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Posts from February 2012

Microsoft unveils Windows 8

The new software will work equally well on tablets and computers

Raspberry Pi is an instant hit

Tiny educational computer the Raspberry Pi sold out within hours of going on sale.

World of Warplanes gets Soviet update

Soviet aircraft have been added to the expanded World of Warplanes alpha version.

OCZ launches Fatal1ty gamer PSU

The Fatal1ty PSU from OCZ has been developed in partnership with one of the world's top gamers.

IBM makes quantum leap

IBM has made breakthroughs which it claims make quantum computing a possibility.

Microsoft reveals 3D Kinect desktops

The Applied Sciences team at Microsoft have been working on 3D desktops using Kinect techniology.

Transformer Prime Infinity Series sees Asus ditch Tegra 3

Asus has updated its popular Transformer Prime with the Infinity Series.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter will not include Bin Laden operation

Medal of Honor: Warfighter will feature real life Tier-1 operations, but the hunt for Osama bin Laden is not included.

Medal of Honour: Warfighter announced by EA

The next instalment of Medal of Honour will hit shelves in October, it has been confirmed.

BioWare defends day-one DLC for Mass Effect 3

The day-one DLC for Mass Effect 3 was completed after the game was finished, executive producer Casey Hudson confirms.

SanDisk reveals 128GB NAND flash memory chip

The world's smallest 128GB NAND memory flash chip has been unveiled by SanDisk.

Survey reveals state of UK broadband

Broadband speeds can fall as low as 1.1Mbps in the countryside, it is revealed.

Capcom crack comp for Street Fighter X Tekken

Capcom has big plans for Street Fighter X Tekken, including a $500,000 tournament prize.

Valve knows it's annoying, still no Half-Life 3 news

Half-Life 3 may or may not be on its way, but at least Valve knows it is annoying gamers.

Rockstar provides Direct X 11 support for LA Noire

Gamers playing LA Noire on the PC now have Direct X 11 support.

Bethesda demonstrates commitment to perfecting Skyrim

Bethesda has released more updates for Skyrim in its short life than were ever attempted for Fallout 3 and Oblivion.

Google planning faster, simpler and more secure Chromebooks

The underwhelming first-generation Chromebooks are being replaced by faster, more effective models, Google confirms.

Windows 8 prompts ultrabook rethink

Ultrabooks will be transforming into touchscreens to keep up with windows 8.

Innovation promised for all-new Call of Duty

The next COD title will be brand new a show "meaningful innovation", according to Activision.

Mass Effect 3 peripherals available from Razer

BioWare and Razer have joined forces to create dedicated peripherals for Mass Effect 3.

Bafta nominations for Arkham City and LA Noire

Batman and LA Noire's Cole Phelps will battle it out for Baftas at this year's game awards.

Ubisoft to release Assassins Creed 3 this year?

Game developer Ubisoft could be unleashing Assassin's Creed later this year.

Lenovo's PC market share reaches 14%

Lenovo's strong quarter shows the brand continues to make headway in the global PC market.

Call of Duty: Black Ops - officially the best ending ever

Guinness World Records has recognised Call of Duty: Black Ops as having the best ending of any computer game ever made.

Blizzard and Valve at war over Defense of the Ancients

Blizzard and Valve are locked in a bitter dispute about use of the Defense of the Ancients name.

Silicon chip technology to be unveiled at CPTF

The latest in silicon chip technology will be unveiled by leading companies at the 2012 Common Platform Technology Forum.

Tax breaks creating game development talent drain in the UK

The UK could have been a global leader in the world of computer game development, if economic conditions were different.

Hit! Activision and Hasbro announce Battleship: the game

A video game based on the classic boardgame Battleship is being released by Activision and Hasbro.

Bethesda takes step closer to Skyrim Workshop and Creation Kit

Bethesda Studios release full version of Skyrim 1.4 update on Skyrim.

Star Wars: Old Republic owes success to 'tried and tested' game expansion model

Star Wars: The Old Republic continues to capture gamers imagination, becoming one of the fastest selling MMOs of all time.

Battlefield 3 DLC announcement next week

Electronic Arts will be revealing details of the next Battlefield 3 DLC next week.

HDD disruption set to carry on until 2013, Seagate claims

The disruption to supply of HDD devices caused by the flooding in Thailand will be felt into next year, it is claimed.

Subscription MMOs 'are not dying'

Subscription MMOs are not dead, but firms must be more flexible with their pay models, an expert claims.

Apple now the world's largest PC vendor

Apple's strong fourth quarter has made it the biggest PC vendor in the world.