Showroom Open - Service Updates

The Omni - Experience Full Virtual Reality Movement

Walk, run, jump, crouch, Omni moves with you and your game

London Police Target Pirate Websites

Curb piracy by directly targeting owners

UN Report Calls For End To State Surveillance

Time for a backtrack on some major policies

Vint Cerf Says We Could Lose Valuable Data

Digital information one works if you keep the software too

Google Bans Facial recognition On Glass

Stronger privacy protection needed before the feature will be allowed

Intel Capital Offers $100M For Perceptual Computing Investments

Computers with senses may not be so science fiction after all

Apple Campus 2 Will Brings New Jobs

More taxes, public improvements and more from their new investment

Porn Banned On Google Glass

Developer policies changed after first adult app released

The Soviet Union .SU Domain A Haven For Hackers

Soviet Union gone but domain remains intact

Mars Curiosity Finds Martian... Rat!?

Internet erupts with viral image of Martian rodent

Artist Uses Excel To Create Japanese Paintings

Making something beautiful out of something incredibly dull takes talent

Play Games With A Realistic Firearm

"Delta Six" FPS Controller Is definitely Going To Be Controversial

Xbox One Users Will Not Pay A Free

Used / traded games fee will be paid by store

WD Reveal World's Thinnest 1TB Hard Drive

2.5" x 7mm Western Digital drive with a 1TB capacity

Oculus VR Co-Founder Dead at 33

Andrew Scott Reisse Killed In Gang Incident

Atari Grave To Be Investigated

Are there really 9 truckloads of E.T. buried in Alamogordo?

Sony Confirms They Won't Have Mandatory DRM

Although the PlayStation 4 does need internet connection

Xbox One Achievement System Detailed

Developers given a monthly Gamerscore cap

PlayStation 4 To Have Mandatory Remote Play Support

This is very bad news for the big wigs at Nintendo

Nasdaq Pays Up For Facebook Trading Error

$10 million fine to fix $500 million mistake

SimCity (2013) PC Review

We take a spin in the latest city builder from EA

AMD To Benefit Greatly From Next-Gen Consoles

Could net $60 - $100 per SoC for each next gen console

Are Mozilla and Foxconn Making A Tablet?

Word has it they're working on a Firefox OS device

Microsoft Xbox One Cloud Technologies

Latency insensitive computations could be done online

G.Skill To Enter The World Of Peripherals

Gaming headsets to be on show at Computex 2013

Toshiba to Launch 4KTV Products

UHD TVs heading to Japanese markets

Liberty Reserve Digital Currency Officially Dead

Authorities shut down the criminal filled service

Apple Hit With Further Anti-Trust Accusations

Why can't the big guys just play nice?

Amazon Lists Xbox One Pre-Order For 599 Euros

Could the console really cost this much?

No DRM Campaign For PS4 Gets Sony's Attention

Will it be enough to temp Sony's hand in the next-gen DRM struggle?

Intel launches "Toddlers and Technology" Programme

Intel to focus on how technology can impact life

Square Enix To Broadcast Live At E3

Could we finally see the next-gen Final Fantasy?

New York Cop Arrested For Computer Hacking

If you're going to hack other police officers e-mails, you're going to have a bad time

A New Tactile Feedback To Enhance Gaming Experiences

Disney's Aireal, not to be confused with Ariel

Microsoft Watching Xbox One Feedback

The dust is long from settled after Xbox One event

Xbox One Controller & Kinect Detailed

Will Microsoft change the way we play?

Xbox One To Feature 3 Operating Systems

Why do one thing, when you can do them all

Xbox One Detailed

Microsoft next-gen console coming later this year

Battlefield 4 Confirmed for Both Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Xbox Successor To Be Revealed Today

Microsoft about to play their next-gen console card