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Posts by Peter Thomson

The Omni - Experience Full Virtual Reality Movement

Walk, run, jump, crouch, Omni moves with you and your game

London Police Target Pirate Websites

Curb piracy by directly targeting owners

UN Report Calls For End To State Surveillance

Time for a backtrack on some major policies

Vint Cerf Says We Could Lose Valuable Data

Digital information one works if you keep the software too

Google Bans Facial recognition On Glass

Stronger privacy protection needed before the feature will be allowed

Intel Capital Offers $100M For Perceptual Computing Investments

Computers with senses may not be so science fiction after all

Apple Campus 2 Will Brings New Jobs

More taxes, public improvements and more from their new investment

Porn Banned On Google Glass

Developer policies changed after first adult app released

The Soviet Union .SU Domain A Haven For Hackers

Soviet Union gone but domain remains intact

Mars Curiosity Finds Martian... Rat!?

Internet erupts with viral image of Martian rodent

Artist Uses Excel To Create Japanese Paintings

Making something beautiful out of something incredibly dull takes talent

Play Games With A Realistic Firearm

"Delta Six" FPS Controller Is definitely Going To Be Controversial

Xbox One Users Will Not Pay A Free

Used / traded games fee will be paid by store

WD Reveal World's Thinnest 1TB Hard Drive

2.5" x 7mm Western Digital drive with a 1TB capacity

Oculus VR Co-Founder Dead at 33

Andrew Scott Reisse Killed In Gang Incident

Atari Grave To Be Investigated

Are there really 9 truckloads of E.T. buried in Alamogordo?

Sony Confirms They Won't Have Mandatory DRM

Although the PlayStation 4 does need internet connection

Xbox One Achievement System Detailed

Developers given a monthly Gamerscore cap

PlayStation 4 To Have Mandatory Remote Play Support

This is very bad news for the big wigs at Nintendo

Nasdaq Pays Up For Facebook Trading Error

$10 million fine to fix $500 million mistake

SimCity (2013) PC Review

We take a spin in the latest city builder from EA

AMD To Benefit Greatly From Next-Gen Consoles

Could net $60 - $100 per SoC for each next gen console

Are Mozilla and Foxconn Making A Tablet?

Word has it they're working on a Firefox OS device

Microsoft Xbox One Cloud Technologies

Latency insensitive computations could be done online

G.Skill To Enter The World Of Peripherals

Gaming headsets to be on show at Computex 2013

Toshiba to Launch 4KTV Products

UHD TVs heading to Japanese markets

Liberty Reserve Digital Currency Officially Dead

Authorities shut down the criminal filled service

Apple Hit With Further Anti-Trust Accusations

Why can't the big guys just play nice?

Amazon Lists Xbox One Pre-Order For 599 Euros

Could the console really cost this much?

No DRM Campaign For PS4 Gets Sony's Attention

Will it be enough to temp Sony's hand in the next-gen DRM struggle?

Intel launches "Toddlers and Technology" Programme

Intel to focus on how technology can impact life

Square Enix To Broadcast Live At E3

Could we finally see the next-gen Final Fantasy?

New York Cop Arrested For Computer Hacking

If you're going to hack other police officers e-mails, you're going to have a bad time

A New Tactile Feedback To Enhance Gaming Experiences

Disney's Aireal, not to be confused with Ariel

Microsoft Watching Xbox One Feedback

The dust is long from settled after Xbox One event

Xbox One Controller & Kinect Detailed

Will Microsoft change the way we play?

Xbox One To Feature 3 Operating Systems

Why do one thing, when you can do them all

Xbox One Detailed

Microsoft next-gen console coming later this year

Xbox Successor To Be Revealed Today

Microsoft about to play their next-gen console card

Bitcoin Network Continues To Grow

Bitcoin Foundation must hire more help to compensate

Bill Gates Is World's Richest Man, Again!

How does he sleep at night? On a big pile of money of course

Theme Park Studios Passes KickStarter Goal

Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra support confirmed

2880 x 1620 ASUS Zenbook

Finally, a contender for Retina Display!

Gran Turismo 6 Confirmed For PS3

No next-gen GT just yet, but there will be a PS3 demo in July

EA To Stop Using Online Pass

Used games will no longer require that code for online play

World's First 8K Movie at Cannes

Ultra high defenition demo movies content on show

New Photo Editing Tools For Google+

New filters, tools and more coming to the online service

Moore's Law Will Survive Says TSMC

Future chips will be more than just number crunchers

ASRock Motherboards To Get High-End Audio

Next-Gen ASRock motherboards to sound better than ever

Microsoft Release Surface Tablet Updates

Latest patch said to fix wireless, boot and other stability issues

Windows 8.1 Is A Free Update

Microsoft set to unleash the new Windows 8 update very soon

Google Music Streaming At 2013 I/O Event

New reports suggests Google will unveil new service this year

Windows 8.1 Isn't A Service Pack

Microsoft says it's a free update, like there is a difference?

NVIDIA's Shield Details Released

Official price and release date confirmed

AMD Launches Radeon HD 8900M Series

Their most powerful mobile GPU to date

Next-Gen iPhone Screens To Start Production

Manufacturing to start in June for next-gen mobiles

Memory Modules Designed For Gaming

AMD Introduces Radeon RG2133 & Upgraded AMD Radeon RAMDisk

Next Xbox Reveal On May 21st

Microsoft finally say something official about the next-gen console

Amazon Sets Targets on Apple

Amazon hopes to take Apple down a few pegs in the mobile market

8 Cores Do Not Matter Say Samsung

Octa-core chips have no place in the mobile market

Gigabyte Releases Radeon HD 7990

Dual-GPU performance at dual GPU Prices

AMD "Never Settle" Comes to APUs

SimCity To Be Bundles With Select APUs

TSMC profits on the rise

A little ahead of projections, but still good news.

EA Restructuring Continues

Could be even more layoffs, including in the UK.

AMD Shows Temash and Kabini Systems

Next-Generation of AMD APUs Demonstrated

Intel Joins Forces with Cisco

Intel set to fab Cisco networking chips

Apple Tried To Patent "rubber banding"

Fortunately this one failed...

Raspberry Pi on Sale in USA

Quickly sells out shortly afterwards

NVIDIA launch latest mobile GPUs

GT 700M series on its way to consumers

Woman Tries To Sell Children on Facebook

22 year old mother tries the unthinkable

AMD to Sell HQ

Selling off then renting it back for a quick cash boost.

Microsoft Fined $728 Million

EC imposes massive fine on MS for not supporting 3rd party browsers

Supply of Intel Motherboards Running Short

Intel Based Boards to Become a Rarity

Haswell Ready Motherboards at CeBIT 2013

Asrock to display LGA1150 board at the trade show.

Facebook invests in ad monitoring software

Buys up Atlas Advertiser Suite from Microsoft

New DirectX on the way

DirectX 12? Not exactly, but we do have a codename "DirectX Blue."

Sony Sets Target on the Mobile Market

Intends to become 3rd largest phone maker in the world

AMD Temash APU Unleashed

New processor officially detailed

AMD PS4 Chip Rumours Confirmed

AMD will be making a cut-down consumer edition

AMD to Sell "PS4 -like" APUs on the Open Market

Could bring some new technologies over to the PC

Dual Chip Malta to Beat Radeon HD 7990

Planned for Q2 2013

Altera Make a Deal with Intel

Altera to use Intel's 14mn fabrication for gate arrays

AMD's TressFX Technology

Hair and Foliage in games has never looked so good!

MSI Teams Up with Sound Blaster

G-Series motherboards to receive Cinema Audio Chips

Marvell Market Share on the Rise

Chip-maker's HD and Flash products proving a success

AMD FirePro R5000 Released

AMD Tackle the Remote Graphics Market

Intel Clover Trail+ Atoms Announced

Three dual-core SKUs unleashed

Samsung using Qualcomm CPU for Galaxy IV [rumour]

Why isn't Samsung using their own Exynos 8 core CPU?

NVIDIA PhysX Still Present on PlayStation 4

AMD hardware isn't going to come between developers and their tools

EK Water Blocks' Block for the GTX Titan

First custom water block for NVIDIA's flagship GPU

NVIDIA Titan Officially Revealed

NVIDIA shows off the new Titan of the GPU world

PlayStation 4 Hardware Specs

Controller, Eye Toy and System Specifications Detailed!

NVIDIA 314.07 WHQL Drivers Released

The recommended driver for Crysis 3 is here!

Google to Open Retail Stores

Could Google have a contender for the Apple and Microsoft brick and mortar stores?

Google Working with Credit Card Companies to Stop Piracy

Assisting with plans to shut down funding for illegal websites

New AMD gaming bundle on its way

Never Settle bundles to continue in 2013

Intel's 10nm Future Takes Shape

Israeli fab getting ready to make 10nm chips

Windows 8 adoption reaches 2.26%

January report shows true state of Windows 8 uptake

Futuremark's 3DMark Out Now!

Three new ways to test your systems released into the wild

EA speaks out about next-gen hardware

Sony and Microsoft will drive sales, not Nintendo

Battlefield 4 Announcement Inbound

EA to speak about possible next-gen game in around 90 days

THQ Asset Sales Approved

The hammer has fallen and all bets are final.

SteelSeries Flux: Luxury Edition Headset Review

Portable, stylish and cool, but are they any good?

Farewell THQ

Publishers scoop up assets as THQ is auctioned off.

AMD Business Model For 2013

20% of revenue from games gonsoles, next-gen?

Samsung Hits New OLED Record

Displays exceeds 300 Million OLED panels shipped.

Crysis 3 Beta Coming Very Soon

Justification for your quad SLI gaming rig is almost upon us.

Acer G6 Series 21.5" Full HD LED Monitor Review

A simple monitor solution with a subtle price tag.

Intel to Stop Making Desktop Motherboards

Shifting Focus to "Innovative Form-Factors" over the next three years.

Next-Gen Character Rendering At GDC 2013

Activision Blizzard working on new technology.

The Last of Us Special Editions Details

Naughty Dog's next blockbuster available for pre-order now.

ShootMania Storm Release Date and Open Beta

Ubisofts Competitive FPS Is Nearly Here!

NVIDIA's GK11 Graphics Card

Flagship "Titan" card will blow you and your wallet away.

Sony to Sell New York Office Building

$1.1 billion of real estate sold to tide financial losses.

Intel to Give Stephen Hawking an Upgrade

Could assist with his ever decreasing rate of communication.

Max Payne 3 DLC

"Deathmatch Made in Heaven" brings four new modes.

RPG Classics Part 1 - The Witcher 2

Taking a look at some of the finest RPG games ever created.

All we know about the Sony PlayStation 4

Everything we know about the upcoming Sony hardware.

Havok Wins Game Developer's Front Line Award

Fifth consecutive year win for physics technology.

Intel Demonstrates 450mm Wafer

Achieves industry first with latest manufacturing technology.

Record Labels Offer To Help HMV

HMV's financial troubles could work out well for consumers.

Intel Starts Production of Haswell

i4000 "Haswell" microprocessor keeps moving forward.

Nintendo in 2013

A Rundown of what you can expect from the Nintendo camp this year.

Lenovo Unveil Their Chromebook

ThinkPad X131e created for schools and students.

Head of NVIDIA Speaks Out About Custom Console Hardware

"You cannot make a game console such as the PlayStation 2 anymore".

Corsair Hydro Liquid Coolers

New H90 and H110 introduced with 140mm fan.

Samsung launching Tizen powered phone in 2013

Japanese consumers get new mobile OS first.

Dead Space 3 Demo Announced

Early access to Tau Volantis from January 22nd on Xbox and PS3.

PlayStation 2 Sales Come to an End

12 year lifespan reaches conclusion in Japan.

UKIE All Format Charts for Week Ending December 31st

Far Cry 3 becomes the last game of 2012 to hit the #1 spot.

Intel to Launch Cable and Web TV Service?

Intel could be about to turn the industry on its head.

Zynga Closes Multiple Games

13 Titles get the axe, players compensated.

Samsung Launching Tizen Powered Phone in 2013

Japanese consumers get new mobile OS first.

LG Display at CES 2013

AH-IPS 4K Displays to be on show.


After 20 days of voting, it is time to unveil the ultimate winner.

Flagship Haswell i7 4770K

New chips 4600 GPU is 3X faster than Ivy Bridge (apparently).

War Z Creator Makes Mass Apology

Publishes open letter to fans of the troubled game.

Intel patents proximity sensors

Could next-gen gaming consoles dish out proximity warnings?

Toshiba 20 Megapixel Image Sensor

30FPS at 20 Megapixels? Yes please!

Minecraft film on Pirate Bay

Don't worry, it was voluntarily put there by the Producers.

Silroad Online ROC Time Attack Event Impossible?

Event brought elite players to their knees.

Global 3D Video Market Not Failing?

High prices and limited content not holding back the format.

Craig Mundie to retire in 2014

Microsoft Chief Research Officer to step down.

Valley 2 Early-Access Beta

Game now out on Steam for PC/Mac.

AMD FX-8300 Out This Week

Power efficiency mixed with 8 cores should be epic!

January Video Game Release Dates

A run-down of the multi-format releases for early 2013.

Nintendo TVii Launched

Wii U software allows for second screen viewing experience.

Star Trek - The Game

Release Date & Pre-Order Information Unveiled.

Guns of Icarus Online Update and Holiday Sale

New Gun, New Map, Free Costumes, and 50% off!

God Mode Annoucned

Atlus' new co-op shooter set for 2013 release.

Samsung Flexible Screen Technology

New tech to be demonstrated at CES 2013.

NVIDIA Tegra "Wayne" Spec

Quad-Core Cortex-A15 GPU Detailed

UKIE's London Games Festival Art Exhibition

Event raises over œ30,000 for gaming charity "SpecialEffect".

HTC Making Windows RT Tech?

They could be making a new Windows Tablet.

Assassin's Creed 3 PC Review

Does sitting in the Animus still entertain?

Trouble for Google Maps on iOS

European watchdogs investigate privacy breach.

AMD Radeon HD 8000M

"Solar System" Radeon Range To Launch At CES

The End of the World is... 2,000/1

Dead Island Riptide and Paddy Power set the odds of the world ending.

Sony Yuga Super-Phone

First details appear online of this next gen super phone.

Raspberry Pi App Store

More Pi for everyone it seems.

Exynos 4 Exploit

Samsung mobile devices could be at risk.

PS3 best selling console of 2012

Out Sells Xbox 360 by 1.3 Million Units.

MOH: Warfighter to Get New Maps This Week

New maps are inspired by Zero Dark Thirty.

Google Maps for iOS

10 million downloads in 48 hours.

Agni's Philosophy Tech Specs

Remember the Square Enix tech demo, want to know what hardware it used?

NVIDIA To Reveal New Tegra At CES

Tegra "Wayne" and "Grey" Chips To Be On Show.

Xmas Bundle 2.0 from Indie Royale

Just in time for the holidays!

Intel & NVIDIA could merge

Rumor has it that pair are in talks to join forces, death star construction possible.

Amazon Smart Phone In Production?

Is Foxconn working on Amazons next bit of tech?

No Google Apps For Win 8

Not enough interest in the OS to commit.

iPad Mini 2 Rumor

Next iteration to have higher resolution screen.

Innovative Dual Screen Yota Phone

One e-ink and one 720p LED.

Samsung Responsible for Factory Worker's Cancer

Exposure to carcinogens due to lack of safety equipment and tests.

Kingston Wi-Drive for Mobile Devices

iOS, Android and even Kindle benefit from 128GB Wireless Storage.

NVIDIA: Project Denver

Not Set To Compete for Micro-Servers.

AMD Unsure About 20nm Time Frame

May use current process that little bit longer.

Overclocking World Record for A5800K

Asrock and Nick Shih take Trinity to 7.93Ghz.

Seagate Announces Video HDD

Perfect for 24/7 Applications.

Apple Hiring Engineers

On the scout for AMD GPU engineers?

THQ Makes A Bundle

Humble Bundle reaches not so humble target.

Samsung Set For 28nm Chips

Austin facility to manufacture new chips in 2013.

MechWarrior Online

Pilot Safety Information Guide.

Age of Wushu

Second Closed Beta to be open?

Roxio Game Capture PRO HD Review

Capture, stream and share your gaming experiences.

Assassin's Creed 3 Sells 7 Million Copies

Turns out something good can come out of all that violence after all.

Police Taser Woman In US Apple Shop

Trying to buy too many phones is hazardous to your health.

Google Maps for iOS 6

Because lets face it, Apple Maps is seriously broken.

Sim Bin Mega Bundle

Racing Fans Treated to Steam Bundle Deal.

13th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards

GDC now open for nominations, who will you vote for?

Hitman HD Trilogy

Triple dose of classic gaming coming in February 2013.

Diablo 3 Console Edition

Game still in development, but nothing official.

AMD Lays Zambezi To Rest

Q2 2013 will see Vishera replace Zambezi.

Haswell Core i7 4770K

Flagship Haswell CPU Detailed. Starts is Holiday Sales

Duke Nukem 3D for PC & Mac for Free.

Games Worth A Lifetime Part 5 - Lights, Camera, Action!

The best games of our lifetime that deserve your attention.

Pokedex for iOS

More than 640 Pokemon at the touch of a button.

Holiday Festivities in San Paro

Goodie filled content update for APB Reloaded.

Futuremark Cloud Gate benchmark

Screenshots for new DirectX 10 test

Hackers Add Homebrew Channel to Wii U

U Homebrew Bro?