Elite: Dangerous has reached its hopeful target of £1.25M in the eleventh hour. A flurry of donations 48 hours before the 60 day deadline was witnessed since the Kickstarer plee was stard on the 5th November. Braben said that this game was something he had wanted to make for "a long, long time".

The 1984 classic has been freshened up into the modern 21st century behemoth, some early coding has seen some development from Braben's Frontier Studio but has lacked funding to see it through. Mr Braben has also stated that the Kickstarter program was the preferred method rather than chunking out massive profits to publishers. It just goes to show that publishers are out of touch and thousands of gamers worldwide want to see the reincarnation of this super classic, me included.

The game will still have the original elements of trading, travel and combat but have the latest graphics and a far, far bigger universe to play in.

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