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Swiftech to Unveil Their Own Closed Water Loop at CES 2013

Is this an attempt to crack the novice water cooling demographic?

When it comes to water cooling, Swiftech can be considered experts. They have a lot of high end, custom water cooling products but now it seems that they are trying to crack into the novice market with an all new closed loop system, the H220.

Closed water loops such as the Corsair H70 and H100 are popular with novice builders as they allow you to achieve great cooling without the complicated steps of setting up your own water loop. You simply install the pump on the CPU and fix the radiator and fans to the case. There is none of the hassle of having to air out the tubes and pumps or having to fill it up yourself as a closed look comes pre-filled with pump, tubes and radiator all attached. 

With CES 2013 on the horizon and hundreds of companies ready to reveal their new tech, it seems that swift tech is jumping the gun here, announcing their H220 early. The all-in-one kit will be compatible with all current Intel and AMD processors. The H220 will be unveiled along with full details at the Consumer Electronics Show held from January 8th to 11th. In order to set itself apart from the competition, Swiftech is offering full expansion capabilities for those who want to get more out of it. This can be cooling for the graphics and chipset.

Mr Rouchon of Swiftech stated “User convenience and the vast movement of novice builders towards liquid cooling was a critical consideration in the H220 design. It dictated that the kit would be pre-filled and completely plug-and-play. As a result, tuning and operations are as simple as using a regular CPU cooler. But with a 15 year heritage serving the enthusiast community, we also wanted to eliminate some of the limitations of the existing low-cost systems which are unable to accommodate add-on components because (a) they are sealed-up and offer no means to refill the system without voiding the warranty, and (b) the type of pump they use is not adequate to drive sufficient flow to cool more than a CPU. The Swiftech® H220 kit addresses both issues by featuring a fill-port built into the radiator so that the system can be easily emptied or refilled by the user at will, and by our new high-pressure pump. Based on years of innovation, know-how and extensive R&D, we are truly proud to present a solution that finally bridges the gap between full custom and sealed-up liquid cooling kits”