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Dynamode UPS Battery Backup

£7 - £4,000

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CCL Code: UPS0196
Part Number: PDU-12WS-V-SP-1U
Manufacturer: Dynamode

It is important to protect sensitive electronic equipment such as computers from fluctuations and cuts in the power as unexpected loss of power can cause permanent damage to components and data loss. A UPS will act as a surge protector, battery backup and generally “smooth” out the power your computer receives and ensure maximum stability. UPS devices are normally found attached to expensive mission critical workstations (such as graphical workstations or CAD machines) or servers where any downtime is unacceptable. UPS systems work by detecting decreases in the amount of electricity coming from the wall circuit and then boosting power to maintain a constant flow of electricity to the connected equipment. This power boost is achieved either from an internal transformer than enhances the electricity supply or from an internal battery that substitutes for the normal power source in the event of power failure.