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Posts from February 2013

Dual Chip Malta to Beat Radeon HD 7990

Planned for Q2 2013

AMD to Sell "PS4 -like" APUs on the Open Market

Could bring some new technologies over to the PC

MSI Teams Up with Sound Blaster

G-Series motherboards to receive Cinema Audio Chips

AMD's TressFX Technology

Hair and Foliage in games has never looked so good!

Altera Make a Deal with Intel

Altera to use Intel's 14mn fabrication for gate arrays

Creating a Bootable Windows 7 System Repair Disc

Medialess systems are becoming more common, but that doesn't really help in instances where you can't boot into the built in recovery options that Windows has available. Luckily there's a simple way to create a system repair disk to access these tools in such an unfortunate scenario.

Intel Clover Trail+ Atoms Announced

Three dual-core SKUs unleashed

AMD FirePro R5000 Released

AMD Tackle the Remote Graphics Market

Marvell Market Share on the Rise

Chip-maker's HD and Flash products proving a success

NVIDIA PhysX Still Present on PlayStation 4

AMD hardware isn't going to come between developers and their tools

Samsung using Qualcomm CPU for Galaxy IV [rumour]

Why isn't Samsung using their own Exynos 8 core CPU?

EK Water Blocks' Block for the GTX Titan

First custom water block for NVIDIA's flagship GPU

The Computer Troubleshooting Guide Part 1: No Display on Boot - Failure to Power On Self-Test (POST)

Troubleshooting computer faults can be laborious and baffling at times, but following a quick series of simple tests they can be easier to diagnose than you may think. Let me show you just how easy troubleshooting a computer fault can be.

PlayStation 4 Hardware Specs

Controller, Eye Toy and System Specifications Detailed!

NVIDIA Titan Officially Revealed

NVIDIA shows off the new Titan of the GPU world

The Complete Computer Assembly Guide

Building your own computer is not only rewarding but it gives you many more options with regards to future upgrades. The best thing about building your own computer is also that it's not as difficult as people may think.

Computer Assembly Guide Part 6: Installing a Graphics Card or Any Other Add-in Card

Once you've built your computer you may want to improve or expand it using expansion cards such as graphics cards, WiFi cards, controller cards, etc. they are super simple to fit and in this guide I'll show you how.

Google to Open Retail Stores

Could Google have a contender for the Apple and Microsoft brick and mortar stores?

NVIDIA 314.07 WHQL Drivers Released

The recommended driver for Crysis 3 is here!

Google Working with Credit Card Companies to Stop Piracy

Assisting with plans to shut down funding for illegal websites

Computer Assembly Guide Part 5: How to Fit and Connect a Power Supply Unit

Power is essential for every computer and PSUs are very simple to fit, with connectors being specifically moulded for specific applications it's a process that's easier than most people may think.

Computer Assembly Guide Part 4: How to Fit and Connect an Optical Drive, a Solid State Drive and a Mechanical Hard Drive

Every computer needs a device to boot from whether that's a CDROM, a HDD or an SSD and in this guide I'll show you how easy they are to install. This easy process can also be followed for adding additional drives to your machine.

Is this going to be bigger than the internet and save the UK economy?

This could potentially rewrite the rules of manufacturing

Dizzy numbers of the week

Some people live in a different world to rest of us!

Intel's 10nm Future Takes Shape

Israeli fab getting ready to make 10nm chips

New AMD gaming bundle on its way

Never Settle bundles to continue in 2013

Computer Assembly Guide Part 3: How to Fit Your Motherboard into Your Case

If you're buying a motherboard bundle or building a system from components, you're going to have to fit the motherboard into the case. Let me show you just how simple installing and fitting your motherboard is in this short handy guide.

Apple MacBook Pro laptops updated, faster & cheaper!

Apple has recently dropped the pricing on its MacBook Pro notebooks while at the same time improving the specifications

Linux Ubuntu client Software released by Valve

Steam for Linux has finally come out of beta and has been officially launched by games behemoth Valve.

Photoshop v1.0.1 released free to everyone thanks to the Computer History Museum

The Computer History Museum has released with Adobe's permission the source code to 1989's vintage Photoshop

Corsair purchase Glasgow based network audio company Simple Audio

What could this mean for Corsair's product range in the future?

Retina Display Chromebook Pixel Imminent?

Pixel Chromebook rumour substantiated by changes hidden in the Chromium OS code

CCL Elite Raven II Gaming PC wins Gold Award!

Barely a week after winning an Gold Award the Raven II has continued its unstoppable rise with a new award

Google will pay Apple $1bn in 2014 to be their default internet search

Google is set to pay Apple $1bn to be the default internet search provider on iOS devices in 2014 a report from Morgan Stanley has indicated

Acer 27" Windows 8 Touchscreen Monitor - Due Tomorrow

With 10 point touch technology, full 1080P HD resolution and a fast 5ms response time this is the best Windows 8 Touchscreen available

Apple reported to be working on a curved glass iOS watch

Exciting times, yet another rumour of Apple moving into a new product category. The difference with this rumour is it might actually make sense...

Can it be true, no new GPUs from AMD for the majority of 2013?

Can it be true, no new GPUs from AMD for the majority of 2013?

HyperX 10th Anniversary Edition memory - a decade of extreme performance

HyperX celebrates 10 years of outstanding performance with its stunning HyperX 10th Anniversary Edition memory.

Computer Assembly Guide Part 2: Memory Installation & Fitting

RAM is the simplest component to fit in my opinion and in this handy little guide I'll show you just how easy it is.

Computer Assembly Guide Part 1: How to Install a CPU and Cooler

If you're looking to build your own computer one of the first steps is installing the CPU and cooler. If this is a task you haven't undertaken before, let me show you just how simple it is in this guide.

CCL Elite Raven II PC for Gamers wins Gold Award!

The popular Elite Raven II games computer has won the prestigious Gold Award from review site!

Battlefield 4 Announcement Inbound

EA to speak about possible next-gen game in around 90 days

EA speaks out about next-gen hardware

Sony and Microsoft will drive sales, not Nintendo

Laptop Memory Upgrade Guide

Ever wanted to increase the performance of your laptop with a simple and easy to perform memory upgrade? Let Steve show you how in this step by step guide.

Futuremark's 3DMark Out Now!

Three new ways to test your systems released into the wild

Even Horses Need The Latest Tech

Dobbin visits CCL.

Windows 8 adoption reaches 2.26%

January report shows true state of Windows 8 uptake

AMD release recommended settings for Crysis 3 beta with Catalyst 13.2 beta driver

AMD release a set of settings for its higher powered Radeon graphics cards to let users get the most out of the recently released Crysis 3 beta with their latest Crysis 3 beta optimised drivers.

Netgear N750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router WNDR4300 Review

With more and more households getting more complex networks, can this new Netgear N750 cut the mustard for modern homes?

Totally Unlimited BT Broadband?

Do you want a broadband connection with no data caps, bandwidth limits or traffic shaping? The answer is probably yes, but the reality offered by the major players is usually far from this.
BT have launched a new range of products that claim to offer exactly this.

Fractal Design announce Core 3000 USB 3.0 ATX Case

The Core 3000 has been one of the most highly awarded ATX cases of recent times, now with the addition of USB 3.0 it is set to be even better.

Loose Change

You might have more money than you think.

OCZ unveils new 750W & 850W Silencer MK III Power Supplies

OCZ Technology has announced two new power supplies making up the Silencer MKIII power supply range. With outputs of 750W and 850W the new range is aimed at gamers looking to power a high end gaming PC.

Samsung Buys 5% of Wacom, maker of quality styluses and graphical tablets

Samsung has purchased 5% of Wacom, could this mean it is making an attempt to equip more of its tablets and smartphones with high quality styluses?