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Posts by Dave Hall

Arctic Cooling British Breeze

Your PC isn't the only thing that needs to be cool this summer.

Goat Simulator Review

Not a simulator for goats..

Ducky Leather Wrist Rest Review

Quack Quack with a bit of Moo Moo?

Facebook Buys Oculus Rift VR Company for $2Bn

The backlash begins

Kingston 16GB DataTraveler microDuo Review

Dave takes a look at one of Kingston's newest and smallest USB drives.

Pokemon for the Mega Drive - Unlicensed Game Review

Gotta catch all the Fakemon

Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0 G3 Review

I have to say, it's pretty metal!

CCL Wins PCR 2014 Reseller Award

Top of the class once again

MSI Gaming Notebooks just got better!

New processors, New Graphics and New Chassis.

Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn hits IndieGoGo

Everybody's worst game is on the comeback.

Razer to Make Own Mechanical Keyboard Switches

Could this be a game changer?

Kickstart Corner : Koe - A JRPG that helps to teach Japanese

Another Kickstarter that I feel should be a worthwhile

SanDisk releases first 128GB MicroSDXC Card

Who would have thought, all that storage in something the size of a stamp

Wenger Pegasus - Review

A Break from hardware reviews, Dave gives his thoughts on a replacement for his old Alienware backpack.

Nvidia 334.89 WHQL Drivers Released

Performance Boost : Increases performance by up to 19% for GeForce 400/500/600/700 series GPUs in several PC games vs. the previous WHQL-certified drivers (332.21).

A new Humble Bundle has entered the fray

Humble Bundle 11, bigger and better than ever.

Crowdsourcing to a whole new level

The Twitch community is trying to play Pokemon.

Squirrel King - Unlicensed Game Review

Unlicensed games, they can't all be bad can they?

When Robot Vacuum Simulator 2013 is not enough....

You can now play Goat Simulator !

PowerColor announce R7 250X graphics card

A new entry level gaming card for the masses.

CCL Now Accepting Amazon Payments!

A new Fast, Secure and Familiar way to pay.

Catalyst 14.1 beta driver released

Mantle support added for graphics cards, and also drivers for Kaveri chips

Sid Meier gets in on the Humble Bundle action

Civilization games galore, in the new Humble Bundle

Valve announces Steam Music

You can listen to your own music library while gaming

Seagate preparing 6TB hard drive for Q2

Enterprise only though, so don't get too excited

Func announce HS-260 Gaming Headset

Get down with your bad self....

CM Storm Trigger-Z Launched

Successor to the original Trigger soon to be available

Sandisk announce release of ULLtraDIMM

The Industry's First Flash-Based Ultra-Low Latency Storage Device

In Win 901 Mini-ITX Case announced

Smaller brother to the In Win 904

How to manually update a driver in Windows

Ever wanted to know how to update a driver, when you have no installer and just a list of files ?

IBM agrees to sale of low end server business to Lenovo

Potential to be the largest ever tech purchase by a Chinese company

Top Gear's Test Track now visible on Google Street View

Unfortunately it seems the driver is not able to match The STIG's prowess

Toshiba acquisition of OCZ complete

Rebrands it as OCZ Storage Solutions, does this mean a brighter future ahead?

CCL's First New PC of 2014

A perfect base for a media centre, or simply a low power PC.

HMDX Jam Party Wireless Bluetooth Rechargeable Stereo Boombox - Review

Where there's a Jam, there's a party!

Cool Funding

The Internet is helping send the Jamaican Boblsed team to Russia!

Google removes two applications from Chrome store

Rogue extensions were purchased by adware developers then changed to push advertising

Humble Weekly Sale now live

With games provided by Bohemia Interactive

New range of Ducky Shine 3 Keyboards available

Do you like Gold and Green Switches Mr Powers ?!....

Road Redemption gameplay video revealed

Gameplay including the Grenade Launcher and Uzi has been shown

AGDQ 2014 is over..

Long Live AGDQ!

Corsair Demo new RGB Cherry MX Keyboard

It looks very pretty....

Awesome Games Done Quick 2014

It is nearly upon us!

All I want for Christmas is....

Dave only wants one thing this year

GAMDIAS Eros Headset Review

You may not have heard about GAMDIAS

Steam Christmas sale underway

Your wallet will never feel the same again....

DayZ Standalone released as early access Steam title

Alpha release, so still a long way to go

Steam OS available to the masses

if your system meets the specs, you can download and install it now

OCZ reaches agreement with Toshiba

The path looks bright for the SSD manufacturer

Telltale announces Tales from the Borderlands

Hopefully this series will stand up to both publishers standards

The biggest problem PC users face is set to be solved!

USB 3.1 cable will be smaller, better, faster, and more importantly reversible!

Humble Jumbo Bundle

Another collection of games; pay what you want

RGB backlit Cherry MX Keyboards on the horizon

My precious...

Han Solo's Blaster is set to be auctioned

Opening bids start at $200,000

Amazon to launch drone deliveries

Not in the UK just yet, but interesting all the more.

Steam Autumn Sale Begins!

Wallets at the ready, fingers steady it's time to play.....Steam Sales !

Retron 5 delayed

It's a sad day for retro gamers everywhere.

OCZ files for bankruptcy

Is this the end for one of the leaders in SSD tech ?

Tesoro announce full RGB backlit keyboard

First ever full colour illumination mechanical gaming keyboard.

Catzilla EVGA Edition released

Special version of the benchmark now available.

Ozone announce Strike Pro backlit mechanical gaming keyboard

Yet another mechanical gaming board.

SSD, SSHD and regular hard drives tested in PS4

Is the PS4 finally able to make use of the added performance?

In Win GT1 Case Review

A case from In Win given a test drive....

Winamp is closing after 16 years

It seems that the llama may have won the war

Nvidia release 331.82 WHQL Drivers

designed for Assassins Creed IV and Need For Speed Rivals

CM Storm Quick Fire TK Stealth Mechanical Keyboard Announced

Comes with sideprinted keycaps

Ducky Shine 3 TKL Coming Soon

Ducky's new keyboard is almost here

It's competition time again !

Enter to be in with a chance of winning a pair of Bring Your Own Computer tickets for Insomnia 50!

Cooler Master Silencio 652 announced

Sign up to be notified when first stock lands !

Wikileaks releases part of the secret negotiated draft of the TPP

No doubt it saw the bounty that had been placed

Playstation 4 stripdown and unboxing

Interesting design and an odd unboxing

Humble Store Now Open

signals daily deals for opening week, and poor times for my wallet.

CnM Smart Dongle now available

Turn your TV into a Smart TV with this simple device

Nvidia GTX 780 Ti Released

At reference speeds, without overclocking, the GeForce GTX 780 Ti blitzes past the previous-generation GeForce GTX 680.

Humble Warner Bros Bundle now available

Gives you GOTY editions of Batman Arkham Asylum and if you pay more than the average Arkham City GOTY

HGST ship He6 drives - Helium filled hard drives!

First Hermetically Sealed, Helium HDD Platform Provides Path for Higher Capacity Storage

Exploit found in some TP-Link Routers

Allows for a man in the middle attack to take place

Steam Passes 65M Registered Users

More users than the population of the UK !

Spooky goings on!

Halloween easter eggs upon us !

First Huawei all-in-one container data centre installed in Manchester

All your data centre needs housed in a 20ft or 40ft container

Pirates, Heroes and Spies Oh My!

It's Gear up with Nvidia time again

R9 290X Released

AMD Radeon R9 290X graphics. A new GPU for a new era of gaming.

Eyefinity Enhanced !

Enhance........ Enhance....... Enhance.......

GTA V PC Torrent Available but all is not what it seems

If you think this was a bit too good to be true then you would be correct....Don't Download It!

XFX release Double Dissipation R9 280X

Improvements made over the reference cooler

Bit Torrent search site IsoHunt is shutting down

Has to pay $110m in damages

Windows 8.1 available to Pre-Order

You can find out about some of the features in this post, as well as finding out how to upgrade !

Steampad Demoed by Valve

shows its use in Civ 5, Portal 2 and Counterstrike GO

Hostamania - Now In Beta

Web Hosting powered by Hulk Hogan, you read that right!

Play Expo 2013 finishes for another year

Closes it's doors after another successful event

Corsair release new mouse mats

Get your Corsair Vengeance mouse mats now !

Raspberry Pi Foundation hits milestone

1.75 Million Pis sold with 1 Million being made in the UK

Steambox Specs Revealed

All I can say is wow! We didn't expect them to be like this

Play Expo 2013 less than one week away

Less than a week to go until the UK's most diverse video gaming expo begins!

Half Life 3 - Confirmed !?

Updated 07/10/13

GTA V goes Online

Problems abound for online mode in GTA V

Keyboard Technology Guide

The Ins and Outs of keyboards, broken down and hopefully easy to understand.

Xigmatek announce new Micro ATX Case

The Aquila can fit large tower coolers and graphics cards upto 330mm

MSI GS70 Stealth 17.3" Laptop

A great buy for anyone looking for a gaming Laptop, now with a free warranty upgrade if bought before 31st Oct

Google turns 15

Marks the day with an interactive pinata doodle

BenQ RL2455HM 24" gaming monitor now available

BenQ's own professional RTS Gaming monitor.

Steam announcement number 3 - Steam Controller

I'm not sure what to think of it, will it be a success ?

AMD announces Hawaii graphics card range

Radeon R7 and R9 series announced in naming scheme shake up

Steam announcement number 2 - Steam Machines

You can even join a beta, to be in with a chance of getting one to test !

Less than 6 hours to go, til the AMD GPU '14 webcast begins

New cards, new products, new everything ? Only a short while to go til we find out.

iPhone 5s touchID hacked

fingerprint locking mechanism bypassed

Steam OS Announced

Linux based OS coming to your living room soon

Hyperkin RetroN 5 to be available in December

Finally a console for all your retro needs.

Grand Theft Auto V pulls in over $800 Million on first day

Worldwide sales surpassed $800 Million in just 24 Hours

G.Skill breaks worlds fastest memory record

G.Skill now hold frequency record for Quad channel memory

Diablo 3 Auction house set to close

Real money auction house set to shutter it doors in March 2014

Google to buy complete output of Texas wind farm

Agrees to buy all of the output from Happy Hereford wind farm, all 240MW of it.

Ducky release new firmware upgrade for Shine 3 keyboards

Improves compatibility and adds new features

Triathlor ECO PSU series announced by Enermax

New 80 Plus Bronze power supplies launched

CM Storm Pitch - Review

Do the Pitch stand up to CM Storms quality standards? find out inside

What are USB Condoms ?

A surprising product, to help prevent data theft

Coolermaster announce HAF Stacker

Just when you thought your case was big enough

Gamdias Products now available from CCL

These have caused quite a stir at CCL, what are your thoughts?

EVGA announce mini-ITX chassis

Called the Hadron Air, EVGA quality now in cases

HDMI 2.0 specification released

Increased bandwidth for larger resolutions

Ducky announce TKL Shine 3

No longer a tease, as Ducky UK announce new Shine 3 TKL range // Year of the Snake keyboards almost here!

Hynix memory factory closes after fire

Plant expected to resume operations soon however

New to CCL

Just when you thought it was gone, we're back with a new list!

Ducky tease TKL model of Shine 3

Ducky UK Facebook page hints at new TKL model of Shine 3

Lenovo CEO is set to split bonus with workers

For the second year running, Lenovo's CEO is going to share his $3M bonus with 10,000 workers

Western Digital Expands Red Series of Drives

Now offering 2.5" NAS Orientated drives

End of an era ?

BT turns off dial-up internet access

What Is NFC ?

A brief look into Near Field Communication

Gear up with Nvidia

And get £50 credit split across Warframe, Dungeons & Dragons and Marvel Heroes

Samsung mass producing DDR4 memory for enterprise server

Using 20 nanometer technology

Square Enix suspend digital download sales of Final Fantasy XIV : A Realm Reborn

Due to overwhelming demand on their servers

Synology release Disk Station Manager 4.3

After a successful public beta, Synology advance the DSM software

First human to human brain interface completed

used to play a video game

Steve Ballmer to retire as Microsoft CEO

Set to retire in next 12months, after a successor is chosen

New at CCL this week

another summary of the newest products to grace CCL's website

Origin Great Game Guarantee announced

Looks to offer refunds on EA games purchased through origin

League of Legends suffers privacy breach

Usernames, email addresses, salted password hashes, and some first and last names were accessed.

AMD Never Settle Bundle Upgraded

AMD Update their free game bundles to include more games and different reward levels

Only a few days til Insomnia 49

Only a few days left to go til the UK's biggest gaming festival begins

Google goes down

Worldwide traffic reportedly drops 40%

Windows 8 Results banned at HWBot due to RTC flaw

Allows users to gain an unfair boost to scores in overlocking benchmarks

Xbox One controller to be compatible with PC

In 2014 at least

Razer announce more affordable gaming keypad called Tartarus

Successor to the popular Razer Nostromo and new little brother to the Orbweaver

Yet another Humble Bundle !

This time featuring games from EA

What's new to CCL

Back once again to tell you about all the new things at CCL

When a Promo Stunt goes too far

LG Publicity event goes horribly wrong and is dubbed World War G

Fancy a tour of the Tardis ? Google have you covered

Fun little easter egg found in Google Streetview

Mega to launch encrypted email service

After Silent Circle and Lavabit close, Kim Dotcom steps into the fray

Beer by Drone ?

Probably the best beer delivery service in the world

Humble Introversion Weekly Sale

Pay what you want for four games from Introversion Software, from the same team that brings you the humble Bundle

Nvidia Shield goes open source

OS for Shield now Opensource, Nvidia want you to modify to your heart's content

* New * CCL Competition

Enter to have a chance of Winning a Plantronics Gamecom 780 Headset

More games added to the Humble Bundle

Beat the average to get three more games

UPDATED : Flaw found in the software of Xerox scanners

the numbers in your copy may not always be correct

Sample Review 2 - Dragon War darkSector keyboard

Another month, another sample. This time a new gaming keyboard from Dragon War hit my desk

AMD 13.8 Beta Drivers released

Fixes most cases of Micro-Stutter in Crossfire setups

Ducky to include a less flamboyant spacebar with the Shine 3

If you don't like the Snake now have another option

Versus Resonance 3 Available

Turn almost any surface into a speaker

Superspeed gets........Speedier

New specification for USB 3.1 completed

O2 to switch on 4G network in August

Looks to go live from 29/08/13

Razer release Naga 2014 Edition

Offers improvements all around

New to CCL this Week

Some shiny looking products here

Ducky Shine 3 - Almost here

I really cannot contain my excitement in the office now

New Humble Bundle Launched

Pay what you want and Get Saints Row 2 and 3, Risen 2 and Sacred 2 options of more

Summer Games Done Quick - Ends to over $250,000 raised

Charity Marathon breaks last years record

Samsung 840 Evo's Coming Soon to CCL Shelves

New consumer drives from Samsung now listed at CCL

Razer Comms Beta gets a new feature

new file transfer ability as well as improvements to the VoIP quality

Today is SysAdmin Appreciation Day

So go hug your companies tech

Startech release new Universal Laptop Dock

Offers additional ports to your Laptop

RAIDR Express PCI-e SSD Released by Asus ROG

The world's first PCI-e SSD to be compatible with both legacy and UEFI BIOS'

Plantronics release Backbeat GO 2

Update to their bestselling wireless in-ear headphones

Google releases Chromecast TV dongle

Released in the US, for the moment.

New to CCL this week

Another smattering of products new to CCL

Summer Games Done Quick 2013 (July 25th - 29th)

A charity marathon of speedrunning video games

Nvidia announce new graphics card for the pro's

Quadro K6000 comes with whopping 12GB of RAM

Benchmarking in Focus - Fraps

Just another entry, listing the features of Fraps

Ubuntu Edge joins the crowdsourcing fray

Looking for $32,000,000 to reach its goal

Pornography to be blocked by default

ISP level filtering to be put in place

Honda builds the worlds fastest lawnmower

'Mean Mower' can reach 130mph

Coolermaster release V8 GTS CPU Cooler

Remake of the Older V8 Cooler released

Samsung announce 840 EVO SSD Range

Capacities up to 1TB available

CCL Choice ITX Case Review

We look at the secrets of this little case and see whats what

Gangnam Style Turns 1

Video has garnered over 1.7B views

What is SweetFX ?

A quick look at a program that makes your games look less like a game

Razer Release new Gaming Headphones

Seems everyone is releasing new headphones now...

New to CCL This Week

New products arriving all the time here in our warehouse

CM Storm Pitch Gaming Headphones announced by Coolermaster

Their first gaming in-ear headphones

Ducky Shine 3 Available Globally by September 2013

Good news for those wanting a new keyboard

Capcom announce Ultra Street Fighter 4

Just when you thought there couldn't be anymore...

Getting the best and most out of the Steam Summer Sale

A quick guide on how best to spend your money in the Steam summer sale

Bohemia Interactive website suffers hack attack

Personal info downloaded in attack, but no financial info leaked.

The Last of Us Edited into a 3.5 Hour Long Movie

Spoilers ahead, but this is pretty awesome for those that can't play Naughty Dog's latest game, and are not bothered by the ending being spoiled

Apple Found Guilty of Conspiring Over eBook Prices

Judge says Apple played 'central role' in ebook price-fixing conspiracy. Apple intend to appeal.

Steelseries release the Apex Keyboard

SteelSeries' Keyboard Delivers The World's Fastest Response Times Through Superior Design, Low-Profile Keys with an Optimized Layout and Smart Illumination

MMORPG Runescape to release fully HTML5 Version

Jagex looking to bring the improve the game with latest browser technology

Rockstar's GTA V Gameplay Video is up

And it looks like its going to be good

The Steam Summer Sale is coming *again*

definitely maybe starting this thursday according to rumours

Whats New to CCL This Week

Another Entry, showing you whats fresh at CCL

Play Expo Edging Closer

UK's most diverse gaming expo is coming to Manchester in October