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£100 - £4,000
Battery Life (min)
14 minutes - 28 minutes
200 m - 5000 m
Drone Model

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CCL Code: DRN0081
Part Number: CP.EN.00000120.01
Manufacturer: DJI
CCL Code: DRN0069
Part Number: CP.PT.00000210.01
Manufacturer: DJI
CCL Code: DRN0009
Part Number: CP.PT.000746
Manufacturer: DJI

A drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle, and are among the most advanced devices in aeronautics, robotics and electronics.

They are made from light composite materials and are usually equipped with various equipment such as cameras for recording video or taking pictures, and GPS systems so they can follow you autonomously.

Our selection of drones cover a wide range of applications, from small nano/mini drones for play, to serious quadcopters for taking incredible footage or photography.