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Basic CCL Laptop Bag Information

Do laptops and netbooks come with cases in the box?

Unless specifically stated most laptops, netbooks and notebooks do not come with an included case or bag.

What is the difference between a laptop bag and a laptop slip case?

A laptop bag will hold the laptop, notebook or netbook with its charger and accessories and feature a carrying strap. The slip case style will just hold the laptop on its own without any carrying handles and rarely any space for a charger and accessories.

What different styles of laptop bag are available?

Laptop bags come in a variety of styles to suit everyone’s taste. The features of each style vary to offer different markets the features they desire. A bag aimed at a home user will differ from one designed for a mobile professional for example. Here is a brief list of the different styles of bag currently available:

- Briefbag laptop bags
- Top Loading laptop bags
- Backpack style laptop bags
- Messenger style laptop bags
- Rolling laptop bags
- Ladies laptop bags
- Men’s laptop bags

Each style also comes in different sizes suitable for 15” notebooks, 17” notebooks and of course bags for netbooks.

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Wenger Swissgear Potomac Roller Bag
15.4" Business Set
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£91.12 inc VAT

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CCL Code: BAG1210
Part Number: 600661
Manufacturer: Wenger
CCL Code: BAG3144
Part Number: WA-7953-02F00
Manufacturer: Wenger
Great Saving
Targus XL City Gear Rolling Notebook Case for 16 inch to 17.3 inch Notebook
  • In Stock for Next Day Delivery
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Was £119.39 - Save £7.25

Now only £112.14 inc VAT

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CCL Code: BAG0369
Part Number: TCG717
Manufacturer: Targus