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AMD Chipset Graphics Cards

£70 - £1,000
Chipset Manufacturer
AMD Radeon
Memory Size
2 GB - 16 GB
PCI-E Pin Type
Interface Type
VR Ready
GPU Length
152 mm - 340 mm
Card Width

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AMD Radeon – Revolutionising Desktop Graphics

Radeon is a brand of computer products which include graphics processing units (GPUs), produced by Radeon Technologies Group which is a division of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). Formerly known as ATI Technologies, it launched in 2000 and was later acquired by AMD in 2006 and remains the only major competitor to NVIDIA in the graphics market.

With GPUs aimed at the gaming market being Radeon’s primary focus, the company also develop professional graphics solutions such as the Radeon FirePro and Pro series. AMD have introduced many new technologies that have helped to position itself as a cost effective alternative solution to the competition. AMD FreeSync™ technology eliminates screen tearing and stuttering experienced in video games to deliver perfectly smooth gameplay and peak performance at virtually any framerate. See more and do more with AMD Eyefinity technology which allows for a multi-monitor setup for a more immersive gaming experience and greater productivity.