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Posts from November 2021

Game Pass For PC And Cloud Gaming - Using A Controller

Using a controller for Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox Cloud Gaming is usually simple, but here are some of the most common problems and fixes.

Upcoming PC Hardware Release Calendar 2022

What's happening with the GPU market? Will it recover in 2022? What is in store for budget gamers and PC enthusiasts in the coming months?

How Much VRAM Do You Really Need?

There are plenty of misconceptions about VRAM, memory allocation and memory used when playing games. We investigate how much VRAM you really need.

AiO Water Cooling Best Setup (Don't Get It Wrong)

Incorrectly installing an AiO water cooling system for your CPU can seriously degrade performance. Here's how to do it right, according to experts.

Black Friday Essential PC Upgrades For Gamers

Taking your E-sports and competitive gaming to the next level just got even easier with these huge deals on essential upgrades

Best Monitor For Photo Editing - November 2021

Your monitor is extremely important if you use photo editing software, so this handy guide should help you choose the right display.

CCL Black Friday Save Hundreds On Gaming PCs And Laptops

It doesn't stop at gaming PCs and laptops, either. CCL are dropping prices on storage, monitors, peripherals and more this Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Flight And Space Flight Simulator PCs - Build or Buy?

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 has revitalised the flight simulator genre, so if you want to take to the skies or stars, here's what you need.

The Most Popular Gaming PC Spec In November 2021

Our PC builder tool allows you to configure a custom PC in a few minutes. One gaming PC spec was more popular than others in November, and here's why.

The Ultimate Cloud Gaming PC GeForce NOW RTX 3080

With the new RTX 3080 streaming options from Nvidia GeForce NOW, more gamers are choosing AAA Cloud gaming until graphics cards become affordable.

What Happened To The Gaming Industry?

If you have pre-ordered a game or spent any time on Reddit lately, you might be disappointed with the gaming industry. But can it be fixed?

Best PC For 4K Video Editing and Content Creation

If you are looking for a PC capable of up to 4K video editing, YouTube content creation, and anything in between, here's the budget and spec you need.

Upcoming Confirmed Movie And Book Game Adaptations

PC Life Hacks That Actually Work

Life hacks are great. But it's rare we see them for IT professionals, where there is a wealth of knowledge and experience on offer. Here are our favourites.

20 Years Of Xbox: A Journey Shared By Millions

The past, present and future of Xbox gaming is highlighted during the 20th Anniversary event, and gamers are rewarded handsomely for their loyalty

Mini-ITX Case Buyers Guide 2021

The small form factor Mini-ITX case is an ultra-portable, space saving, and extremely flexible chassis option. We explore how to choose your Mini-ITX case.

The Best All ROG Gaming PC Build 2021

We selected the very best ROG components for the ultimate gaming PC build, from motherboard to gaming chair, with a budget of £2300

How To Benchmark Games With On-Screen Display

If you just bought or built a new gaming PC, chances are you want to see how it performs with games. Here's how to benchmark quickly and easily.

Western Digital And Seagate Make Storage Cool Again

There have been some awesome NVMe and PCIe SSD announcements from the biggest storage manufacturers, and the good news keeps coming into 2022

16:10 Monitors - A Buyers Guide

16:10 monitors are still popular, and generally preferred by gamers wanting more vertical field of view. Here's what you need to know before you buy.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta - A Halo First Timer's Review

I have never played any Halo games before, and this is my first experience with the franchise. But I'm looking forward to it.

Alder Lake Intel Core i5 12600K - What Everyone Is Missing

There are two important things about the new i5 12600K. Benchmarks are missing the point. If you are building a gaming PC here's what you need to know.

Cyber Monday 2020 vs Cyber Monday 2021 What Deals To Expect

Cyber Monday 2020 might have been strange IRL, but the deals were quite predictable. What deals can we expect in 2021 from IT and gaming retailers?

Buying The Best 60 Mechanical Keyboard - Mega Guide

Taking your MnK (mouse & keyboard) gaming to the next level? A 60 mechanical keyboard is a great idea. Here's what you need to know before you buy.

Best PC Gaming Mouse 2021

Hand cramping up from that nasty old plastic rodent? It might be time to upgrade to an ultra-comfortable, high performance PC gaming mouse

Top 10 Things You Should Never Do With Your PC

There are a few things you should NEVER do with a brand new PC, even though YouTube told you it would be a good idea. We'll cover the major ones here.

The WD Blue SN550 SSD - Is It Worth Buying?

Why is the WD Blue SN550 SSD one of the best selling Solid State Drives? We look at the SSD market history, and how the SN550 fits perfectly into it.

AMD AM4 Motherboards - A520 vs B550 vs X570

An AMD gaming PC build in 2021 means lots of motherboard options. We look at the best AM4 A520, B550 and X570 boards for budget and features.

12 Applications Every Gaming PC Must Have

Once your new gaming PC is up and running, there are some must-have applications that will hopefully make your life easier and improve your experience

Gaming PC Under £600 - What Games Can I Play

With GPU prices still incredibly high, budget conscious gamers and parents are feeling it the most. Here are the best games for a budget gaming PC

PlayStation 5 - How Many Games Can You Store?

In the real world, consoles are used by more than one person in a household and fill up fast. Realistically, how many games can you store on a PS5?