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Posts from July 2013

New Humble Bundle Launched

Pay what you want and Get Saints Row 2 and 3, Risen 2 and Sacred 2 options of more

Ducky Shine 3 - Almost here

I really cannot contain my excitement in the office now

New to CCL this Week

Some shiny looking products here

Razer release Naga 2014 Edition

Offers improvements all around

Summer Games Done Quick - Ends to over $250,000 raised

Charity Marathon breaks last years record

Asus GTX 670 DirectCUII - Review

We put this card to the test

Tomb Raider (2013) - Review

Dan steps up and takes us through the latest iteration of the long running Tomb Raider series.

Samsung 840 Evo's Coming Soon to CCL Shelves

New consumer drives from Samsung now listed at CCL

Which is better Keyboard & Mouse or Gamepad ?

Dan has a little blog about one of the biggest questions in pc gaming.

RAIDR Express PCI-e SSD Released by Asus ROG

The world's first PCI-e SSD to be compatible with both legacy and UEFI BIOS'

Startech release new Universal Laptop Dock

Offers additional ports to your Laptop

Today is SysAdmin Appreciation Day

So go hug your companies tech

Razer Comms Beta gets a new feature

new file transfer ability as well as improvements to the VoIP quality

Google releases Chromecast TV dongle

Released in the US, for the moment.

Plantronics release Backbeat GO 2

Update to their bestselling wireless in-ear headphones

Nvidia announce new graphics card for the pro's

Quadro K6000 comes with whopping 12GB of RAM

Summer Games Done Quick 2013 (July 25th - 29th)

A charity marathon of speedrunning video games

New to CCL this week

Another smattering of products new to CCL

Ubuntu Edge joins the crowdsourcing fray

Looking for $32,000,000 to reach its goal

Benchmarking in Focus - Fraps

Just another entry, listing the features of Fraps

Transport Tycoon coming to iOS and Android

With an expected launch date later this year, prepare to lose sleep, friends and family to one of the most addictive games ever made!

Honda builds the worlds fastest lawnmower

'Mean Mower' can reach 130mph

Pornography to be blocked by default

ISP level filtering to be put in place

Coolermaster release V8 GTS CPU Cooler

Remake of the Older V8 Cooler released

Which NVIDIA GeForce Card is for you? and What is GeForce Experience?

Learn about the differences between GeForce GTX and GeForce GT cards, also learn about GeForce Experience and why you need it installed on your PC.

Samsung announce 840 EVO SSD Range

Capacities up to 1TB available

CCL Choice ITX Case Review

We look at the secrets of this little case and see whats what

Gangnam Style Turns 1

Video has garnered over 1.7B views

Razer Release new Gaming Headphones

Seems everyone is releasing new headphones now...

What is SweetFX ?

A quick look at a program that makes your games look less like a game

New to CCL This Week

New products arriving all the time here in our warehouse

CM Storm Pitch Gaming Headphones announced by Coolermaster

Their first gaming in-ear headphones

Capcom announce Ultra Street Fighter 4

Just when you thought there couldn't be anymore...

Ducky Shine 3 Available Globally by September 2013

Good news for those wanting a new keyboard

Bohemia Interactive website suffers hack attack

Personal info downloaded in attack, but no financial info leaked.

Getting the best and most out of the Steam Summer Sale

A quick guide on how best to spend your money in the Steam summer sale

The Last of Us Edited into a 3.5 Hour Long Movie

Spoilers ahead, but this is pretty awesome for those that can't play Naughty Dog's latest game, and are not bothered by the ending being spoiled

Steelseries release the Apex Keyboard

SteelSeries' Keyboard Delivers The World's Fastest Response Times Through Superior Design, Low-Profile Keys with an Optimized Layout and Smart Illumination

Apple Found Guilty of Conspiring Over eBook Prices

Judge says Apple played 'central role' in ebook price-fixing conspiracy. Apple intend to appeal.

MMORPG Runescape to release fully HTML5 Version

Jagex looking to bring the improve the game with latest browser technology

Review of Be Quiet!'s Dark Power Pro 10 vs. Power Cool X-Viper

In this review I will be looking at two 850w power supplies, one from the well-known company Be Quiet! and the other being the less well-known Power Cool. I will be comparing features to see how stable they are powering 2 x 680s in SLi and also just how quiet they are when under a heavy load.

The Steam Summer Sale is coming *again*

definitely maybe starting this thursday according to rumours

Gear up with Nvidia and their latest game bundle

Free Splinter Cell Conviction with purchase of qualifying Nvidia graphics card

Rockstar's GTA V Gameplay Video is up

And it looks like its going to be good

Play Expo Edging Closer

UK's most diverse gaming expo is coming to Manchester in October

Whats New to CCL This Week

Another Entry, showing you whats fresh at CCL

Ever wanted to keep the streets clean ?

Keep reading to hear about a new simulator game from Stolidus

GTA V Gameplay Footage Premiere Today

Video going live today at around 3pm

Boxee Snapped up by Samsung

Startup HTPC Software Company Acquired for near $30M

CCL Launch two new Firestorm Photoshop Workstation PCs!

Today two new workstations have entered the CCL Firestorm workstation range, perfect for Photoshop enthusiasts and professionals!

Blizzard Look Set to Test In-Game Payments

Looking to let players use real money for items in World of Warcraft

Google Doodle Celebrates Roswell Incident

Its the 66th Anniversary

Grab a Free Pocket Router in This Promotion from TP-Link

Spend 100 Pounds or more on any TP-LINK powerline or dual band products and claim a FREE Pocket Router

Benchmarking In Focus - 3DMark

Another entry in our series about benchmarking programs

New Gem range of Business PCs available from CCL!

CCL have launched a brand new range of Gem Business PCs, offering improvements in performance, value for money and operational costs over the previous generation.

Benchmarking In Focus - AIDA 64

Another entry, showcasing programs that are available to test and benchmark your PC

Douglas Engelbart sadly passes away

Sad news today as one of the true computing visionaries passes away.

Benchmarking in Focus - PC Mark 7

Another entry, showcasing programs that are available to test and benchmark your PC

Roku LT Review

Lets get ready to Roku!

Acer Iconia B1 Tablet Review

It's Cheap it's Cheerful and It's Blue, well at least on the sides

Does anyone really need a £2K+ PC ?

Mark asks the question

Nvidia 320.49 WHQL Drivers Released

New certified drivers released from Nvidia HQ

Roccat Lua Gaming Mouse Review

Mark takes the Roccat Lua gaming mouse for a spin

Benchmarking in Focus - Catzilla

A New series showcasing some of the programs available that you can use to benchmark and test PC's

Surgeon Simulator Puzzle Causes a Stir - Updated

Is it a Valve ARG or just a Puzzle, who knows...