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DXRacer Gaming Chairs

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CCL Code: FUR0168
Part Number: OH/DH61/NWB
Manufacturer: DXRacer
CCL Code: FUR0165
Part Number: OH/CE120/NG
Manufacturer: DXRacer

Gaming isn’t just about the game itself, it's about the environment you play the game in. Everything should be taken into consideration for your ideal gaming rig, and that includes the chair you use.

With chairs by renowned companies such as Aero Cool, AK Racing, Arozzi, Nitro Concepts, Pagnian, Thermaltake and Vertagear, you'll have no problem finding the ideal seat. With gaming chairs that will still slip seamlessly into a more formal office environment, they can easily double up as office chairs, complete with armrests, a high back and a swivel base.

These office/gaming chair hybrids are able to provide the comfort you need to endure a long gaming session, whilst also being a comfortable office chair when work needs to be done.