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CCL Code: ACC3849
Part Number: 101981
Manufacturer: Manhattan

Are you looking for a memory card reader? Then you’re in the right place. 

Memory card readers are devices for accessing the data on memory cards such as SD, MD, or CF cards. They can be either external devices that plug into a USB on your computer, or they can be internal, slotting into the PC case.

Buy a good quality memory card reader and you’ll be able to quickly and easily transfer data from devices such as mobile phones and digital cameras onto your computer. For example, using an SD card reader to transfer photos onto your computer will be considerably quicker than using a cable from your camera directly to the computer. 

In other words, if you’re regularly transferring data to and from your PC on to a digital device, use a memory card reader!

At CCL we stock a wide range of memory card readers from manufacturers such as StarTech, Kingston, SanDisk, Kingston, Sandberg and more.