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iWatch could be next on Apple To-do list

MP3 Players, Mobile Phones, Tablets and now Watches.

A recent rumour from far inside China says that Apple is planning to release a watch device in 2013 and the story has been widely circulated. With citations from supply chain manufactures, the Chinese site says that the iGoody giants have commissioned parts for a 1.5” OLED screen watch with Bluetooth, an Intel chip, SIM card along with apps and Siri. The site claims that the iWatch device could be paired with an iPhone and could make it’s surprise debut in 6 months.

The device is rumoured to be little more than an updated and reduced sized iPod Nano with a SIM card. Sporting a suggested 16 GB storage for all the usual suspects.

Let us just hope that the recent issues with the dates and times have been sorted for this type of device!