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ASUS Ethernet Adapters

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Interface Type
LAN Port Speed
Number of LAN Ports
1 port(s) - 4 port(s)

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ASUS XG-C100C PCI Express 10Gb Ethernet Adapter
1 review
  • PCI Express Interface
  • 1 Network Port
  • Speed: 10000Mbps

£93.53 inc VAT

CCL Code: NET2714
Part Number: 90IG0440-MO0R00
Manufacturer: ASUS

An ethernet adapter provides your computer with a network port, generally used to connect to a router, modem or other computer through the use of a network cable. The large majority of computers and laptops come with an ethernet port pre-installed on their motherboards, however if these break or you are using a system that does not come with one pre-installed then you can by an adapter.

Ethernet adapters come with different interfaces for your system - usually PCI, PCI Express or USB - as well as different speeds from up to 10MB/s (10/100Mbps), 100MB/s (10/100/1000Mbps, also known as "Gigabit") to 1GB/s (10000Mbps or "10Gb").