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Posts from January 2013

Microsoft Office 2013 Launches Today

The most innovative optimisation of your workflow, is finally here.

New entry-level range of Workstation PCs now available at CCL

Our ever popular range of Firestorm Workstation PCs has been updated to include the latest technology from our hardware partners.

SteelSeries Flux: Luxury Edition Headset Review

Portable, stylish and cool, but are they any good?

THQ Asset Sales Approved

The hammer has fallen and all bets are final.

Custom mITX Server Build - Part 3

Martin continues building the mITX HyperV server with lots of images!

Acer G6 Series 21.5" Full HD LED Monitor Review

A simple monitor solution with a subtle price tag.

Crysis 3 Beta Coming Very Soon

Justification for your quad SLI gaming rig is almost upon us.

Samsung Hits New OLED Record

Displays exceeds 300 Million OLED panels shipped.

AMD Business Model For 2013

20% of revenue from games gonsoles, next-gen?

Farewell THQ

Publishers scoop up assets as THQ is auctioned off.

ShootMania Storm Release Date and Open Beta

Ubisofts Competitive FPS Is Nearly Here!

The Last of Us Special Editions Details

Naughty Dog's next blockbuster available for pre-order now.

Next-Gen Character Rendering At GDC 2013

Activision Blizzard working on new technology.

Intel to Stop Making Desktop Motherboards

Shifting Focus to "Innovative Form-Factors" over the next three years.

All we know about the Sony PlayStation 4

Everything we know about the upcoming Sony hardware.

RPG Classics Part 1 - The Witcher 2

Taking a look at some of the finest RPG games ever created.

Max Payne 3 DLC

"Deathmatch Made in Heaven" brings four new modes.

Intel to Give Stephen Hawking an Upgrade

Could assist with his ever decreasing rate of communication.

Sony to Sell New York Office Building

$1.1 billion of real estate sold to tide financial losses.

CCL launch the brand new Elite Talon Gaming PC!

CCL launch their latest gaming PC, the Elite Talon for just £649.99 inc VAT! With a powerful Intel Core i7 CPU and AMD Radeon HD 7870 graphics card this is one powerful gaming PC!

CCL Elite Raven II Gaming PC Launched!

CCL have launched a new gaming system for just £499.99 inc VAT that monsters through the latest games at high settings! This is just an amazing value for money for a high spec gaming PC!

Owner of HMV Canada Takes Control of HMV UK

A potential lifeline for the struggling high street entertainment chain.

NVIDIA's GK11 Graphics Card

Flagship "Titan" card will blow you and your wallet away.

Waking Dead Blog: Introduction

This blog will be a kind of mini-walkthrough/review, I'll start this post by giving an introduction to the walking dead series, and aspects of the game, so in my other blog posts, I can get straight to the action.

Netgear WN1000RP - Wifi Booster Review

If you suffer WiFi deadzones, this is the affordable device you've always needed.

Nintendo in 2013

A Rundown of what you can expect from the Nintendo camp this year.

Intel Starts Production of Haswell

i4000 "Haswell" microprocessor keeps moving forward.

Record Labels Offer To Help HMV

HMV's financial troubles could work out well for consumers.

Intel Demonstrates 450mm Wafer

Achieves industry first with latest manufacturing technology.

Havok Wins Game Developer's Front Line Award

Fifth consecutive year win for physics technology.

Google Reassure Us That a Donkey Found On Street View Wasn't Ran Over

We're assured that the Equus Asinus was perfectly fine.

Corsair Hydro Liquid Coolers

New H90 and H110 introduced with 140mm fan.

Head of NVIDIA Speaks Out About Custom Console Hardware

"You cannot make a game console such as the PlayStation 2 anymore".

Lenovo Unveil Their Chromebook

ThinkPad X131e created for schools and students.

Canadian Court Refuses to Ship Megaupload Servers

Despite a heavy handed request from the US courts Canada refuses to release 32 of Kim Dotcom's servers due to the information they may.. or may not.. contain.

XBL:Chat to be swapped for Skype

Xbox Live chat is facing the same fate as Windows Live Messenger, that is to be binned in favour of Skype.

Custom mITX Server Build - Part 2

Martin's motto is plan, plan, plan and then plan your build some more!

New Rugged-style 7-Port USB 3.0 from StarTech

Ideal for wall or rack mounting adding multiple USB 3.0 ports with ease.

Facebook Announce New Feature..

New search ability to steam the falling share prices

Microsoft Introduces "Play" which Brings Certain XBLA Games to Windows 8 and RT

A move which sees Microsoft step closer to taking over the world. Well. not quite.

Apple and Amazon Told to Kiss and Make Up

Judge orders tech giants to try and settle out of court.

Nintendo Have A Major Restructure

The games giant merges their handheld and console divisions in an effort to streamline development.

HMV Closes Online Store

In a move that can only be seen as a cost cutting exercise, but all stores stay open.

Arma III Game Developers Released From Jail

The Greeks really don't like you taking pictures.

Obama Says No to Death Star Project

These aren't the signatures you're looking for.

Announcing The Cooler Master Centurion 6

A Featured Packed, Economical, Long Lasting Mid-Tower.

Raspberry Pi Computer Hits 1 Million Sales

Arguably becoming the world's favourite flavour of pi, but I wouldn't eat this one.

Call of Duty Snubbed by Gearbox

The games studio turned down the chance to create Call of Duty game...

BT Offers Free Wi-Fi

It is for February only, but what are you waiting for!

HMV Enters Administration

Most recognised high street music and film retailer finds it too hard in financial times.

Microsoft Launch Mobile App Competition

Redmond try to drum up apps by offering prime time US advert.

Fujitsu AH512 Laptop Review

With ever more powerful tablets available, is there still a market for lower priced laptops running Windows 8?

Key Sony Exec Hints Possible May Reveal For PS4

Could we see the next generation of Sony PlayStation hardware announced earlier than we first thought?

Next Generation iPad and iPad Mini Rumoured Launch Date of March

An apple a day keeps the doctor away as they say. It looks like this is what Apple are now aiming to achieve with sales.

Cyber Security Company, Kaspersky, Uncovers Huge Cyber Espionage Plot

Forget your Fire Sails and your Swordfishes, it's Red October that's the threat.

Microsoft Investigates Jail-broken Surface

Embarrassed Microsoft say "well done, but naughty" to hackers as just days after the exploit was discovered, it's made available to Joe Public.

Urgent Repair Work To IE 6, 7 and 8

Internet Explorer patch scheduled for 21st January.

Powerline Networking - A Beginners Guide

1.21 Gigawatts? What's all this mains networking about? Doc. Mat takes out the science and gives us the basic rundown of mains networking.

Tiny Z3ro Pro

Teeny tiny PC goes even smaller.

Ducky DK-9008 Shine Review

The duck that goes; click clack, not quack quack. Mat takes the Shine 1 for a spin and give us the skinny on the switches.

The Sims 3 - Is enough enough?

Are EA having a laugh with the reproduction of old Sims expansion packs? They could well be, but fans will need to vote with their wallets to get EA to take notice!

Valve Comment On Their Steam Box

But let's put some of the rumours to bed.

Handshake Between Google and Microsoft

Google picks up handbag in patent tiff.

Custom mITX Server Build - Part 1

Martin guides you through the picking of parts for his awesome mITX server build in this 5 part blog.

Microsoft To Dump Messenger And Use Skype

Don't shoot the messenger, use Skype instead.

HyperX Celebrates 10 years of Spreading

New stylish heat spreader to mark the accolade.

Razer's Edge Gaming Tablet Idea Looks Awesome

But it's an old idea from CES2012?

WD 5.6TB Helium Disks Are Possible

Western Digital could tip Seagate off the throne as storage king.

Corsair H80 Hydro Series High Performance CPU Cooler Review

With all in one watercooling solutions becoming more widespread I decided to give the H80 a run for its money and see just how cool it really is.

Gigabyte Dips Their Hand Into The Elusive Tablet Market

Unveiling a pair of Windows 8 Tablets at CES that appeal to business and consumers.

Asus Reveal Their Smart Tablet

With Windows 8 being a few months into its launch, there hasn't been many commercially available Windows 8 products that combine the tablet experience and laptop experience together in an X86 package.

Netgear steps into the Google TV Market With Their NeoTV Prime

Networking giant takes a swing at the set-top market.

New Lower Power Ivy Bridge Processors

Intel debut their new 7 watt processors aimed at ultrabooks and tablets.

THQ Bidding Commences

Publisher files for bankruptcy with buyers aplenty.

Kingston Announce a Staggering 1TB Flash Drive

A small stick with a hefty byte. Prepare your wallet.

Asus Vivobook S200E 11.6" Review

A touch screen netbook that really unlocks the features of Windows 8 without the input limitations of a tablet.

Microsoft Signs $617 Million Deal with US Department of Defence

A potential life line for the slow to market OS.

SteelSeries kick off CES with their Apex and Apex [RAW] Gaming Keyboards

The world's fastest gaming keyboards on show at CES 2013

Consumer Electronics Show to Kick Off Tomorrow

What big tech innovations will we see this year?

Lenovo Thinkpad Helix at CES

Another addition to the Thinkpad Line-up, is the detachable and limber Helix.

NVIDIA Unveils Project Shield

Hand held Tegra powered gaming system.

Razer Orbweaver Announced

Razer sharp keypad set to aid hardcore gamers.

How to Upgrade to Windows 7 or 8 with a USB Stick

No optical drive? No problem, Mathew shows you how easy installation via a USB is in this handy guide.

ROCCAT Uncovers Ryos Gaming Keyboard Before CES

The German manufacturer is all giddy about this mechanical keyboard.

Samsung and LG fined by Chinese Government for Price Fixing

Four others also get a slap totalling $48M.

Sony Patents Pre-Owned Blocking System

A system which would disable the use of pre-owned games.

Swiftech to Unveil Their Own Closed Water Loop at CES 2013

Is this an attempt to crack the novice water cooling demographic?

Elite is Reborn After Kickstarter Funding Target Reached

Dust off the moon boots and your Cobra MK III

Armed Robbery at Paris Apple Store

More than _1,000,000 worth of Apple products stolen during New Year's Celebrations.

PlayJam Launch Portable Games Console Kickstarter

An Android powered portable console the size of a USB stick?

iWatch could be next on Apple To-do list

MP3 Players, Mobile Phones, Tablets and now Watches.

Cooler Master CM Storm Sentinel Advance II Review

I get hands on with the sucessor to the CM Storm Sentinel Z3R0-G and the Sentinel Advance for another gaming mouse review.

Now Your Phone Can Tell You Where Your Keys Are

Where's me keys, where's me phone...

"Nearly New" Plan on Vodafone to Bring Smartphone Prices Down

But can you get a better deal on eBay?

Microsoft Release Workaround for Zero-day Exploit

The remote code execution vulnerability found in older version of IE receives a temporary fix.

Samsung launching Tizen powered phone in 2013

Japanese consumers get new mobile OS first.

RIM to Let IT Have The Last Word on Camera Functions

Say cheeeeeeeeese, oh, wait.

Too Much Apple Juice This Festive Period?

iOS 6 forgets to wake up on New Year's Day.

Samsung Launching Tizen Powered Phone in 2013

Japanese consumers get new mobile OS first.

Zynga Closes Multiple Games

13 Titles get the axe, players compensated.

Intel to Launch Cable and Web TV Service?

Intel could be about to turn the industry on its head.

UKIE All Format Charts for Week Ending December 31st

Far Cry 3 becomes the last game of 2012 to hit the #1 spot.

PlayStation 2 Sales Come to an End

12 year lifespan reaches conclusion in Japan.

Dead Space 3 Demo Announced

Early access to Tau Volantis from January 22nd on Xbox and PS3.