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Case Accessories & Modding

Make your case your own with our range of accessories and modifications. From LED lights to anodised aluminium thumb screws with Viking head designs we will have something for everyone's taste. Not into the modding scene but want to get the most out of your computer case then our case accessories line are perfect for adding another drive bay to your computer or converting one size to another.

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£11.58 inc VAT

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CCL Choice 2.5" to 3.5" HDD/SSD Mounting Kit
Ideal for mounting your SSD to your spare 3.5" drive bay

Manufacturer: Generic   CCL Code: ACC0455
Mnfr Code: ACE-900

£2.49 inc VAT


NZXT IU01 Internal USB Expansion Board
3 x Internal USB Headers for 6 ports
2 x Internal USB Type-A ports

Manufacturer: NZXT   CCL Code: CAS9110
Mnfr Code: IU01

£12.40 inc VAT


Phanteks Multicolor RGB LED Strip - 2 Metres

Manufacturer: Phanteks   CCL Code: ACC1633
Mnfr Code: PH-LEDKT_M2

£20.98 inc VAT


Corsair SSD Mounting Bracket

Manufacturer: Corsair   CCL Code: CAS1444
Mnfr Code: CSSD-BRKT1

£3.69 inc VAT


Phanteks PWM Fan Hub

Manufacturer: Phanteks   CCL Code: ACC1634
Mnfr Code: PH-PWHUB_01

£15.12 inc VAT


NZXT Hue+ RGB Dual Channel LED Controller - Black

Manufacturer: NZXT   CCL Code: ACC1608
Mnfr Code: AC-HUEPS-M1

£55.40 inc VAT


Powercool 60cm Red LED Strip
IP65 SMD5050 36 LED

Manufacturer: Powercool   CCL Code: ACC0960
Mnfr Code: 60CM LED RED

£4.11 inc VAT


NZXT LED Cable 200cm Red

Manufacturer: NZXT   CCL Code: CAB1204
Mnfr Code: CBLED20RD

£12.11 inc VAT


Phanteks Multicolor RGB LED Strip - 1 Metre

Manufacturer: Phanteks   CCL Code: ACC1632
Mnfr Code: PH-LEDKT_M1

£17.61 inc VAT


Thermaltake Lumi RGB Magnetic LED Kit

Manufacturer: Thermaltake   CCL Code: ACC1647
Mnfr Code: AC-037-LN1NAN-A1

£36.34 inc VAT


Be Quiet! Universal Mid Tower Noise Absorber Kit

Manufacturer: Be Quiet!   CCL Code: ACC0661
Mnfr Code: BGZ13

£9.98 inc VAT


Anti-Static Wristband

Manufacturer: CCL Choice   CCL Code: ACC0350
Mnfr Code: ATR-ACCASW01

£2.86 inc VAT


Aerocool DS 200 Acrylic Side Window Panel w/ Noise Dampening

Manufacturer: Aero Cool   CCL Code: CAS1518
Mnfr Code: EN51882

£6.99 inc VAT


Manufacturer: Generic   CCL Code: CAS1670
Mnfr Code: GalaxyFront

£21.39 inc VAT


StarTech 11 Piece PC Computer Tool Kit
with Carrying Case

Manufacturer: Startech   CCL Code: ACC1311
Mnfr Code: CTK200

RRP £17.39 - Save £4.95

CCL Price £12.44 inc VAT


Corsair Dominator Airflow Platinum Memory Fan Cooler with LED for Corsair Dominator Platinum

Manufacturer: Corsair   CCL Code: ACC1509
Mnfr Code: CMDAF

RRP £48.13 - Save £6.18

CCL Price £41.95 inc VAT


Powercool 30cm Red LED Strip
IP65 SMD5050 18pcs LED Molex Connector Retail Box

Manufacturer: Powercool   CCL Code: ACC0871
Mnfr Code: 30CM LED RED

£4.50 inc VAT


ICY BOX IB-2227StS Mobile Rack for 2x 2.5" SATA HDD or SSD

Manufacturer: ICYBOX   CCL Code: CAS1557
Mnfr Code: IB-2227StS

£29.06 inc VAT


In Win 3.5" to 2.5"" Metal HDD Converter Kit Black
Retail Packaged

Manufacturer: Inwin   CCL Code: ACC0521
Mnfr Code: HDD KIT

£3.10 inc VAT


C2G 150mm 100 Pack Cable Ties (Black)

Manufacturer: Cables to Go   CCL Code: ACC1489
Mnfr Code: 88137

RRP £10.26 - Save £2.61

CCL Price £7.65 inc VAT