of your data with the broadest portfolio of ultra-high-performance SSD and flash solutions on the market.

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Nytro 3000

Enterprise performance


Up to 15TB

12 Gb/s SAS

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Nytro 5000

Save on space, energy, cost


Up to 1.9TB

PCIe Gen3 x4, NVMe

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Nytro 1000

More computing, better value


Up to 3.8TB

SATA 6 Gb/s

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Nytro® 3000 SAS

Enterprise performance and reliability

The Nytro SAS SSD series of high-capacity, high-performance SAS SSDs is designed to offer a large set of configurations tailored for optimal match to application and maximum TCO savings. Introducing the new standard for enterprise performance and reliability. Designed and built with the Seagate security model that provides the ultimate data-at-rest protection for demanding enterprise applications.

SAS provides a number of benefits over SATA Flash Devices, including dual-porting support as standard. If one part goes down, there is a second port available for failover to another host. It may also be used for redundant data paths or connections to multiple hosts, eliminating the risk of a single point of failure. Read more...

Nytro® 5000 NVMe

For High-Density Data Centres

Nytro low-power NVMe SSDs are perfectly tuned to increase density and performance while lowering cooling and energy costs in hyperscale data centres. Nytro 5000 offers industry-leading storage density of up to 1.92TB with 4x the bandwith of SATA SSDs thanks to PCIe interface with NVMe protocol. Save on energy costs with lower TCO which uses up to 67% less power than other NVMe SSDs. Nytro 5000 are optimised for read-intensive and mixed workloads offering outstanding enterprise reliability and data integrity.

The Nytro 5000 SSD is extremely scalable and space-optimised to reduce TCO. In addition, the Nytro 5000 NVMe SSD with the U.2 connector enables effortless serviceability and maintenance with no downtime requirements, and features hot-swap capability for easy addition, removal or replacement of SSDs.

Nytro® 1000 SATA

Data Centre and Cloud Server Applications

The Nytro SATA SSDs are a cost-effective, enterprise-grade SSD solutions designed to boost performance, improve quality of service and enhance user experience. With a SATA storage interface, the Nytro SATA SSDs meet the high performance and reliability requirements without disrupting legacy storage infrastructures and additional investments in software and hardware.

Nytro SATA SSDs with DuraWrite™ have the best performance for compressible Database, Cloud, VDI Software Build, OLTP Database and Microsoft Exchange. DuraWrite™ features unique and loss-less data reduction technology designed to improve performance, save cost, delivery high power efficiency and enhance SSD endurance. Read More...
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