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Aten CAMLIVE HDMI to USB-C UVC Video Capture
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CCL Code: AVD0781
Part Number: UC3020
Manufacturer: ATEN

Capture cards are a class of video capture devices designed to plug directly into expansion slots or USB ports. These cards typically include one or more software drivers to expose the cards' features, via various operating systems, to software applications that further process the video for specific purposes. They will often accept video and sound from a variety of sources, such as Composite, S-Video, Component, VGA, DVI and HDMI.

There are many applications for video capture cards including converting a live analog source into some type of analog or digital media, (such as a VHS tape to a DVD), archiving, video editing, scheduled recording (such as a DVR), television tuning, or video surveillance. The cards may have significantly different designs to optimally support each of these functions. Capture cards can be used for recording a video game longplay (LP) so gamers can make walkthrough gameplay videos.

One of the most popular applications for video capture cards is to capture video and audio for live Internet video streaming. The live stream can also be simultaneously archived and formatted for video on demand. The capture cards used for this purpose are typically purchased, installed, and configured in host PC systems by hobbyists or systems integrators. Some care is required to select suitable host systems for video encoding, particularly HD applications which are more affected by CPU performance, number of CPU cores, and certain motherboard characteristics that heavily influence capture performance.