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Posts from March 2022

Portable SSD Storage - Do You Need It?

The many benefits of SSD are obvious when it comes to internal storage, so is portable SSD worth it for gaming and creative workflows?

How I built a 12th-Gen RTX 3080 rig for under £1000

A motherboard bundle and GeForce Now means you get the gaming rig of your dreams - all for under £1000!

CCL Clearance and Graded Products - What You Need To Know

Clearance and graded items are the perfect way to pick up a bargain. Save yourself some money on our fully working discounted components!

CD Projekt Red announces a new Witcher game in development

Fans of the Witcher universe, rejoice! CD Projekt Red has just announced that a new Witcher saga is currently under development, and unlike the previous games in the franchise, it will be developed on the Unreal Engine 5, and in partnership with Epic Games.

High End PCs - Gaming Without Limits

With high performance RTX graphics cards and running the latest AMD Ryzen processors, these are the ultimate PCs for serious gaming

F1 2021: Better Tyre Management = Faster Lap Times

Good tyre management is critical to improve on your lap times and work your way up the standings. These tips will help you with your options!

Is a gaming PC or laptop worth it for casual gamers?

Casual gamers love pick up & play games without a huge time investment to get the best experience - but do you need a gaming spec for casual games?

Work Hard, Play Hard - Your Laptop Buying Guide

For the budget-conscious student, a gaming laptop needs to multi-task work and play without compromise.

Gaming In Your Downtime - How Do You Do It?

If you are a gamer who works long hours, enjoys short weekends, and has limited leisure time, budgeting for a gaming PC or laptop is important.

Ultimate Gaming Brands

For gaming PC excellence, which brands should you choose?

The easy way to keep your PC clean - good airflow!

The absolute best way to keep your PC clean and running smoothly is to focus on airflow optimisation. Here's how to optimise your case airflow for performance

TUF vs ROG - Which ASUS Gaming Monitor Should You Choose?

If you're buying a high specification gaming monitor, ASUS offer two options - TUF or ROG. But which one is right for your gaming style?

Refresh your storage - Seagate SSD best sellers compared

It's Spring again; time to throw out the old and plug in the new. We look at the best sellers for Seagate SSD storage to help you compare

Mites, cats and flesh - Inside nasty PCs and gamer lairs

What lurks inside your keyboard? What happens to your PC when you vape near it? Sit back and (try to) enjoy this Spring special on PC hygiene!

Which Storage Do You Need? WD Makes It Simple

Western Digital dominate the market with their storage products, from the fastest gaming SSDs to server racks. Here's how to choose your storage (and why)