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Adata Power Supplies

£10 - £400
250 W - 1800 W
80Plus Rated
PSU Form Factor
Modular Cables
PCI-E Pin Type
PCI-E Connectors
0 - 18
SATA Connectors
0 - 16
Molex connectors
0 - 11
Motherboard Power Connectors
PSU Depth
100 mm - 230 mm
ETA Efficiency Cert.
Lambda Noise Cert.

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Adata XPG CORE REACTOR 850W Modular 80+ Gold PSU
  • 4x Molex Connectors
  • 12x SATA Connectors
  • 6x PCIe Connectors (6+2-Pin)
  • 4+4+8-Pin CPU Power Connector
  • ATX Form Factor
CCL Code: PSU1828
Part Number: 75260041
Manufacturer: Adata

Power supplies (PSU) are often neglected when building a computer system. The power supply distributes the power to all the individual components within the PC, without it your PC would not run. The quality of components and technologies used to manufacture PSUs varies greatly. A poor quality power supply can greatly reduce the lifespan of your components, cause instability and even fail when overloaded. A high quality PSU will provide a more stable, more reliable system that will also produce less noise and heat. The higher quality power supplies will also operate more efficiently reducing your electricity bill and helping the environment. Remember not all power supplies are made equal.