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Posts from January 2012

AMD launches HD7950 graphics card and memory modules

The HD7950 AMD Graphics card offers similar performance to the HD7970, at a lower price.

EverQuest goes free to play

EverQuest is the next game to switch to a free-to-play model, after 13 years and 18 expansions.

Windows 8 'to be cheaper with ARM'

Running Windows 8 on an ARM platform could be a lot cheaper than using Intel chips, it is claimed.

Microsoft extending Kinect to netbooks?

Microsoft appears to be ready to bring Kinect technology to laptops and netbooks.

Battlefield 3 banning issue in hand, says EA

Electronic Arts is "taking steps" to revoke bans given to innocent players by a hacking group.

Intel agrees $120m deal for RealNetworks software

RealNetworks' next generation video codec software and a number of patents have been sold to Intel.

Symantec warns customers to stop using pcAnywhere

Computer users operating Symantec's pcAnywhere have been urged to turn it off immediately.

Release for Aliens: Colonial Marines pushed back

Aliens: Colonial Marines will now not be released until mid-autumn, it has been confirmed.

AMD and Nvidia blame Thailand for drop in GPU sales

The flooding in Thailand and the resultant impact on HDD availability has affected GPU sales, according to both AMD and Nvidia.

Mass Effect 3 to be made more accessible for newbies

BioWare is promising to make Mass Effect 3 more accessible to new players.

Beta patch available for Skyrim

A beta version of the 1.4 patch of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is now available via Steam.

Brits will pay for movies, but not catch-up TV

The streaming of movies is something Britons will pay for, but they are less enthusiastic about being charged to watch television on their PCs.

Power profiling study could signal big technological shift

New research into the power profiling of microprocessors will shape the development of technology for years to come, according to experts.

Resident Evil 6 arrives in November

Capcom is promising a fright like you've never had before with Residential Evil 6.

Intel announces scheme to replace chips ruined by overclocking

Intel has announced it will provide a one-time only replacement for certain chips that are damaged by overclocking.

Mass Effect 3 demo to launch on Feb 14th

A demo version of Mass Effect 3 will go live on February 14th, ahead of the full release on March 9th.

Namco exec rubbishes quality of free-to-play games

Free games are never going to be of good quality and block the development of bigger and better titles, according to one industry figure.

AMD looks to offer cheaper ultrabook alternative to Intel

The new AMD platform will look to undercut the Ivy Bridge product from Intel.

Engage with Star Trek Online for free

Star Trek Online has moved to a free-to-play model.

Samsung reveals Series 5 Ultrabook

Thin yet powerful and boasting up to 1TB of storage, Samsung claims its Series 5 Ultrabook will change consumers' perceptions.

Star Wars: The Old Republic update is delayed

BioWare has delayed the launch of Rise of the Rakghouls to tackle some bugs.

ioSafe pulls off 'shocking' durability test for new Rugged Portable Thunderbolt hard drive

IoSafe has put yet another one of its hard drives through a vigorous test as part of its latest durability PR stunt.

Al Gore considers video games to fight climate change

Al Gore believes the future of the climate change fight lies in computer games and social media.

Cache SSD shipments to see hundred-fold increase in four years

Intel's commitment to the ultrabook market will push cache SSD sales through the roof.

THQ denies sale and 2014 cancellation claims

THQ insists it has not paved the way for a sale by cancelling its 2014 game line-up.

'Dark Souls for PC' petition catches attention of Namco Bandai bosses

Dark Souls petition gets noticed by bosses at Bandai Namco, offering some hope that the title will appear on PC.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 named 2011 best seller

Absolutely no prizes are being awarded for guessing the name of 2011's biggest selling game.

BioWare reveals character texture bug in Star Wars: The Old Republic

The texture problems experienced by some players in star Wars: the Old Republic are due to a system bug.

HP uses glass on the Envy 14 Spectre

The new HP ultrabook makes use of glass in an unusual design.

Corsair unveils new cooling and lighting kits for gamers

Corsair has introduced new lighting and cooling kits that make automatic adjustments.

CCL Elite Hawk Gaming PC System Launched!

CCL have launched a new gaming system for œ399.97 inc VAT that plays the latest games at high settings! Amazing value for money and one not to be missed.

Intel joins ultrabook war with new innovations

Intel is looking to muscle in on the ultrabook sector with a host of innovative new devices.

Lenovo unveils innovative IdeaPad Yoga

Lenovo's latest ultrabook features an innovative design that transforms it into a tablet.

SSD sales to continue growth in 2012

As the HDD sector struggles to recover, SSD sales should continue to see strong growth in 2012, it is claimed.

Acer unveils ultra-thin ultrabook, the Aspire S5

With a maximum width of just 15mm, Acer claims its new ultrabook is the thinnest on the market.

Is AMD Bulldozer a viable platform in 2012?

Connell takes a look at the AMD FX 8150 "Bulldozer" CPU and compares it to one of the early chips from the previous generation to see if the game has really moved on for AMD...

Intel gives OCZ Deneva2 SSDs seal of approval

Intel has approved the OCZ Deneva2 SSDs for use in it ultrabooks.

New ThinkPad laptop and ultrabook from Lenovo

Lenovo is introducing a new laptop and its first business use ultrabook in 2012, it has confirmed.

HP looks to make an impact with three new devices at CES

Three new HP products will be unveiled at CES, including the firm's first 27-inch all-in-one PC.

Intel to halt production of common CPUs

Intel will halt production of many desktop CPUs as it paves the way for Ivy Bridge.

Smaller Eee Pad Transformer Prime in the offing?

Asus could be set to release a smaller version of the popular Eee Pad Transformer Prime.

Star Wars: The Old Republic smashes MMO sales figures

Star Wars: The Old Republic is the fastest-selling subscription MMO ever released, according to EA.

Sonic 4: Episode II finally reaching gamers in 2012

Sonic the Hedgehog returns in a brand new game for 2012, Sega has confirmed.