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Review of Be Quiet!'s Dark Power Pro 10 vs. Power Cool X-Viper

In this review I will be looking at two 850w power supplies, one from the well-known company Be Quiet! and the other being the less well-known Power Cool. I will be comparing features to see how stable they are powering 2 x 680s in SLi and also just how quiet they are when under a heavy load.

Tesoro Shrike Review

Martin takes a look at the Tesoro Shrike, testing it's size, weight and longevity when it comes to some mad gaming sessions.

Netgear Centria WNDR4700 Storage Router Review

The Centria won awards at CeBIT and we were keen to see exactly what it has to offer.

Custom mITX Server Build - Part 3

Martin continues building the mITX HyperV server with lots of images!

Facebook Announce New Feature..

New search ability to steam the falling share prices

Custom mITX Server Build - Part 2

Martin's motto is plan, plan, plan and then plan your build some more!

HMV Closes Online Store

In a move that can only be seen as a cost cutting exercise, but all stores stay open.

Nintendo Have A Major Restructure

The games giant merges their handheld and console divisions in an effort to streamline development.

Apple and Amazon Told to Kiss and Make Up

Judge orders tech giants to try and settle out of court.

Microsoft Launch Mobile App Competition

Redmond try to drum up apps by offering prime time US advert.

HMV Enters Administration

Most recognised high street music and film retailer finds it too hard in financial times.

BT Offers Free Wi-Fi

It is for February only, but what are you waiting for!

Call of Duty Snubbed by Gearbox

The games studio turned down the chance to create Call of Duty game...

Custom mITX Server Build - Part 1

Martin guides you through the picking of parts for his awesome mITX server build in this 5 part blog.

Corsair H80 Hydro Series High Performance CPU Cooler Review

With all in one watercooling solutions becoming more widespread I decided to give the H80 a run for its money and see just how cool it really is.

THQ Bidding Commences

Publisher files for bankruptcy with buyers aplenty.

New Lower Power Ivy Bridge Processors

Intel debut their new 7 watt processors aimed at ultrabooks and tablets.

Netgear steps into the Google TV Market With Their NeoTV Prime

Networking giant takes a swing at the set-top market.

The conversation that changed my rendered world! Part 5

Ponderings of a 30 year old gamer..

CM Storm Trigger Mechanical Keyboard Review

As mechanical keyboards make a comeback CM Storm bring you the Trigger and Martin is here to smash the Cherry MX's and give us a review.

Mobile Phone Giant Nokia Sell Their HQ

To free up some capital but stay in the HQ for the time being.

The conversation that changed my rendered world! Part 4

The gaming world according to Guba.

Creative Assembly Announce New Partnership

The large studio team up with Warhammer to create new Warhammer games! (exciting)

UK Gaming Trade Bodies Release a Statement

UKIE and TIGA welcome government tax breaks.

Microsoft Opens to the World

After almost a year of private beta Microsoft's social network goes live.

Google Exec Chairman wonders why Apple have not targeted them

Eric Schmidt ponders why Apple has not taken their patent fight to Google's door step.

Xbox ban denied by US Judge

Google owned Motorola fails to ban sale of xbox in US and Germany.

The Pope gets the Twitter Bug

Pope Benedict XVI decides to start Tweeting!

Jonathan Ross opens his own game Studio

The celebrity and gamer confirms Hotsauce Interactive.

UK Chancellor Promises Help to Games Companies

Tax relief and skills investment offered to the industry.

AMD stay with swappable CPUs

With rumours that Intel are not doing swappable CPUs in the future AMD says no to the idea.

Saitek X52 Pro Flight Control System Review

Martin requests to taxi his desk and take off with this immersive flight control system from Saitek.

The conversation that changed my rendered world! Part 3

The meet, greet and drinks in the pub....

Synology Disk Station 111 Review

Martin gets technical with network attached storage as he takes a look at this one disk wonder from Synology.

Nintendo Ready to Launch Another Console

Wii Mini, leak first, announce later....

Microsoft Considers UK Stores

with flagship store in London, but more to come!

Microsoft in Interactive Augmented Reality

Having recently filed a patient for augmented reality glasses.

Google's Maps Go Indoors

A year after its announcement Google's indoor maps seems to have taken off.

UK Government in Talks on Data Protection

and leading analysts debate pros and cons of data protection.

Apple Ordered to Disclose Agreement With HTC

as ordered by US Judge in patent trials.