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Posts from December 2012


After 20 days of voting, it is time to unveil the ultimate winner.

LG Display at CES 2013

AH-IPS 4K Displays to be on show.

Toshiba 20 Megapixel Image Sensor

30FPS at 20 Megapixels? Yes please!

Intel patents proximity sensors

Could next-gen gaming consoles dish out proximity warnings?

War Z Creator Makes Mass Apology

Publishes open letter to fans of the troubled game.

Flagship Haswell i7 4770K

New chips 4600 GPU is 3X faster than Ivy Bridge (apparently).

AMD FX-8300 Out This Week

Power efficiency mixed with 8 cores should be epic!

Valley 2 Early-Access Beta

Game now out on Steam for PC/Mac.

Craig Mundie to retire in 2014

Microsoft Chief Research Officer to step down.

Global 3D Video Market Not Failing?

High prices and limited content not holding back the format.

Silroad Online ROC Time Attack Event Impossible?

Event brought elite players to their knees.

Minecraft film on Pirate Bay

Don't worry, it was voluntarily put there by the Producers.

The Hunt For Missing Reindeer Is Over!

Christmas went ahead as usual this year thanks to our reindeer hunters helping Santa get them all back in-time to set off on Christmas Eve.

Gigabyte Z77 Motherboard Line-up and Feature Comparison

Steve takes a look at 3 choice Gigabyte Z77 boards for a rundown on features and some insight into which one may suit your needs.

January Video Game Release Dates

A run-down of the multi-format releases for early 2013.

NVIDIA Shop Now Open at CCL

Visit the CCL Showroom and experience the ultimate in graphics with our new NVIDIA Showroom Shop

Assassin's Creed 3 PC Review

Does sitting in the Animus still entertain?

HTC Making Windows RT Tech?

They could be making a new Windows Tablet.

UKIE's London Games Festival Art Exhibition

Event raises over œ30,000 for gaming charity "SpecialEffect".

NVIDIA Tegra "Wayne" Spec

Quad-Core Cortex-A15 GPU Detailed

Samsung Flexible Screen Technology

New tech to be demonstrated at CES 2013.

God Mode Annoucned

Atlus' new co-op shooter set for 2013 release.

Guns of Icarus Online Update and Holiday Sale

New Gun, New Map, Free Costumes, and 50% off!

Star Trek - The Game

Release Date & Pre-Order Information Unveiled.

Nintendo TVii Launched

Wii U software allows for second screen viewing experience.

Trouble for Google Maps on iOS

European watchdogs investigate privacy breach.

Sony Yuga Super-Phone

First details appear online of this next gen super phone.

The End of the World is... 2,000/1

Dead Island Riptide and Paddy Power set the odds of the world ending.

AMD Radeon HD 8000M

"Solar System" Radeon Range To Launch At CES

Raspberry Pi App Store

More Pi for everyone it seems.

MOH: Warfighter to Get New Maps This Week

New maps are inspired by Zero Dark Thirty.

PS3 best selling console of 2012

Out Sells Xbox 360 by 1.3 Million Units.

Exynos 4 Exploit

Samsung mobile devices could be at risk.

BenQ G2750 27 inch LCD Review

The affordable feature packed monitor for the experts at BenQ.

Xmas Bundle 2.0 from Indie Royale

Just in time for the holidays!

Google Maps for iOS

10 million downloads in 48 hours.

NVIDIA To Reveal New Tegra At CES

Tegra "Wayne" and "Grey" Chips To Be On Show.

Agni's Philosophy Tech Specs

Remember the Square Enix tech demo, want to know what hardware it used?

Samsung Responsible for Factory Worker's Cancer

Exposure to carcinogens due to lack of safety equipment and tests.

Intel & NVIDIA could merge

Rumor has it that pair are in talks to join forces, death star construction possible.

Innovative Dual Screen Yota Phone

One e-ink and one 720p LED.

iPad Mini 2 Rumor

Next iteration to have higher resolution screen.

No Google Apps For Win 8

Not enough interest in the OS to commit.

Amazon Smart Phone In Production?

Is Foxconn working on Amazons next bit of tech?

Roxio Game Capture PRO HD Review

Capture, stream and share your gaming experiences.

Age of Wushu

Second Closed Beta to be open?

MechWarrior Online

Pilot Safety Information Guide.

Samsung Set For 28nm Chips

Austin facility to manufacture new chips in 2013.

THQ Makes A Bundle

Humble Bundle reaches not so humble target.

Apple Hiring Engineers

On the scout for AMD GPU engineers?

Seagate Announces Video HDD

Perfect for 24/7 Applications.

Overclocking World Record for A5800K

Asrock and Nick Shih take Trinity to 7.93Ghz.

AMD Unsure About 20nm Time Frame

May use current process that little bit longer.

NVIDIA: Project Denver

Not Set To Compete for Micro-Servers.

Kingston Wi-Drive for Mobile Devices

iOS, Android and even Kindle benefit from 128GB Wireless Storage.

The laptop Christmas gift buying guide 2012

If you are stuck for a present this Christmas there is still time to order from CCL, here are some of our best laptop offers this Christmas

Are "Special Editions" really special?

Software, Games and even Consoles.

Hitman HD Trilogy

Triple dose of classic gaming coming in February 2013.

13th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards

GDC now open for nominations, who will you vote for?

Sim Bin Mega Bundle

Racing Fans Treated to Steam Bundle Deal.

Google Maps for iOS 6

Because lets face it, Apple Maps is seriously broken.

Police Taser Woman In US Apple Shop

Trying to buy too many phones is hazardous to your health.

The conversation that changed my rendered world! Part 5

Ponderings of a 30 year old gamer..

Assassin's Creed 3 Sells 7 Million Copies

Turns out something good can come out of all that violence after all. Starts is Holiday Sales

Duke Nukem 3D for PC & Mac for Free.

Haswell Core i7 4770K

Flagship Haswell CPU Detailed.

AMD Lays Zambezi To Rest

Q2 2013 will see Vishera replace Zambezi.

Diablo 3 Console Edition

Game still in development, but nothing official.

Green Eco CPU's Go Server Class

Greener, Leaner and just as Meaner.

Games Worth A Lifetime Part 5 - Lights, Camera, Action!

The best games of our lifetime that deserve your attention.

Cooler Master - CM Storm Sentinel Z3RO-G Gaming Mouse Review

The most comfortable mouse I've ever put my paws on - but is it worth the cash?

Futuremark Cloud Gate benchmark

Screenshots for new DirectX 10 test

Holiday Festivities in San Paro

Goodie filled content update for APB Reloaded.

Pokedex for iOS

More than 640 Pokemon at the touch of a button.

Zotac M-ITX FM2 Motherboard

AMD Trinity support from new board.

Dark Souls II Announced

Didn't gamers get enough punishment the first time!?

The GeForce Experience

NVIDIA Launch Software Beta.

Hackers Add Homebrew Channel to Wii U

U Homebrew Bro?

To Those Who Say IE 10 Sucks...

Well you're just sad, say Microsoft...

Hitachi To Stop Semiconductor Manufacturing

Semiconductor Business To End By March 2014.

Powercolor Launches New 7000 Series Card

HD 7850 Fling Force detailed.

AMD Never Settle Game Bundle 2/3 - Hitman: Absolution

While I will do my best to avoid spoilers in my discussions of games it's not always possible to do so when conveying why and where a game excels or falls short.

CM Storm Trigger Mechanical Keyboard Review

As mechanical keyboards make a comeback CM Storm bring you the Trigger and Martin is here to smash the Cherry MX's and give us a review.

OCZ Vector Series

MLC NAND & Barefoot 3 controller combined in latest SSD offering

Roccat Kave 5.1 Surround Sound Headphone Review

The 5.1 headphones that pack a punch without hitting the wallet.

Mobile Phone Giant Nokia Sell Their HQ

To free up some capital but stay in the HQ for the time being.

Gamers Want GTA 5 on PC

Online petition gains momentum to bring game to PC's.

Xbox 360 Still Selling Strong

Microsofts hardware holds top spot for 23rd month.

Intel on Track for 5nm Process

Could we have 5nm by 2015?

Record _1.47billion Fine for TV Makers

Naughty chaps done for fixing prices.

Crysis 3 Set To Punish Your PC

HD Textures to be available at launch.

Creative Assembly Announce New Partnership

The large studio team up with Warhammer to create new Warhammer games! (exciting)

The conversation that changed my rendered world! Part 4

The gaming world according to Guba.

CCL's Reindeer Roundup is Back!

Santa you clumsy fool!! You've let all the reindeers out again.

Google Exec Chairman wonders why Apple have not targeted them

Eric Schmidt ponders why Apple has not taken their patent fight to Google's door step.

Microsoft Opens to the World

After almost a year of private beta Microsoft's social network goes live.

Cooler Master Makes Liquid Cooling Comeback

Cooler Master Seidon 120M marks the return.

Socket To Me Baby

Intel committed to CPU sockets for foreseeable future.

TSMC Set to Produce NVIDIA Maxwell

20nm GPUs are in development.

UK Gaming Trade Bodies Release a Statement

UKIE and TIGA welcome government tax breaks.

Asus at Insomnia 47

When it comes to blistering performance and phenomenal overclocks, Asus are always around to show us what we need to get the job done.

Saitek X52 Pro Flight Control System Review

Martin requests to taxi his desk and take off with this immersive flight control system from Saitek.

AMD stay with swappable CPUs

With rumours that Intel are not doing swappable CPUs in the future AMD says no to the idea.

UK Chancellor Promises Help to Games Companies

Tax relief and skills investment offered to the industry.

Jonathan Ross opens his own game Studio

The celebrity and gamer confirms Hotsauce Interactive.

The Pope gets the Twitter Bug

Pope Benedict XVI decides to start Tweeting!

Xbox ban denied by US Judge

Google owned Motorola fails to ban sale of xbox in US and Germany.

No Borderlands 2 for Wii U

Pandora explorers have no place in the Mii-verse.

Cooler Master at Insomnia 47

You don't get any cooler than the guys from Cooler Master.

Wii U sells out in US

Nintendo shifts an impressive 400,000 units

Day five at Insomnia 47 - Take down and pack up

Ready, Steady. GO HOME!

Day four at Insomnia 47 - The lull before the pack-down

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

Day three at Insomnia 47 - Chaos and More