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Posts from March 2012

MMO mouse for left-handed gamers?

Left-handed Razer Naga a boon for one in ten MMO gamers.

Autobots, ASSEMBLE: Hasbro loses round one to Asus over the Transformer Prime.

Initial hearing rule that the Transformer Prime is both a Tablet and a Toy.

What's new to CCL this week

Our weekly blog bringing you the latest products to arrive on our website.

Fuel Crisis : Woman from York Suffers 40% Burns

Francis Maude told motorists to store fuel at home but his junior and shall we note ex fireman Mike Penning said it was a bad idea. I guess we should listened to the ex fireman.

Fuel Crisis : Rumours of a fuel shortage cause shut downs and even fighting.

Firstly we were told to fill our cars up just in-case and then we were told not to. One day Downing Street will make its mind up.

Generation Fight : Gigabyte GTX 570 Overclocked VS MSI GeForce GTX 470 TwinFrozr II Overclock Review

In this article we have Connell take one heavy hitter from two generations of graphics card to battle them out and push up the Mhz to see which generation settles

Video games training for America's military

US military to increasingly use video games as a training tool.

Final details on Phantasy Star Online 2 released

Sega reveals that Phantasy Star Online 2 will be free-to-play.

Microsoft Flight - Free Download.

Dust of your joysticks and grab your goggles - it's Microsoft Flight

Nvidia GTX 680 launch, well done Nvidia - AMD take note

Tom (CCL Purchaser) muses over the success of Nvidia's GTX 680 and AMD's failings on product launches.

Apple Offers iPad 4G Refunds to Customers Who "Feel misled" in Australia.

Apple and the ACCC in Federal Court over the iPad WiFi + 4G.

Asus Maximus IV Gene Z Motherboard Review

Martin has managed to sink his teeth into the Asus Maximus IV Gene Z a small but powerful mATX motherboard based around the Intel Z68 Express chipset

Transformer Prime tablets to remain on sale

Hasbro fails to stop the Asus from selling its Transformer range of tablets.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 facing influx of hackers

Call of Duty's creative strategist leaves the developer, Infinity Ward, as Modern Warfare 3 is being undone by many hackers.

Battlefield 3 patch delayed by console counterpart

Battlefield 3's latest patch has been delayed by the certification process of its console counterpart.

Good Old Games re-launches online shop as GOG

Cloud-based game distributor Good Old Games re-launches as GOG with a new angle.

FSP Aurum CM 650 Watt PSU Review

Connell takes a look and shows us around the FSP AU-650M power supply, one heavy hitting PSU from one of the largest ODM Manufacturers.

Is the sequel to Prey cancelled?

Prey 2 may be canned as the game's developer does nothing to quash rumours of its cancellation.

Starbreeze to release free-to-play game

The next release by Starbreeze Studios will be a free-to-play title named Cold Mercury.

Headset Review : Sennheiser PC-333D Vs Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3d Sigma

Here Michael gives two headsets a head to head shoot out and shares his wisdom when it comes to purchasing a headset.

More WOW players dating than on dating sites

World of Warcraft gamers are getting all the action.

What's new to CCL this week

Our weekly blog bringing you the latest products to arrive on our website.

Nvidia unveils its fastest GPU ever

Nvidia unveils the brand new GeForce GTX 680 GPU.

Total War: Shogun 2 gets a huge patch

Patch released just in time for gamers to bring Japan back into the age of imperialism.

Seagate reach 1TB per square inch hard drives

Seagate breaks record for hard drive storage capacity.

Dark Souls PC port almost certain

The Dark Souls PC port is all but confirmed.

Bioware consider feedback on Mass Effect 3 ending

Bioware assert that fans may not have seen the last of their Mass Effect protagonist.

Blizzard rejects free-to-play model for WOW

Blizzard rejects free-to-play model despite falling subscriber numbers.

Fancy a computer for a desk?

A new computer manufacturer is building computers into desks.

Microprocessor sales up, more growth expected

While sales of microprocessors increased in the final quarter of 2011, the IDC believes that 2012 will see stronger growth.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter aiming for authenticity

EA's creative director says Medal of Honor: Warfighter is all about authenticity.

Make way for Resident Evil 6, says Capcom

Capcom is not concerned about releasing Resident Evil 6 in the busy festive period.

Controversial Mass Effect 3 ending defended by BioWare

BioWare's Casey Hudson says the polarised opinion over the ending to Mass Effect 3 is good, because at least the game isn't forgettable.

Intel to introduce Thunderbolt cables later this year

Fibre-optic Thunderbolt cables will be released by Intel later this year.

Assassin's Creed 3 to fight the Revolution

Some details have been released about Assassin's Creed 3, which will be set in the American Revolution.

Molyneux to depart Lionhead Studios and Microsoft

Legendary video game developer is set to leave Lionhead Studios and Microsoft to start up 22 Cans.

What's new to CCL this week

Welcome to a new weekly blog on CCL Tech bringing you the latest products to arrive on our website.

Acer boss' ultrabook claims appear unrealistic

Claims made by Acer boss Jianren Weng about falling ultrabook prices do not stack up.

Warner Bros and Gaikai launch first cloud-based MMOs

The Lord of The Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online are now the first MMOs to be made available to stream via the cloud.

Skyrim wins best game, but Portal 2 takes the plaudits

Skyrim may have won best game but Portal 2 was the big winner at the Game Developers Choice Awards.

Epic continues to push console manufacturers on future of gaming

Developers do not want consoles to get left behind in the technology stakes.

SimCity is back, bigger and in 3D

Maxis and EX have confirmed that a new 3D SimCity with an online multiplayer option will arrive next year.

Intel GPA 2012 to boost performance for gamers

Intel has a new suite of optimisation tools for its Core and Atom processors.

University invents game controller that tugs the thumb

A new game controller that tugs at the thumb tips has been developed by experts at the University of Utah.

Halo 4 brings 'dramatic innovation'

Dramatic innovations are on the way when Halo 4 finally launches, according to developers 343.

October launch for BioShock: Infinite

BioShock: Infinite will finally be released in October, it has been confirmed.

Seagate takes the lead in the HDD sector

Seagate is now the leading HDD supplier after a strong fourth quarter.